April 2, 2008

Don't hate me.

The $6 million television we bought has no volume right now. Well, that's the tv with the TiVo. And, you know I wasn't home in time to watch American Idol while it aired. What kind of April Fools Day joke is this!?

I went and visited my trusty e-friends to figure out what the heck happened.

If you're here for an update, sorry I let you down. Don't hate me.

And go here or here OR here for the very important information.

Then leave me YOUR take on the show.

I'm sad. All I can do is watch the show. I've been thinking about fast forwarding through just to see what everyone is talking about with Michael Johns. What on earth IS an ascot?

Don't answer that. You know I already googled it.

This is an ascot...

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Kami said...

The first to comment Yippie! Ok, my bottom 3, Ramiele, Carly (wasn't impressed last night) and Syesha. Or Jason Castro...I liked the Dolly Parton session, that woman is So fake, is there anything natural about her? Wish I could see her with no wig, no make up, no eyelashes, no boobs...she's cool and funny and talented, but why so fake? Michael Johns has my vote, and so does the Aussie and Brooke (dang she's pretty). Love my girl KLC, but not sure she can last, but Country really is where she belongs and I loved her dress. David A was hot for shizzle, but not sure if he can hang with the big kids...We shall see...It's time for Ramiele to go home. She and Jason Castro are good singers, but still holding back from their full potential.

Becs said...

I did come for an update... even though I watched myself. You couldn't have possibly watched without sound! I bet that would be funny, though.
(I did not do my new shot at 1 word synopsis last night because we had thunderstorms and I wasnt into excess electricity given lightning was so close.)
I checked out the fellow posts you referenced and there seems to be a lot of Syesha haters out there. Boo! I tried to vote last night and didnt get through easily. Hopefully that is a good sign.

Becs said...

Oh yeah, Ramiele just doesn't do it for me. I don't think she did that well and seh doesn't really "connect." Plus for a 20 year old she seems a little juvenile. I also didnt think that KLC did as good as I wanted her to. I mean this should have been HER week!
And Michael Johns and David Cook really did a great job! So did David Archuleta. We may have a male winner again this season. I am cutting myself off now before I do an entire synopsis.