March 20, 2008

America - what is your problem?

Yeah, I'm talking about American Idol. Sad, I know.

I guess I need to stop complaining and start voting, eh? ha ha! Yeah, I haven't voted. Probably because I can't ever watch the show until the day after on TiVo and the voting is already over by then.

So, Carly Smithson in the bottom three, are you kidding me? She has one of the best voices in entire competition. I'm no professional singer or anything, but Carly hasn't missed a single note since the beginning of this show!

All right, now we're on to Kellie Pickler. Really? Is she the only one who would perform? I'm sure the boys loved it, and possibly there are many women who like her. Her new-found twang and whine is really annoying. I like Kelly, I just don't think she is a great singer. Just my opinion.....because, is my blog.

Let's talk about the boob job. I hate it that every time she comes around, Ryan mentions that she has "grown so much" since the show. He says it like a four-year-old boy says "poop" and then giggles uncontrollably. There are millions of women who have had boob jobs - why on earth is that so funny and shocking? I just don't get it. And no, I'm not saying this because I personally know of (ahem) quite a few women who have had them.

As for Amanda going home - I'm okay with this. She picks good songs for her voice, however, she is now type-cast as a Janis Joplin. I don' t personally care for her voice. I'll admit that a little Me and Bobby McGee gets me every time, but I don't own a Janis record nor would I buy Amanda's.

Becs, you're right - nobody really cried when Amanda was singing for the last time. Usually they're all bawling. Heck, they even bawled when DANNY was kicked off.

So, looking forward to next week. I promise to try to watch AI when it actually airs.

Also, Lorelai's VCUG was because of her UTI she had in January. It all came out clear and she's nice and healthy again.

Next post (hopefully tomorrow) will hopefully have Easter and Easter Bunny pictures.



Brittany said...

Maybe she wasn't a nice person, and that's why they weren't crying!?

I don't think america chose correctly, this time. I didn't think she'd make it to the bottom 3 or 4, but she wasn't the worst person this week.

Toni said...

I am a new American Idol watcher and am still not religious about it. I did not catch on to the "grow" thing until you mentioned it. I was not aware of KP's growth. But I did think it was an odd statement when Ryan made it so now I see...

From what I have seen I would have prefered it to be the other girl. The one Amanda had to make go sit down. I don't even know her name, please don't shame me, remember I am new to AI.

Becs said...

Kristy will be gone next... she is this season's Sanjaya (if you will) only not as bad.

I assumed it was for the UTI but wondered if I had missed that there was something more.

Can't wait for Easter bunny pics- hope they are as good as Santa ones! ANd to hear about you on TV!

Not a Pickler fan- never was, never will be. The only thing I like is that her hair is better short! You are soooooo right about Ryan... that cracks me up!

Rebecca said...

Yes, I agree with the Ryan comment. I had to explain it to my mom, why he said that so oddly. He is such a weirdo, like what was with rubbing Chikezie's hair two performances ago? Anyway, I would put my money on Kristy going next unless she does something crazy great this next week. Highly doubtful.

Aphra said...

I came over from Karyne's blog. My TV does not get the station with AI, so I don't know anything about it, but that doesn't make your post less interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, Brooke, the one with "Here comes the sun", that song was aweful, I agree with you. But there is something about her presence that to me just screams star performer. She seems very genuine and I like that she can't dance. Allthough, talent wise, Syesha can sing her tailgate OFF! I really like her. Ooh and that young dude with the dreads is so freakin adorable. I have a feeling though he'll be just like Justin Guarini in Season 1. The girls will love him and he'll make through for charm, but I don't think he'll take the cake.

Anonymous said...

and PS. I'm just now watching the results show online and I am SO glad that punk rocker is GONE! She can't sing at all. Good look though.