April 4, 2008

Oh oh oh oh oh .... Still Hanging Tough

It is official. New Kids on the Block are coming back. For those of you who were unable to see the Today show, it was pretty uneventful. It went something like this.

Host: You're back!
NKOTB: Yeah!
Host: Great!
Crowd: going nuts
Host: Are you still going to be called the New KIDS on the block?
NKOTB: yeah
Host: Are you going to dance?
NKOTB: yeah

But, watch the video below... it's much more interesting. Not to mention, Joey makes fun of Paula Abdul, so you know I'm loving it.

You'll notice that it looks like NKOTB is no longer a five-man band, but three. Well, at least you would think that, considering Danny and Jon are not only NOT talking, but get cut out of the frame the majority of the time.

Or you can read here about what the "kids" are up to lately.

As I was watching the show, I was remembering 19 years ago (choke, cough....are you serious?!) when I had Jordan's posters all over my walls. I may or may not have kissed them. All the time. But, now I think I would add pictures of Donnie to my wall too.

Do you think JD would mind?

And then I got to thinking about THIS.....

Don't tell anyone, but I would listen to this over and over on my cassette tapes and cry. Seriously cry. I actually got a little giggly this time while watching it.

For those of you born after 1980 who don't know what a cassette tape is, I hate you.

Not really, but seriously....you're young.

So, what do y'all think about the NKOTB coming back? Or would you rather hear about when Rusty got out the other day ... and the man who found him had gone to animal control to have them get the "red fox off his front porch?" Is that more entertaining?

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Anonymous said...

If I can find it, I think I have a few pictures of us with NKOTB hats and tee shirts on...Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul days. Oh, the memories!
I could go on about those days and stupid things we did.....
to be continued


Feagans Family said...

Oh...so you hate me :) 1982 to be exact......

I think they should have had some more help preparing for the interview....or a little more coaching could have done them wonders :)

I hope Madison doesn't want to listen to them...


j.d. said...


Sidman Family said...

J.D., my husband thinks it's retarded too.

Rachel,I bet this was one of your favorite videos.


Sarah Rose said...

Oh my gracious. I saw it. And I immediately wanted to buy tickets. I wonder if my daddy would spring for sixth row tickets again? Doubtful. Michael equated this to major lustfulness. I explained, however, that the NKOTB were now old, and I would not be dreaming about Joey Mc as my husband.
But wow. I was amazed at all the people that still hung onto their bedazzled denim jackets with the New Kids on them, or the major large buttons... oh, nostalgia. I think my mom has an entire box of that stuff, put away for me... just in case I want it some day.

Sarah G. said...

I watched the second segment last night and the first today (not sure how that happened) I totally agree about Danny and Jon being excluded. Maybe they're back up singers now. Just kidding. I saw Jon on some daytime talk show a couple years ago and believe it or not he had horrible stage fright and would have panic attacks. So there's that...but to me Danny just seemed liked he didn't want to be there.

The crowd was so insane that you couldn't hear a whole lot anyway.

I will say that I thought Joey looked mighty HOT, and I was never a Joey fan.

stormhuse said...

I like Rusty stories, but do you have any new Layla stories? No?

Watched the NKOTB interview, you're right, it was pretty dull.

I'm finally watching this season's AI, but have to admit, not really liking it that much.

Hope you guys are doing well...

Brittany said...

Can I admit that I am excited about this? lol

I might have to pull out my NKOTB bed sheets... ha ha ha. Or not.... I don't think my hubby would sleep on Jordan's face. HA HA!

bauer zoo said...

i feel so left out! i never really got into them.

no, seriously, i didn't.

i was more of a "oh, i like that song on the radio" type of music fan. has it really been 11 years? i was like 8 then...i was more into puppies and ponies.

Anonymous said...

You cried? Why so much crying? I'm sorry to hear that. Um, I didn't remember Jordan sang like a girl. Please tell me HE'S not gay too! Why in the world would these guys get back together? Mark has come so far with his movie career, it's like he's taking a step backwards!

Anonymous said...

Funny NKOTB story. Jessie (my BFF) thought she was so cool hanging out with this girl who had NKOTB pins all over her shirt. Well...for those of you who know me know this story. Jessie was new to our school and I proceeded to walk up to her and say "if you want to be cool you can hang out with me." HA - I wasn't even cool, but I knew I had more going for me then the NKOTB girl. Jessie and I are still BFFs so we owe it all to NKOTB!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's Donnie, not Mark.

Brenda said...

Well, time to hear from an old-timer. Someone who missed being born in the 60's by TWO YEARS!!!

I remember NKOTB, but I was about 4 or 5 years too old to care. I liked some of their songs. I may or may not have babysat for some girls who were really into them. And now I feel old.

So Thank YOu, Rachel.

Jesstern said...

That has got to be one of the worst interview promo videos. So boring. They weren't even really saying anything.

My parents wouldn't really let me listen to secular music during the time they were popular. I knew who they were and liked one or two songs that I may have heard at a friend's house, but I probably won't be purchasing any NKOTB concert tickets any time soon. They should leave the spurs and saddle hung up. :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel- I have a funny story about this and if it's too long just delete it from your comments :) I'm an old timer too...a few years too old to have liked them but I'll confess I was a "closet" fan...didn't have any posters, buttons, or the like but I did borrow my little sister's TAPE from time to time...wouldn't you know I was driving down the highway and the tape was done with one side, hence a long pause...during said pause I got pulled over for speeding...as the officer was issueing (sp?) my warning a very loud "hangin tough" came booming through my car as the other side of the tape finally decided to start....total and utter humiliation ;0) I still only got a warning - hee!

Julie Z.

Janell said...

I feel like I just went back in time by 20 years!! ; ) How fun!! NKOTB!
I would really like to hear about Rusty...red fox?!?! You should post a pic of him. I haven't met him yet!

Your blog ROCKS!!! I love that it isn't ALL about your daughter! Excellent mix of "stuff"!

Baby Kry said...

I had a shirt with Jon and I on it..hehe. Dave just commented that he doesn't remember them being that popular..where was he at. Must be what happens when you have no sisters :0

Becs said...

Kelly, I LOVE that Jessi story. Always have.

I already confessed my love for Jordan on my site :)

Joey, Donny and Jordan were always the main 3 anyway. I think if they reunited without the John and Danny people would still love them. IS that too mean to say? I feel bad.

And, you didnt make fun of me because I was born in 1980! I made the cutoff- woo hoo!

j.d. said...

Katie - I didn't have any sisters, and yet someone used to listen to NKOTB in our house - any guesses anybody? I'm pretty sure (absolutely) that it wasn't either of the two Huse boys that are currently married....hmmm? (not naming any names...STORM)

Ashley Ladd said...

I guess I was too old to get into the Back Street Boys much. I like one of their songs, if that counts. I do know what a cassette is, though. :)

Kami said...

I. Still. Have. my. Hangin' Tough tape. Yes I Do. However I don't have a tape player any more. :o( I just found my 6 inch Joey button while in the process of moving and part of me thinks I finally threw it out! EEEKKKK!!! I know! Maybe it's in storage with my Barbies, I will look for it next time. I attended 2 New Kid's concerts in my day. One at Busch Stadium and the other at the Arena. I still get excited when I hear them sing on the 80's channel.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Well, I thought I was too old to like the NKOTB, they were only for junior highers;)
But, man Donnie is so hot now, I may just keep an eye out for them.

crystal said...

Is it just me, or was that video a little uncomfortable, "dog"? Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty excited to hear they're back for a reunion tour, but I hope not all their press is that awkward. dog.

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