April 2, 2008

Riding on her coat tails.

So, I don't need to post my thoughts about American Idol, because this sweet e-friend of mine pretty much spoke my mind for me.

Many of you heard about the Bloggy Giveaways last time it happened. If not, click here and come back. I would like to be part of it. What do you think I should give away? I was thinking about giving away a Taggie Blanket and matching burp cloths.....what do you think? Do you think that's a good giveaway? I know it's more of a target-audience item, but I'm okay with that.
On Friday, I'll be watching this. I was a TOTAL Jordan lover.

On April 14th, I'll be glued to the tv watching this.

On May 31st, I'll be doing this. Yeah, I know...out of nowhere.

That's all I got. Hopefully I'll be more interesting tomorrow? :-)

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Glad I could be of assistance. :)

I love the tag blankies! I think anyone would love to win it and be able to give it as a gift, too!

Rebecca said...

I too love the taggie idea, especially since I am a recipient of one, I think I know what I am talking about! :) Am I the only one who just doesn't get Dolly? Seriously, the performance last night? Yikes. But I will say she is a good writer.

And Brooke in the bottom three? That's crap. It should have been Jason - dredlocks boy.

Sidman Family said...

I also think the Taggies are a good idea, and make a nice gift if the winner doesn't have a little one.

Thanks for the NKOTB news, I need to set the TIVO. :)


Sarah G. said...

I am stoked about NKOTB! I heard rumblings about it a month or so ago, but then nothing. I was for sure going to marry Jon. I had a Jon pillow case, and a t-shirt of Jon...not to mention all the tapes. hee hee...tapes. Ah, the good old days.

NKOTB was my second concert (Debbie Gibson was my first) so I'm hoping for a world tour!! Okay, most of me is kidding, but a little part of me is serious. I have issues!

Sarah Rose said...

Every year on my birthday, when my mom is around, she digs out my NKOTB birthday party decorations... and I get to gaze longingly at Joey McIntire and think of the night when I sat in the sixth row, and SURELY he was singing just to me...
And I am now heartbroken at the realization that I will be MISSING my beloved New Kids tomorrow morning. If only I had tivo! Dad gummit!

In other news, I think you should do the taggie blanket and burp clothes, but just skip the whole giveaway thing and send them to me. I'm thinking of doing a do-over on the onesies, because my little 12-week old peanut has eaten all creativity...but it was way fun doing the giveaway thing!

stormhuse said...

Going to watch anything on April 26th?

Good luck on the doggy race - that's awesome!

Becs said...

You managed to generate people talking about NKOTB! Since no one commented on mine. Yeah! I was so happy to see that! I was a Jordan lover, as well! I cant wait until tomorrow, but you will have to tell me details because I wont be home :(

Your e friend was very very good in her AI commentary. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have two questions:

1. How do my high school friends comment on your blog more than mine? Seriously! You don't even know them. HA!

2. Are you doing the doggy dash because you're paying it forward for Rusty's stays at the Humane Society. Remember - people don't tolerate red foxes. Please tell everyone that story. It makes me giggle.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! I was a total Jordan lover too! Did you watch it? What did he look like? I went to the site but it just had a picture of them from years back. Funny.

PS. I'm so glad to see that girl from American Idol go Wednesday night.

swile67 said...

I had no idea the NKOTB were reuniting...I am sooo excited! Hope the Today Show interview was good....I didn't see it as I was at work and don't have the luxury of tivo..well we don't even have tivo here in canada. ( the only reason I know about tivo is because of Sex and the City...I know pathetic!!!!:):))Well, maybe something similar - contrary to popular belief -we are not in the middle of nowhere!!:) hehehe!!! I didn't see idol this week as I was at choir and worship team practice ( and no tivo like program!!:)) but was glad ramielle got booted out!! Have a great weekend...oh..loved your assortment of hairstyles over the years!!