June 28, 2008

Arte y Pico? Or Pico de Gallo?

Have y'all ever been over to my blog roll? What's a blog roll, you say? It's that list of real-life friends and e-friends whose blogs I read. Go ahead, go on over to the right-hand side of my page and visit it. I'll wait.

Oh, you're back.

Okay, did you see the blog over there entitled "Mommy...etc?" If not, you'll want to go check her out. She is my beautiful e-friend, Elizabeth. She is a Godly woman with a lovely family who shares my affinity for a sweet deal AND American Idol. Her daughter, "Tulip," is only a few months younger than Lorelai and .... I'll just let you see for yourself....Tulip is ADORABLE. The curls. The pearls. Those EYES!!!
Anyway, Elizabeth bestowed upon me this loverly bloggy award! It's called the Arte y Pico Award. Don't ask me what it means, because I've gone to the site many times and still can't read Spanish. I'm just going assume that it means the people who get this award are some of the best bloggers ever. Elizabeth got it and is passing it on to me...so, what other reasons could there be?

Now I'm instructed to hand off the baton to other bloggers who deserve the award.

I would pick Storm, but I think you're supposed to award bloggers who blog more than twice a year. But, he's funny and my brother-in-law, so......I'll give him half of an award. What's up?

In no particular order...

My real-life friend, Rebecca. That picture isn't really her, but she is that bendy. Rebecca is another Godly woman who blogs (right now at least) mostly about her gorgeous 10-month old son, Christian. Her husband, Steve, is serving our country overseas right now and she and Christian are anxiously awaiting his return. Go check out her blog and see how adorable her family is. Give her some love (in the form of comments).

Toni Toni Toni. Not the music group, the blogger. Toni, over at It Is Nap Time is next on my list. She actually gave me this award too, but I saved her for this part of my blog post, so you would go over and see her page specifically. She is having a terrific giveaway right now where you can win a $25 KB Toys Gift Card. Her son, Hunter is the same age as Lorelai and I love to hear all about how she is raising him. She also does these fun installments of Thursday Thirteens. She makes me look bad by blogging more in one week than I've blogged all year.

Sara from Sentimental Sara is my favorite cousin named Sara. I have some 30+ cousins, so that's a big title to have! :-) I love Sara's blog for a whole other reason. She has to be the most talented artist I have ever known. Lately, she's been doing a lot of online computer art. It's crazy what she can do with these programs. She's winning awards and this Pico de Gallo award....or, I mean, Arte y Pico award is just another one to add to her shelf.

If you enjoy art, I encourage you to get to her page rightthissecond and see just how amazing she is. My Dad's side of the family are all very smart and creative and she is all that, wrapped up into one beautiful young mommy of three!!!

Now you would think I don't know how to work with photographs here. Her picture is extremely pixelated. It's not that, it's that Brenda, from The Family Revised has obviously managed to escape the lens of the camera since she started blogging.

Brenda and I are kindred spirits. At least I think so. She blogs about a variety of subjects. She's probably most known for her Keepin' It Real posts where she encourages us to expose our true selves in the blogosphere. Funny, since none of us really know what she looks like. :-) She also blogs about her two little tykes, Little Bit and Sweetheart and how her life has dramatically changed in the past few years resulting in her becoming a stay-at-home, home-schooling mama. She's awesome. Go check her out.

If you want to read a truly inspiring story about a cancer-survivor who fought like you know what to grow a family, you should read about Our Little Miracle Alayna. Katie is another real-life friend of mine and her story is so incredible. Whenever I start to get "down" about our trip down baby-making lane, I think about Katie and all she has gone through since a very young age and I close down the pity party.

And yes, that is her baby she's holding in that picture. She really is that thin after just having a baby. Sick, I know.

And lastly, Becs. Becs is a friend-of-a-friend in real life. She writes on her blog Ahh Duh! about her life in Florida with her newly uniformed hubby and sweet daughter, Lexie. If anything, please go to her site and check out how CUTE Lexie is. I just want to eat her up. It's so fun to read all about the funny things Lexie says and does.

I can't wait to meet Becs one day. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that we won't be meeting during one of her crazy runs she signs up for. Or maybe I could be on the sidelines, cheering her on.

Okay, so seriously....I could go on FOREVER about all my real-life and e-friends who have blogs, but I had to pick five. I happened to pick five of the bloggers who blog the most and will maybe actually pass the award around, but please go over to my blogroll to see all the wonderful people who would love for you to visit their sites.

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Brenda said...

Aww, thanks Rachel!!! And honestly, if I had a picture of myself I would post it. I'm never in them! Wait, I sent you a picture of my backside--hey thanks for not posting that one. I'll take pixels over that anyday!

Baby Kry said...

You are too funny! Honestly I am just good at hiding it :) Thanks for the kind words. And remember we are all able to have self pity parties..i know I do.

Elizabeth said...

Woo-hoo...your post is fab and I can't wait to visit the blogs of your winners. They sound amazing...and all of them are new to me so that's super fun also.

Becs said...

I feel honored! Now if only I can get my 2 year old nephew who just returned from Puerto Rico to translate it ;)
Maybe it will belp with the Bloggers Block I have been trying to fight.
What do you mean, Rachel? You won't do a Muddy Buddy with me? Even when your feet are healed?

Toni said...

You are so sweet!!! You really did deserve a blog award! You are so funny and have great post!!!

KDoug said...

congrats to all the winners! Becs - I'm so proud that Rachel and you have become blogger buddies. It's a small world. You should come visit some time.

mamachristina said...

I came over from mommyetc and thought I would say hi, So Hi! I love your daughters name very beautiful.

Tracye said...

You deserve it!

I tagged you... feel free to ignore it!