March 21, 2008

You Googled It

It's no secret that we in the bloggy world have sitemeters on our pages. We want to see who is visiting our sites. Mainly we need to make sure there are no weirdos (other than family, of course) stalking us.

Every once in a while, a visitor will go to Google and find my site by way of an odd search.

This week we've had a few good ones.

"storm huse blog"
His blog address is You were close. But, you might as well just stay at my site, he doesn't blog very often anyway.

"isr infant swim warning"
I'm glad people are getting to my site via ISR searches. However, why does MY page pop up for the warning?

"is jason castro american idol right-handed"
Really? Do you really care about that? Will that change your voting? But, I will give you credit for hyphenating right-handed.

"what to do my child ate an entire electrosol tab thing"
Yeah, I'm thinking you need to call poison control for that answer.... my blog will only tell you how to get a coupon for it.

"ramiele american idol 2008"
My blog came up twice for an American Idol google search? Awesome! I thought I would lose readers. But that visitor stayed for 3 seconds. Must not have been very entertained.

"where is lorelai now?"
Well, she's on the floor in front of me with a dvd case hanging out of her mouth. Oh, you probably meant Lorelai Gilmore. Well, hate to break it to ya, but she's a tv character, the show is now off the air, so she no longer exists. I was heartbroken too!

Everyone have a terrific Good Friday
and a great Easter!
He is not here; He has risen,
just as He said. Matthew 28:6



Rebecca said...

Hey, I got your comment about the foam mat. Can you email me a pic? Thanks! You Rock!

Sarah G. said...

That was fantastic! Now I'm really going to have to pay attention to what I google and where I go. :-)

I got a nasty comment on my blog once because someone googled "Bill Belichick" and found a post I had written about the Patriots vs. the Colts. Thank goodness for my sitemeter! That's right, I know all about you!! hee hee

Brittany said...

That is hilarious! So how do you find out what people are googling? I need to do this!

Jo said...

A lot of our traffic comes from google searches along the lines of "do you say congratulations or best wishes to an engaged woman." I blogged about this right after I got engaged because one of my mom's friends told me that it is improper to say congratulations to an engaged woman. That was well over a year ago and it is still the most popular search that leads people to Apt 5B.

Jessie said...

OMG! That is so funny! I love that you can see who visits and how they got to your site!!! It is always entertaining...why do I say I am from Oakland though??? ODD! Hope you guys had a great Easter!

Terry said...

I, too, have gotten comments from people who were looking for something totally unrelated. It's pretty funny, the searches your blog is connected to. Then again, you have a pretty funny blog. And a great sense of humor. You're fun to read.

Toni said...

That is funny. Your comments are great!

Christina said...

I love this! You are quite the witty woman.