March 26, 2008

I stayed up late for this.

It's still me!!! Just a new layout, thanks to Jennisa!

I have SO much going on right now that it's 12:22 AM and I'm just now getting to the couch to watch AI. I'll update more about the goings on in the Huse Household.

So, here goes nothing. Live blogging, here, folks.....well, live for me at least.

First off, I know y'all LOVE to hear me comment about Paula, but her outfit reminds me of a costume I wore in one of my first dance recitals. In 1985. I'll try my best not to get annoyed by her tonight. Or, at least not talk incessantly about it.

Ouch. I wonder if the judges can hear that her voice is about as flat as I was in 1985 (or 2005 for that matter). Not ONE note was in tune. That hurt.

And, did I just say I was flat? Yes, yes I did.

Sick or not, that was not good. Obviously, Simon is tone-deaf tonight. It WAS as bad as Randy said. Randy was right on.

Paula's gloves are LEATHER! (I know, I didn't even last one contestant. I can't stand it)

Jason Castro
Aw, Happy birthday! You were a cute baby. And you make a cute girl now. What?

I've never heard this song. I'm sure glad he's got that guitar back, though. That's his place. Is it just me or does he pick a lot of songs that don't show much range at all? Not real exciting. I'll forget it.

Syesha Mercado
Oh my goodness. That baby cry is FREAKIN' me out! Becs, I'm trying to love her.... and tonight she is kind of winning me over. She has a terrific voice, but somehow gets lost in the mix; a lot like that one girl did on season 5. I don't remember her name.

Syesha was spot on; vocally and perfomancely. Her best performance to date! (See, Scott...making me nervous, so I'm making up words. When in doubt, add an "ly.")

Do y'all realize that Chikezie doesn't actually have small teeth, he has a double upper lip. Check it out tomorrow night.

Even though he does a good job on this song, I didn't like it. Maybe it was the song choice. I found myself googling on the magic box instead of watching and listening.

Isn't it funny how the google has now become a verb?

Brooke White
Could her mom be any prettier!? And, does anyone else think she looks like Sheryl Crow?

She is great. Even though she totally slipped up in the beginning, her attitude is awesome! She is a terrific singer and will go so far. She has the look, the voice, the attitude, etc. I agree with the judges, though; the band could have stayed out of it.

Every step she takes....I'll be buying her cds.

Poor attempt at a play-on-words, I know that. I just realized that I don't say much about her. I like her a lot, though.

Michael Johns
We Are the Champions? Eh - I'm not too pleased with this. He did a decent job, aside from some pitch problems here and there, but I really wasn't into it.

Randy disagrees with me. Maybe I should have watched him and not just listened. Very interesting. I totally don't feel it like the judges do. Maybe I'll watch it again. No, Carly is next. Anyone else feel like I do about this?

Carly Smithson
I thought I had curly hair. Wow, girl! And your mom...I see where you get your eyes. But, you still remind me of Amy Lee from Evanescence. Total Eclipse of the Heart. Why am I talking like Carly is reading my blog?

Interesting choice. It's a total karaoke song, but I'm sure she'll knock it out of the park. She still has one amazing voice, but I seriously just wasn't feeling it tonight, yo. Ending was out of place.

I wonder how long until Paula's contract runs out on the show.

David Archuleta
Aww....he might be missing his prom for this. That is so....WHAT!? He was born in 1990!!!? Are you kidding me!? Is he going to sing "Baby Got Back?"

This is now, like, the tenth song I don't know. What was I doing between 1980 and 1990? I don't remember these songs at the roller rink! I guess he's doing a good job, though. I'm afraid he's getting lost in the mix....even though his smile makes me want to bake cookies. I don't know what that means. He'll be here next week.

I think I'm going to start using the word "ghastly." I'll pronounce it "cost-lay" like Simon. It's fun.

Kristy Lee Cook
She is on crack if she thinks she remembers being two. She remembers the videos, not the actual time of BEING two. Now, God Bless the USA.....very well-known song....could be good...could be bad. All I know is no matter who sings this song, it makes me cry. As y'all well know, the hubby is military as well are most of my friends' spouses. I have a number of friends who are deployed, so this just touches my heart.

But this is about Kristy. She is doing a good job. Not blowing me out of the water. She hasn't moved more than three feet on that stage. This song might actually keep her here this week, when really, I think she is one of the weaker singers.

David Cook
All these moms are so beautiful. I don't think about my mom that often, but I do wonder what she would look like if she were here today. (random thought by Rachel)

Holy cow. This guy really takes risks with the arrangements of his songs. Had they not said what song he was singing, it would have taken me a while to figure it out. This was TERRIFIC!!! In my opinion, if he keeps pulling out songs like this, we are looking at the next American Idol!!! David, if you're reading.......I'd like to reserve a copy of your cd.

I just heard Randy's comment and I SWEAR I am writing this as I watch it. It's too crazy that Randy and I are thinking the same thing. I believe it. I love that Paula is after Randy, so I have time to type while she babbles.

Best performance: David Cook, of course!
Going home: Ramiele

Now, give me your thoughts. You know having comments in my inbox really makes me feel popular.

It's now 1:23am....time to go "ny ny" as Lorelai would say.

Huse. Out. (that was for you, Sarah)

And Dad, this signature is for you!

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Grandy said...

YAY!! I get to be your first commenter AND say thanks for the awesome play by play. Now I don't feel like I missed anything. Your editorials are so much better. ;)

Grandy said...

p.s. The new look ROCKS!! I don't know your friend but kudos to her. :D

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I said the same thing about Kristy remembering when she was two. Bah!

Felt the same way about Michael's. I was surprised the judges liked it so much.

Loved your recap. :)

Rebecca said...

Love the new blog look.
I liked Carly's performance, maybe it's just her cool irish accent that makes me like her even more, ha. Brooke is always great too of course.
I think Chikezie or Ramiele are going home.

Joanne and Deric said...

Loving your work by the way .... good assessments!!!!!! Sorry you cant see our slide show - keep trying??????? I had some trouble with yours too a few days ago, but all is well now!

Kami said...

Personally I am a "We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions" FAN. I think that was MY favorite of the night.

David Cook DID have a big head and still does, that's why he has the hair style he does...

Kristy didn't "WOW" me at all. Safe play for the song, although the judges loved it. Surprised me.

Your updates are fantastic! AND I LOVE this layout WAY better than the last new one. This is more Spring like and inviting and relaxed.

My bottom 3, Ramiele, Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro or maybe Chikezie...

Sarah G. said...

Yo yo yo. Rachel. Listen girl...your blog entry was a bit pitchy in places dawg! Hee hee...just kidding! That was my Randy J. impersonation.

I haven't watched this episode yet...but I have to say that I LOVE your new blog look. Actually I loved the last one too. Where do you keep finding this stuff??

Uma and Wil said...

Thumbs up for the new look. Thumbs are just a few of remaining organs that still function properly.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Loved David Cook!! Before I listened to him I though Carly and Brook did well, but David was awesome!

Toni said...

Great recap, I saw some of the show but not everything and I have not had a chance to go back and see what I missed. Now I don't have to. Even if I weren't keeping up with Idol this year I would read your review - it is so funny!!!

Anonymous said...

David Archuleta: I made a batch myself (peanut butter).

Kristy Lee Cook: Booooooring! She does not EVER have a spark of any kind. I respect everyone's love for her song, but I am frankly tired of hearing it. They play it on every station every hour on the hour.

Chikezie: Way too forgetable

Ramiele: I don't think so.

Jason: Hey, he is a cutie, but why won't he ever just rock the house!

Carly: Total Amy Lee look-a-like. But she looked a little like she was dressed for Sunday mass last night.

Michael: I honestly missed his performance (I had to go to the bathroom), but I'm not impressed with the playback.

Brooke: I agree. She has the look, the talent, the attitude, she always accepts what the judges say and uses it to better herself, but again, she's always playing it safe! Do something crazy Brooke!

Syesha: What is your lack of draw with her, just curious? She has some serious pipes!


I think the top 3 will be David,Syesha and Brooke. Wait a minute, are David and Kristy Lee related?

Anonymous said...

Did you really pay someone to design a blog for you?

Jocelyn said...

Congrats on winning the Diapees and Wipees on Hip Mama's Place! Please check the announcement and leave a comment on it. Thanks! :)

Jocelyn @

Love your new layout by the way! :)

Life In Progress said...

I am not an AI devotee, but I saw a bit last night & had to blog on 2 things: David Cook rockin' out on Billie Jean & Paula's gloves. What the heck was up with those?

Becs said...

GREAT POST. I did a 1 word (attempt) on mine last nigth as it was going on. Not clearly as good, but we thought the same on most. Our overall selections were the same at teh end.
Brooke also looks like Brittany Snow from American Dreams(when her both have straight hair). I missed the part where Kristy rememebered when she was 2. I have been tuning out a lot of AI lately, especially the times they talk about themselves.
Ironically Michael Johns last name was originally Cook too. Too many cooks in teh kitchen I guess. (I know lame)
How could you not love his song by the way! I thought it was great.
And I already know what you are talking about with Chikezie. And David A is still licking his lips too much for me. That or I have become too honed in on it.
I appreciate your trying to like Syesha. (The cry is super freaky.) Its not every day you can watch AI and say "I know her!" (like Buddy in Elf). Of course, I technically dont know her but I know lots of people who do. We may go to the local viewing party next week- ha ha. SHe is not in my top 3 picks, but I will vote for her as long as I can. (Last night I said I was going to vote, but I took a shower and then fell asleep. Woops)
Sorry my comment is as long as your post.

Jesstern said...

I don't really watch AI, but I enjoy reading your commentary. It's probably as entertaining as actually watching the show...maybe better since I don't have to listen to the bad ones.

Sorry I haven't gotten that blog header to you yet. I honestly just haven't opened Photoshop in so long because we've been crazy busy with vacation and then Easter stuff, as well as some sickness in there (everyone in our little fam has had something recently). Ahhh, weather changes!

Harris Family said...

My pic right now is David. Yep. David wins!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

brooke-girl-crush...totally still happening, even though it was not my fav...

i agree, ramielle wasn't so hot, really flat!?!?

kristi-why that song? b/c she didn't know any other songs on the list...that's what it seemed like for me...i was shocked that the judges liked just seemed cheesy!

david cook-rocked the night!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

btw...i really liked carley except for the ending...i thought it was the perfect song for her and was surpriesd the judges thought differently...but i think maybe i'm the one who is off????

Anonymous said...

Ok - you did give a shout out to my girl Kristy Lee Cook. I forgive you. And, wow, you really have a lot of readers. Interesting.....


{Karla} said...

love love love your new look!!!

xo ~K