March 19, 2008

Life and Idol Update

I know how much y'all are missing me. But, I'm right here. Busy as ever, but here nonetheless.

In the last week, Lorelai has learned how to swim (not just float), I've dyed my hair auburn (surprise, surprise, right?), we've been through a cold and an upper respiratory infection, we have a new dog (hee hee, we're dog sitting), my Dad has had surgery, JD has had four tests, Lala had her VCUG (ick), we've been on tv (story later), we saw the Easter Bunny (got great photos) and I got attacked by fire ants.

Pretty uneventful week, right? I'm working on getting up some videos and photographs. My 80GB hard drive is FULL because of all the videos, so I need to work on that!

I have received several emails and a comment (anon) that y'alls' lives are just needing a little enrichment. I never want to let you down.

So, here is my Idol update. I am watching it right now (thank you TiVo) and I'll give you my thoughts before I hear what the judges say so I'm not swayed.

Amanda Overmyer
Would it really hurt her to smile a little bit? I think she does a good job, but I wouldn't buy her cd. Maybe they'll look for a lead singer for INXS again. I would suggest she try out for that show. And, I know I'm no fashionista. I mean, seriously...I'm sitting here in basketball shorts, a sweatshirt and a bun in my hair. I've also had nearly every hair color on the market. But, really....the black and blonde just isn't doing it for me. She's a pretty girl. I would love to see her with chunky highlights. Just saying.

I can't stand Paula.

Kristy Lee Cook
Wow, the beginning sounded good. Sure did fool us, Kristy. You sneaky little devil. What happened when the band kicked in? My ears might be bleeding. Bye bye Kristy. As usual, I agree with Simon. Musical Wallpaper. That's hilarious. She is a bad performer.

I am so annoyed with Paula.

David Archuleta
I'm already crossing my fingers that has come back from last week. I don't care if he is young. His voice is so perfect. Even when he messed up last week, he did it in tune. That's not something they can all say. Top four, four. I didn't like his song choice, but that's probably just because I don't know the song. He did a great job, though. Wow...even Simon clapped!

Michael Johns
It makes me giggle that he can lose his accent just "like that." I really want him to just blow me away. This isn't doing it. I don't have much more to say about that.

Brooke White
Hmmm...Here Comes the Sun. Very well known. Interesting song choice. I'm worried. Her voice is pretty solid and memorable. I love that she cannot dance AT ALL. When she dances around, I find myself cringing. But she's so comfortable with herself. This was cheesy and it definitely wasn't her best, but I still think she is one of the best.

David Cook
I've been waiting for this. CAN he do it? It's going to be hard to top his performance from last week. I love the arrangement! Okay, I have to say this. Does anyone know who Fighting Gravity is? They are one of my favorite bands and David Cook SO sounds like their lead singer. If you love David Cook and have a chance to check out Fighting Gravity, you'll love them. They are a rock/ska band.

Anyway, back to David. He pretty much rocked this. He's awesome. Wow - Simon disagrees....hmmm.... I really liked the voice box. I think he spices things up every time he performs.

Is Paula still talking?

Carly Smithson
I love her voice. She looks great. Ick - I sound like Paula. But seriously - does anyone look at anything but her eyes when she sings? Okay, so this song was a great choice, great arrangement and she is amazing. She is probably the most well-rounded. Professional voice, performance, control and well-spoken. She could take it, y'all. She could take it.

Hmm...once again, I disagree with Simon.

Hee hee...even Simon is annoyed with Paula.

Jason Castro
He would make a really pretty girl. It amazes me how he can be in any genre and find a song that so totally fits him and his style. Maybe it's the way he arranges the music, but he's pretty consistent. He's about as uncomfortable with the French as he is when he's walking around with just the microphone in hand. Decent, but honestly I felt it was forgettable.

Note this as the one time I agree with Paula. Simon is right, though....Jason's face sold his performance. He'll be back next week.

Syesha Mercado
Does anyone remember when Paula tried to tell Syesha that she made it through to Hollywood by saying her name included her answer? "sYESha" Yeah, that was dumb. So, wow...someone finally decides to do Yesterday. I wonder how this is going to work out for her. It's probably one of the most recognizable Beatles song. Here we go... I think she works out. Her arms are diesel. This performance sort of reminds me of Katharine McPhee last year singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I liked it, but I really wish she would have taken it somewhere else at the end. I think she might have played it a bit safe at the end, but it might work out in her favor because of the song.

When Paula is talking, it's funny to watch the contestant kind of zone out and look toward Simon just thinking about and waiting for his critique.

Now that they replayed the moment with him and Ryan...can anyone explain to me what the heck happened? What happened to Ryan that would make him freak out, run around and act like an idiot like that? That was weird. Okay, Chikezie said he was going to play an instrument...I don't see one yet. Please please please tell me it's not a jew's harp or kazoo. Ah, a harmonica. I don't think that added to his performance at all, but whatever. He'll make it through to next week.

Ramiele Malubay
Why is she dressed like Paula Abdul? It's not cute. I'm tempted to fast forward through her performance because it pretty much stinks so far. I'll stomach my way through it. Yeah, this was probably one of her weakest performances. She's lucky Kristy did worse. She'll be safe.

Best Performance Tonight - Carly Smithson or David Archuleta
Going home tonight - Kristy Lee Cook. Buh. Bye.

So......what do y'all think?

I'm off to get Lala up from her nap and hopefully going to get some of those videos off my computer. More later.



Brittany said...

So, how do you feel about Paula? ha ha. I wish someone would just tape her mouth, honestly... sigh...
Yes, Kristy is gone. Too bad, so sad.
I have to say I really like Chikezie. I don't think I like his voice, the best, but there's something about the guy! And the harmonica... hmmm.. could have done without that!

Sigh- I dunno. I'm not loving this season.

Anonymous said...

So, check it out dawg! Kinda pitchy at the first but awwright...

I hate Randy Jackson dawg! He worse than the other two together.

swile67 said...

I am so glad I read your blog today because I didn't get to see Idol last night due to choir practice! Now, when I watch elimination tonight I will think I had watched the show!!! I pretty much agree with you!! Glad your week was eventful!!:) I've been in somewhat of a meloncholy mood, which is not like could be that we still have snow..ick!! You'll have to check out my blog today regarding this fellow countryman of mine who made a stupid choice while in China! She did not represent Canada well at all!!! Anyways...great post!! Have a great Easter! karyne

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I have the exact same opinions on Idol! Wow. Its like I wrote this post. LOL

just wanted to respond about my detergent giveaway. The contest ends at the end of the month. :)

LOVE your new page!


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i agree w/ the best last night...but i love david cook and have a TOTAL GIRL CRUSH on brooke. they, i beleive, will all be safe anyway... :-)

in my opinion yes, kristy, did pretty badly but i CAN'T STAND amanda...she sounds like a half-drunk woman doing karaokee at a really smoking bar in a bowling alley...and the hair...YIKES! bride of frankenstine.


Jessi said...

You should like about getting an external hard drive... I got one for my last birthday and it's awesome, they're fairly inexpensive too. You can hook it up with a USB cord, or they have a special cord for PCs that makes it as fast as an internal HD. Not I have somewhere I can store all my music, pics, etc.

Becs said...

well i already saw the results, so... kristy should be gone next, but i agree with amanda because everything sounds the same to me. i really haven't seen what the hype about carly is yet, she doesn't impress me. i like brooke the nanny, but missed her performance.
anyway, i thought syesha did well, but felt like she held back when she should have gone big. my sources who are quite close to her personally say that she has not yet shown what she can really do and they feel like she hasnt really let loose and shown her stuff yet. not sure what shes waiting for. thought id share.
and yes, i vote for her and whoever else i like that night.
on a side note, it was interesting because amanda was gone tonight, but no one seemd to cry(bawl) like the past times... a little bit of an idol outcast or are the poor souls getting numb to the harshities of AI.
i really want to read about all your stories to share and hope lorelai is feeling better. did i miss the reason for the VCUG? have you received results?

Grandy said...

Wow!! What a week indeed!!! I don't really "follow" American Idol (don't hate me) but do agree that Paula is irritating.

Rebecca said...

Surprise vote off, huh? I must admit, I was pretty happy though, Amanda really doesn't have a great voice, unique but not great. Yes, I too love Brooke and David.

I am looking forward to more details about your eventful week. I am thinking about starting parent/infant swim classes with Christian (with my new neighbor and her 8 month old). Congrats to Lala for swimming already, WOW.

Harris Family said...

Your breakdown of American Idol cracks me up!!! I agree with you mostly, except on on Carly. I think she has an amazing voice, but I do not think she has the "likability" factor. I do not know if she can make it to the final four! However, I agree with David Cook, David Arculeta, and Brooke. Those are my top three!

Your blog is so enjoyable!

Brenda said...

Sigh. I remember naps.

You were on TV??