August 14, 2008

Why Anonymous?

Having a blog is superb. It's your online journal. You can talk about anything you want anyone to know about. Because it's yours, you get to choose the content. If someone wants to read it, they can. If they don't want to read it, they don't have to. They can click the pretty little red "x" at the top of their browser and "poof" the information is gone.

What gets even better is that your readers can leave comments. I love leaving comments. It lets people know that you have been visiting their blog, that you enjoy their blog and you wanted to say hi. I get lots of comments from different people; some I know in real life, some I don't.

Very rarely do I get "anonymous" comments, and when I do, it's usually my Dad trying to be "sneaky." How do I know? I have a sitemeter that tells me exactly where my readers come from. So, when someone visits, I know who they are; or at least how they got to my site, how long they stayed, where they went from my site and where they live.

I don't mind anonymous comments, generally. Sometimes people forget to leave their name, and usually they're just stopping by to say "hey, I dig your blog." I do prefer readers leave their name or blog address, so I can respond to them.

However, recently, a bloggy friend of mine posted a blog entry about a situation she is having with a co-worker. I won't go into details, but basically she was asking a question to her readers, wanting to know what they thought of a certain situation. Many responses came back. I'm sure when she posted it, she expected to get responses with opinions on both sides of the situation.

What I'm guessing she DIDN'T expect was someone to come on and bash her on her opinion of the situation.....anonymously. REALLY? If you are that passionate about the subject to which you responded, why don't you go ahead and leave your name like an adult?

I don't expect everyone to agree with the information I put on my blog, but if someone doesn't, I would hope they would NOT say anything, rather than be a coward and leave an ugly message with no name....not to mention come back with ugliness to other readers who don't agree with them.

When I read a blog and feel the need to comment, whether it's positive or negative about the subject, I ALWAYS leave my name. It's just the right thing to do. If I can't leave my name, then I shouldn't be saying whatever it is I'm saying. I do believe I was taught something to this effect in .... oh, kindergarten.

I guess I'm just constantly amazed at the way people conduct themselves whether in public, or on the internet and I suppose I shouldn't be.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and whether you agree or disagree, aren't afraid to let me know who you are. We can all be different and have different opinions. That is what makes this country such a wonderful place!

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Karly said...

Okay, okay! I'll comment!

I LOVE your blog. I just read it from google reader,that's all.

And, this post? Spot on! Well said!

Toni said...

Very nicely put!!!

jamieBEE said...

I agree about blogging comments!!!! (I love your blog and I read your blog from Google Reader too...)
You can come and visit my blog anytime ;)

Anonymous said...

How can someone be this ignorant???

Why do you even have a blog?????

Get a life!

Brenda said...

OK, just kidding. That was me.

You asked for that, you know that right?

:) I always leave my name--even if I'm dissing your husband! :)

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...


You KILL me!!! I totally thought I was going to have to throw down. :-) You are my favorite!

Fawn said...

Yup, people can be pretty dang ig-no-rant.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

You go girl! I sent a link to your post to my friend Suz @ her blog. I thought she would really appreciate your blog on anonymous.

Take care!

Suzanne said...

preach on, woman! blog haters have been driving me nuts lately...good to see that i'm not alone!! thanks for the link jamie! ;)

mdx3mom said...

First and foremost I have to say THANK YOU for coming to my defense!

The post in question was my first post ever that got that kind of response. Kind of took the wind out of my sails, but thanks to the rest of you that had jumped in to my defense put the wind back in.

I too have never left a comment without putting my name to it. I want people to know who left the comment.

I am definately (when I get time to do so) linking this post of yours to my site. You expressed my feeling perfectly!

Thanks Again!

Uma and Wil said...

I know what you mean about the way some people behave in the "public" area, in person or online. Right on!

CJ, Laura, Madison and Morgan said...

here here! it makes me sad to see how nasty people feel they can be just because they are online and not face-to-face. and they KNOW they're wrong because they choose to do it anonymously! at least have the guts to step up! not saying we can't disagree, like you said, we just need to do it with love, and make certain it's something truly worth disagreeing about, because quibbling is a waste of time!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I agree completely. Mostly. Enough.

And you can call me...Grafted Branch. But it's not my real name. lol.

utmomof5 said...

Amen Sista!!! I couldn't believe that aynonomous comment on her blog. Have the courage to put your name with your opinion!!

Very well said!!

Shauna said...

I am so with you on this. Do you remember when someone bashed me about saying that I was going to throw up for a week to get skinny for my reunion....real cool...wait...was that you that made that anonymous attack........huh, HUH?????

Sarah G. said...

Good post! I totally agree. It always amazes me how bold and tough people can be when they are hiding safely behind their keyboards where no one can touch them.

If someone is going to feel the need to be crappy on another persons blog then they need to grow a pair, man up, and leave a name!!