June 27, 2008

Look at me being proactive....thinking early about Halloween costumes!!!

Every year I'm all about getting some awesome adult or kids Halloween costumes together; whether I buy it or make it. And every year I fail. The fact that I even thought I would make one is pretty funny. I don't know if JD and I could pull off being Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, but we always think about trying! The closest I got to making one is my rap star costume for our White Trash and Ghetto party in 2005; complete with the dark lipliner and no lipstick.

I was totally ghetto-fab. I hear that's what they say in the ghetto these days. I digress.

Last year Lorelai was a butterfly, but we only took her picture in her costume, she was too young to understand trick-or-treating. This year, I want to actually get her out to let her have the full experience.

And yes, there is a part of me that just wants to eat her candy. But hey, that's what being a parent is all about, right? No?

So, this year, I'm totally getting our costumes from the Costume Cauldron!
They have a whole line of Illusion Costumes like this one, and so many other categories from which to chose. They have the biggest selection of costumes I've seen! And the prices are pretty good too. We bought Lorelai's last year for around $22 and the ones I'm looking at for her this year are just around the same price.

And you know I've got the hookup. I found the secret HAUNTED HOUSE back-door entrance to the website to get you a discount on your purchase. Go to the homepage...about halfway down on the right you will see the line that reads "Our Store now has over 8,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!"....click on the BROWN COMMA. Yep, I'm all over this!! Feel free to leave me comments on how awesome I am. It wouldn't be the first time. ha ha ha ha ha

Couldn't y'all just see Lorelai in this?

Or this?

But, I'm sure if she had her pick, she'd choose this one (DeeDee Doodle from the Doodlebops).
I have many friends right now who could dress up with their husbands like this....

And these just make me giggle!! JD might be the carseat this year, whether he likes it or not!

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Uma and Wil said...

I vote for DeeDee or Elvis for the baby. I must say you really are ahead of the curb with the costumes. Even Walmart is still too busy with the Forth, I'm sure. Isn't that depressing, I just use Walmart as the standard.

Rebecca said...

They should give you a discount for being a great advertisement source. I am now too browsing the costumes. Too fun!

Of course I did the same thing last year, just dressed him up to take pictures. Is 14 months still too young to go trick-o-treating? I am with you on the candy stealing, er uh I mean sharing.

Baby Kry said...

If it were Halloween right now I would take my 2 month out....candy = extra 500 calories for BF...right???

Elizabeth said...

these are awesome!!!

check out my blog...there is something there for you!

stormhuse said...

Um, pretty sure you had a ghetto fabulous partner in crime in 2005... no shoutout?

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Oh, you're right, Storm...I totally forgot to mention Kelly and Kathi! You guys were AWESOME!

Thanks for the reminder, Storm.

Becs said...

I would love to peruse this site and select a Halloween costume early, however I have no say in what Lexie is for Halloween. In fact, I had say once... her first Halloween where I had her as the obligatory pumpkin (it was a sleeper with a hat). Since then she has been running the shots: in fact she told me yesterday that she plans to be a purple sparkly monster that has earrings and shin guards. (Thankfully that will change a million times until Halloween.)

Becs said...

OH an dI love the boxer one and sent it to Lexie's future mother in law so she can convince Lexies future husband can be that for Halloween.

KDoug said...

If you move back here in time for Halloween then we can match the girls in a costume. Hmmm....what could they be? It would be really funny though.

Out of those costumes I vote for the rock star little girl.

Mrs. L said...

Those costumes are awesome!!!!! I love the DeeDee Doodlebop one.

The Fortenberrys said...

Can I be DeeDee Doodlebop?