March 12, 2008

Best season ever!

*I typed this out last night and hit "save now" instead of "publish," so even though I was a tad off, I'm still publishing it. *

I normally don't comment until the top 8, but I'm going to make a quick prediction.

Going home - I can't remember if it's one or two leaving, but I'm choosing Kristy Lee Cook and David Hernandez. In that order. I was a fan of David Hernandez and actually thought he'd make it into the top 8, but after tonight, I'm over it.

Best performance tonight - I have to admit that Chekezie (or however you spell it) knocked it out of the park. BUT, the best for me was a tie....Carly and David Cook. If I had to pick who would be the top two, I'd say them. I'm guessing that based strictly on vocal talent. However, I know America doesn't vote the same...see Idol winners season 2 and 3.

Top Four
David Cook
David Archuleta (as long as he gets back on track from tonight)

You want to know something very sad? I'll wake up at 4am and think "oh my gosh, I need to go edit my blog, I can't believe I forgot about so-and-so!"

This addiction I have to both blogging and American Idol is sick.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree?



Becs said...

Thank You for the AI blog.
I think you are pretty much right on for the top 4. I really like David Cook and Brooke the Nanny. I don't think David Archuleta can go all the way. He's a little young and sweet seeming. He will get back on track though, I have faith.
And of course, I am voting for Syesha, but I must admit that is not solely based on talent. If I think someone else did well, then I vote for them too.
I guess I have to wait 3 more weeks for another post of this kind. (Sigh)

Rebecca said...

I have my mom hooked on AI now too, hee hee. We agree; Brooke, Carly and both Davids are our top performers. The Australian (Michael?) boy is up there too. However, Brooke is our favorite. We thought it was going to be the last night for Kristy. Guess we were wrong.

THopgood said...

LOL...we have a lot in the AI and blogging's not healthy.

Those are my top 4 also. David A is a little too sweet for me...syesha is gorgeous but not all that consistant...I like watching Jason perform he's a little intreging but he's definately not the most talented...ramiele has a pretty voice but, again, a little too sweet for me. And the rocker chic is fun to watch but it gets a little old after a while...everything she sings sounds the same.

My 2 cents...for what it's worth. LOL!

Sarah G. said...

YAY! I'm glad you decided to blog about AI early!

Well Carly is my favorite! I thought she ROCKED on Tuesday and I can't wait until they put her song on ITunes. I think it will be available today. I'm lame...I admit it. :-) Brooke is my second fav. I'm alone in the fact that I seem to pick my favs based on their singing, but also their personality. Oh, and little David A. is another one of my favorites. He's so adorable. I just hope that the entertainment world won't corrupt him. I know I'm also alone in this, but I think Krisy Lee Cook has a great voice for country. I didn't like her song on Tuesday night - it was way too busy - but normally I like her. That that's about all for me!

Seacrest OUT!! (although I don't think he says that anymore.

bauer zoo said...

is it my fault? did i force you to come out early? hee hee
i think you are probably right about who the top 4 will be. i was cracking up last night when they showed sanjaya cheering for kristy lee. i like her. i think she has made some pretty horrid song choices, but she has a good voice and a pretty face (2 things sanjaya lacked). i really like amanda too.
ok, looking forward to your next AI post...even if it is several weeks away *sigh*

Kami said...

I'm picking Carly and David Cook for my top 2, then David A, I can't believe after all this time he flubbed up the words. I think he's too young to win it. Ramale, she's gotta come out of her shell, again too shy, along with dread boy, he's pretty and has a good voice but hasn't "WOW'd" me. I'm a big fan of KLC, she's BEAutiful and has a great voice and presence about her, but the song this week did NOT do it for me, WAY too fast. I like the Ausi, however don't think he'll make it all the way. Chakeezie, he's got it goin on, he'll be in the top 4. Who am I forgetting? You know my roomie got me addicted to AI, I never really watched it before (few episodes from the Daughtry season) but I got hooked. That's my input.

Feagans Family said...

Thanks for your update and your advice is very much needed. Just wish you lived closer so we could do these da*n questions together....As for AI Daniel and I don't get into it until to 5 or so...I know we should be more supportive....but I can say that the Carrie Underwood season...I actually watched it all the way through....and I picked her to win in the very beginning :)

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i LOVE the rocker guy, david cook??? is that his name... And I LOVE Brooke and Carley is my 2nd fav girl. I CANNOT STAND Amanda Overmyer, I don't think she can sing at all...I hope she goes home SOON!

Thanks for stopping by my site, i have you bookmarked also!


Jo said...

I don't watch AI regularly, but my mom has a terrific record picking the top 3. I sent her your post and here's her response.

"I totally agreed with her top 3. David went home last night and Kristy and Sayesha stayed. They will both be in the bottom 2 again with Ramile. They will be the next 3 to go. In this order...Kristy, Sayesha and Ramile. David, I think if he gets back on track, will definitely be in top 3. I think it will be Carly, David Cook, David A, and Brooke in top 4 and I honestly can't predict where they will fall now. Brooke has been the most consistent. If I had to pick an idol right now I might pick her. Up until last night it was David A. But Carly and David C. are edgy and that will play well with the younger audience. Amanda will go home after the above 3 bottom."

My mom doesn't really bother with the delete key so I'm not sure what that last part means but it sounds like she has it pretty well figured out.

Jules said...

I totally agree with what you said re. AI.

And I have to add... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of your daughter. You'll have to show that to her boyfriends when she starts dating, in 30 years or so.

I have some cool... ahem... blackmail pics of my kids just like these.

Shauna said...

I think that maybe we need to start a support group. Maybe on my design site - I will start up some support groups as well!

Anonymous said...

Update please... my life is less meaningful without your updates...