February 10, 2008

Neener neener neeeener!!!

Not too long ago, I found something out that truly changed my life. (okay, maybe just a few days of my life)

I learned about Bloggy Giveaway Carnivals from my bloggy friend, Shannon. She doesn't quite know we're friends yet. I know that sounds weird, but she's really popular, so I'm just one of her MANY fans.

Anyway, don't judge, we're talking about giveaways right now.

So, upwards of 800 people joined in this carnival, giving away everything from a simple child's book to $200 gift cards. Needless to say, I think I spent three solid days entering contests.

I figured I wouldn't win a thing, since I ended up being about the 28,984th comment on everyone's giveaways. There were so many of them I was just hoping I would win....

One of them, in particular.

And guess what....I WON!!!! Kelley was super-fast-like and created this wonderful Ribbonlicious Bag Tag for Lorelai. I'm in love with it. I would suggest you go to her site rightthissecond and pick up a few for you and your children. They're loverly!

Thanks again, Kelley.

Those of you naysayers thinking I'm all out-of-my-mind and such...you just wait. The next bloggy giveaway, someone will be winning one of my Perfectly Imperfect creations. I'm getting involved, people.

You'll be amazed at the traffic I receive. I might just get 7 visits in one day! No joke!


Someone Being Me said...

Those are adorable. I may have to get one or ten.

Sarah Rose said...

So YOU are the one who won! I was so optimistic, too!

That is so much even cuter than I thought. Gag. I'm pretty sure I just threw up in my mouth!

Okay, I will quit coveting. I promise!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Very cute, those giveaways are a terrific idea, good for you for getting involved:)

Jen said...

Hey Girl! How do I find out about the NEXT give away so I can get involved! JEN