March 27, 2008

I need to re-tune my thing-a-ma-jig.

So, I guess my thing-a-ma-jig (American Idol radar) isn't working anymore. Chikezie? I knew he would go at sometime, but I think last night was probably too soon. Oh well. As long as Brooke, Carly, David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha stay around, I'm cool.

Yes, I said I wanted Syesha to stay around. She is an AMAZING singer, but she has taken a while to embrace the performance-level she needs to attain. However, Kristy Lee is blind of the performance-level needed.

Speaking of Syesha, I was surprised she was in the bottom three. Anyone else?

David Archuleta....we need to have a little heart-to-heart. I know you love the songs you're singing. They touch your teen heart. They are written by amazing writers, produced by amazing producers, yada, yada. This is American Idol. Americans want to hear songs they know and love. I think you have sooooo much to offer. You are a terrific singer, humble, have a great attitude, etc. I just want you to go back to the David A. we saw in the beginning who was knocking it out of the park every time. But, you're still a good kid and we love you. Now get your stuff together!!


Well, I suppose I need to update on more than just Idol, huh?

I'll bullet-point these so you can pick and choose what you want to read.

* Lorelai Update - She is walking around like crazy. We're working on walking in a building, but learning how to be okay with holding mom's hand when we leave. It'll be a while before she gets the "cars will run over you" idea. So, a temper tantrum pretty much follows every walk through a building. Currently, as in rightthissecond, she is climbing up on the ottoman and falling off. I choose my battles when it comes to this. Normally, I don't want her to hurt herself if I can prevent it. But, she's learning.

She is also talking up a storm as well. Today, we started going through her A-B-C book and she can repeat at least 10 letters. Her newest words are: two, three (said after I say "one"), tree (pronounced ta-wee), GO! (she says this only to Rusty...guess she really does pay attention to me!), and she "sings" any time music plays. Oh yeah, she also gives high-fives and will shake your hand.

She can point to many body parts; head, nose, ears, teeth, piggies. AND....she just fell off the ottoman face-first. Guess it's nap time.

Lorelai is also going back through ISR again. When she was eight months old, she learned how to hold her breath under water, flip onto her back, float, and breathe until rescue arrives. This go-round, she's pairing that up with learning how to swim under water with her eyes open, flip to float, relax and take a breath, then flip again to swim; repeating that sequence until she either reaches a wall or rescue arrives. Can you believe a 14 month old knows how to SWIM!!!? I know, it's a priceless skill!

* Huse Yo' Mama Update - really...what do you want to know about me? I'm pretty much the same.

I was on tv. Well, not yet, technically. A news crew from Oklahoma came out to film ISR in action. Lorelai was one of their swimmers.

Then, you know how the news lady always goes to pick out the most homely person in the area to get them on camera. Well, yeah, she picked me.

I'll let you know when it airs, because I'm sure it will be stellar programming. I said something very dramatic that is sure to make it to the piece. Y'all will be so impressed.

Other than that, I'm just trying to keep up with my newly toddling toddler, my TiVo'd shows and a few sewing projects on the side.

* Huse Yo' Daddy Update - Well, because I see him for a total of an hour a day, I can say that he is still bald and handsome. He eats the lunches I fix for him, so he should be pretty well fed. And he's getting high 90s on most of his tests recently. The last three weeks, he has had three tests in different classes and done well on all of them. Even aced one. He's taking 31 credit hours this trimester. Did you catch that? They take 31. Credit. Hours. A. Trimester. That's crazy, people.

So, all-in-all, he's doing great!

* Rusty Update - He's still here.

* NC House Update - I don't want to jinx it, but we have a signed contract on the house starting April 1st. For two years. I'm super stoked about that. Let's just hope this one works out. I'm not sure why it has been so hard for us to rent our house. I mean, we're only asking $1,250.....our house is the one right there in the middle.
I'm kidding.

Or, am I?

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Lynn said...

Hi! i found your blog from Jennisa's website... I love your American Idol updates! you're funny! :) Anyway...I just thought I would say hi..

Joanne and Deric said...

Oh I miss you - you are so naturaly funny!!!!
Ok about your over achiver!!!! COUNTING!!! Lorelai.... please stop showing off! Im just excited at Kai saying 'sssshhhhhhhhhoooooeess'.
As for American Idol - I dont like Siyesha, after that baby cry... and the 'Im just crazy' she lost me! David A is loosing me too... the others are just so great this year (go Brooke and David C) As for the Irish chick, enough with showing the tats off - cover up your arms and be cute or show them off and punk it up! Make up your mind!
Thats my soap box moment!

Toni said...

Wow, that is one smart little girl. As usual I forgot to watch the results show but as a rookie idoler I figure 1 show a week is enough and the performance one is surely the more important. I really thought you were dead on with your pick. I actually thought she would be the first of the 12 to go - oh well...

Beth said...

Are you moving to NC?

Anonymous said...

Yes, are you moving back to NC? I'll tell you who I'm tired of seeing....Amanda! The one who got kicked off week before last. She's on every flippin talk show known to man and she's always singing the exact same song. She's aweful and I don't understand why they're making her into such a queen!

Where are the videos!!!!!!!!!!!! Of Lorelai that is.

Rebecca said...

You need to get ISR instructor certified so you can come back and teach my little man. Way to go Lorelai on the walking and talking. I wish I could see all of it in action.
Oh and by the way, you need to do photography on the side - good side job and you are amazing at it (easter pics)!

Great post - super entertaining!

Becs said...

I am so glad you have given Syesha the thumbs up! (Can we count on your vote? Ha ha, I think I sounded like some lame campaign worker.)
Here's my thing with AI song choice. You pick a song everyone knows and loves and it sounds like "karaoke" "cabaret" or "lounger singer" and then you go with the unfamiliar ones and no one knows it and becomes bored. Maybe it is harder to find the happy medium, but I can't imagine that with the gajillion songs out there!
OK, did I just hear you say that Lorelai knows 10 letters by recognition? Thats mad genius!

Becs said...

oh and i have to know if that really is your house in nc in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Funny post. That's quite entertaining. I have to admit that I'm bummed you didn't even give a shout out to Kristy Lee Cook and her All American performance - seriously? Have you lost your patriotism living in a "big" city? heehee!

I think we need some videos of LaLa talking. Or did I miss that? I haven't been great about reading blogs. So sorry!

Much love to everyone....


Baby Kry said...

I am so excited to see your television debut :) I really want to look into ISR for our little one. Being she isn't born yet I have some time. I agree with Rebecca you need to get certified so you can teach here.

Suzanne said...

woman! are TOOOO cute! i WISH that was me in target with all of my babies!!! but alas, i have not been able to get them out and about YET! in may, you just might see us out and about! thanks for stopping by the blog! ;) love the look of yours! jen is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I am going to have to try and not read your blog for a while. We in South Africa have just got to the first Hollywood auditions. I really dont want to know who wins yet. Your blog is too tempting for words just think what a know all I could look to my friends.

Margaret R

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sent her by Grandy.

I have a friend that teaches ISR. I also have a friend whose toddler escaped their hotel room while they were showering, found his way to the atrium pool, fell/jumped in, and saved himself with his ISR training.

Anonymous said...

Marissa was amazed at all Lala has accomplished since we have last seen you guys. She said we must come for a visit soon so let me know what you schedule and I will check my money tree to see if it has dropped any leaves :-)

Love ya!

Jody and Janell said...

Hey there! I found your blog off of the Steece blog and LOVE IT! I am hooked. You are too cute!

I am a HUGE Idol fan. Yes, I agree, Brooke's mom is beautiful. I can see where she gets it from.

I am rambling but I am also avoiding the dishes in the sink.
Nice meeting you.

kmiloch said...

hi rachel - great update - maggie will be doing the infant survival swim at some point this summer or late summer - will give you more details later - we're in a hotel in springfield, mo - on our way back to indiana - will catch up with ya'll son - take care -

Uma and Wil said...

31 credits? That's an insane schedule. We get to watch American Idol here on AFN a day after it airs in the States. Brook and David Cook are our favorites.

stormhuse said...

Is it just me or was it fun to say Chikezie's name? CHUH-KEE-ZEE!

stormhuse said...

Is it just me or was it fun to say Chikezie's name? CHUH-KEE-ZEE!

stormhuse said...

Is it just me or was it fun to say Chikezie's name? CHUH-KEE-ZEE!

Anna Childress said...

If Paula ever takes a vacation, I'm sure Am. Idol will be calling on you for expert analysis! ;-)

Thanks for all the updates. Lorelai's doing awesome! Isn't it fuN?? I LOVED 1, and 2 is fun too, but kinda intense!

Looking forward to getting to know the new neighbors. They seem friendly!

PS. I'm so jealous you always have a million comments on your blog! But thanks for always commenting on mine. :)

Anna Childress said...

Oh, and I meant to say I really like your blog's new spring wardrobe! Very cute!

Joanne and Deric said...

How on earth does anyone get 22 comments on their blog?????? THats all I wanna know!!!!

Renee said...

It's been awhile since I've read your blog, I'll need to catch up. I just read this post and 31 credit hours is a freakin lot of school work. I took 18 for a few semesters and I didn't like it that much. 18 is tops, 31 is crazy!