September 11, 2008

Whatever makes you feel better, baby girl!

Look at those EYES! Poor baby! Even feeling like crud, she still wanted to wear her hat and raincoat.

Gave in and took Lala to the doctor today. Fearing another UTI, I just couldn't let her suffer anymore. Then (bad mommy) she had to get a catheter to check for the UTI. I was kind of hoping she had one, so the cath wouldn't have been in vain. But, no UTI. That's great, though, really. Seems like she might be fighting a bad viral infection. Nothing we can do now. I'm thoroughly enjoying her being so cuddly, though. I know she feels like poop, but if mommy's hug is what makes it all better, I'm ALL OVER IT!

Side note: plastic raincoats are not the best thing for a feverish toddler. After about 20 minutes, I got smart and realized it was probably super hot. After I peeled it off of her, she felt much better! She'll apparently do anything in the name of fashion. Is that what you call it? Fashion?

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karly said...

Um yes, I would call it fashion. She one-ups me in this area for sure. :)

Praying your sweet girl will get better soon!

Jen said...

I hope she feels better, but I know what you mean about being so cuddly!! I love it when the kids are cuddly too.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Some girls are just born to fashion and looking good. There are no fakers where sick kids are concerned - the eyes always give it away. Hope she feels better really soon.

Baby Kry said...

Thinking about you Miss Lorelai!!

Anonymous said...

Poor girlie, hope she feels better soon.

Becs said...

Still praying for a quick and easy recovery, but maybe some lingering cuddles and hugs for mom for a while ;) Those are nice once you aren't worried.

That is definitely toddler fashion at its finest. I think Lexie may have found a future business partner!!!

And no, fashion never stops in our house even when she feels yucky. The only time was that really bad pneumonia I told you about. Other than that, fever of 103, on the way to the hospital and being sure to have jewelry. No joke. "Well, dr. we could have been her sooner, but the patient had to accessorize her jammies."

CJ, Laura, Madison and Morgan said...

sweet sweet girl! hope she is feeling better! my girls have never looked so stylin' when they are sick! :) LOVE the hat!

Toni said...

If I had that hat, I would want to wear no matter what too!!! I am sooo sorry she does not feel well! Get well soon Loralei!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor little buggaboo. She looks miserable! We went through the same thing with Micayla on July 4th (catheter and all) and even the doctor was surprised that her urine was clean. Sorry :( Enjoy the snuggles though!

Anonymous said...

Aww, you're right, look at those eyes. I just hate seeing that, you love making me cry don't you :) She IS adorable in her ensemble (accente gue?) though. So because it's viral, you're saying there's nothing you can do? There's got to be something, even if to help with the pain and uncomfor.???

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Awww poor Lala! She's such a precious little one in her coat and hat! How cute is she?!?! I am SO glad it wasn't a UTI. And yes, it is the best when they are all snuggly like that, but stinks that they are sick.

Hope she's back to normal VERY soon!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love how into fashion she is. It cracks me up. You truly did get your little girl. I hope she's half as interested in sports as she is fashion so JD doesn't feel left out.

I hope little LaLa is feeling better today!


Anonymous said...

Hey there !

I don't know if this is protocal,
I just care about the little girl.

I'am Alyssa's aunt, & read about u.t.I. Wanted to make sure, you've held off on any bubble baths, (in case it may be an irritant).

Just another caring momee :)

Aunt Helen

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Hi Alyssa's Aunt Helen. Thank you for the comment and your concern.

Actually, she's never had a bubble bath. And after having a UTI this January and being prone to have them again, I'll most likely refrain from bubble baths forever. But that's a great question. Luckily I read so many books before having her that warned about bubble baths, I was afraid to ever try!

Thank goodness this time it turned out to be a virus and not a UTI, though.