September 10, 2008

Things that literally drive me crazy

So, Cindy posted today about things that drive her crazy. One of which, being the misuse of the word "literally."

She says "Misuse of the word literally... "My heart literally pounded out of my chest."
Really? Your heart actually burst through your ribcage and fell out of your body?
"It literally scared me to death." Really? You're actually really

She pretty much cracks me up.

So, here are some of the things that literally make my skin crawl. Literally.

(this makes for a much easier quick post before Lorelai wakes up for the day.)

~ Ice chewers. I swear JD's cheeks are thinner than anyone's ever. I can hear him chewing ice from a mile away. Literally.

~ When someone says "for all intensive purposes."

~ When people leave rude anonymous comments.

~ Line cutters. Do we still do this as adults? When I'm in line to get Lorelai into the daycare at the gym, there is always a little lady who just shoves her way in to get her kids in first. One day, I might snap at her.

~ Drivers who don't yield when they're supposed to.

~ When a driver cuts you off in traffic and doesn't even have the decency to give a shout out.

~ When a group of people get together like a hundred times a week and when you are able to finally show up to one of the events, they trash you because you 'aren't ever around.' That definitely makes me want to come next time!

~ When someone finds out you're trying to conceive and they tell you to "be patient."

~ When the cashier gives you your change dollars first, then coins. Ugh! Even worse when they throw the receipt on top of that.

~ When your waitress asks you if you want your change back. "Well, Peaches, I gave you a $100 bill for a $20 tell me!"

~ When someone younger than me calls me "honey."

~ When I go to get a pedicure and the little lady tells me "you no fix your feet for long time?" You know what, shut your mouth and scrub my feet!

(man, Cindy, this is getting me all sorts of fired up!)

~ barking dogs

~ whining

~ dirty fan blades - seriously? why can't they clean themselves?

~ weight that won't come off

~ skinny girls who talk about their 'fat'

~ visitors who clog the toilet and don't tell you about it (this hasn't ever happened to me, but I'm posting it for someone else, because I know they'd never say anything)

~ fast food workers who act like someone is holding a gun to their head to work there

~ when someone calls me "just a stay-at-home mom"

Okay, so what about you? Leave me some comments about what drives YOU crazy!

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Cervato said...

OK, moving forward and for all intensive purposes, I'm going to call you Peaches, no wait, how about Honey Peaches? Yes, that's it Honey Peaches.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Oooo, for all intensive purposes is a GOOD one! Extra points to you! Ice chewing is a HUGE one for me. We even had premarital counseling about it.

karly said...

I am literally laughing out loud. Yes, literally. :)

I can't think of anything. But, you named a lot of things that drive me crazy that I didn't KNOW drove me crazy. :)

Sarah Rose said...

Oh friend.

My sweet daughter is an awful ice chewer... especially right now, with this yucky teething mess going on. I am so sorry.

And honestly, I literally laughed out loud as I read your rants...and I have no brain with which to come up with some of my own. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I am literally LOL! And there's one thing that drives ME crazy, stupid computer lingo. omg lu bff brb pitr...SERIOUSLY! And now it's spilling over into our text messages. As for the rest of what drives me crazy, I'll be back to post again, will have to think about that one...

Becs said...

I literally laughed so hard, I thought I was is in your Body Attack class.

I almost went off about "for all intensive purposes" in a post last week because someone used it about 20 times at work. I will have to get to work on my list, but you certainly covered some of the good ones.

the fortenberrys said...

What a great list! I was right there agreeing with all of them...especially about the lady at the gym. I hope I'm there when you say something to her :>

Jesstern said...

I agree with others that your list is great and I found myself saying "yep" to most of them.

Things that drive me crazy:
>People who like to "debate" just for the sake of it--especially on religious topics. They just like to stir the pot and I don't see the point.
>When you break a nail down at the quick. Not only does it hurt but it takes forever to look normal again.
>Whining pretty much tops my list. I should have put that first. :)
>Being poked. So irritating!
>When someone puts words in your mouth and goes off on something you said when you didn't mean it that way at all.
>When drivers stop where there is no stop sign to yield to traffic that is supposed to yield to them. So dumb!
>When people don't keep commitments, especially being somewhere at the time they told you.
>Those people who are ALWAYS on their cell phone.
>When you're pregnant and close to the due date and people say, "You're still here?!" or "You're really popping out there." Please, shut up.
>Tolls. Hate them.
>When doctors schedule appointments and don't have the courtesy to let you know they are running 1-2 hours behind and so you unknowingly wait that long to see them. Ridiculous.
>When clerks or cashiers get huffy or rude when you try to return something. Some things you just don't know will work until you get them home.
>When clothes completely lose their shape or form after one washing.
>When your child breaks in half every crayon in a new box of crayons. Again.
>The words "I can't"--I don't like a defeatist mentality.
>Snobby or elitist people.
>Close-talkers. Please take a step back. :)
>Road construction--especially if lanes are close/blocked off for miles and no one is actually working on them.
>Wrong spelling of easy words.

I'm sure there are more, but I wouldn't want to complain. Ha ha. :)

Kami said...

When I go to get a pedicure and the little lady tells me "you no fix your feet for long time?" You know what, shut your mouth and scrub my feet! ---Ohhhh I LOVE that one! Over and unnecessary use of any phrase, such as, "I have to be honoest with you", like 26 times in one day. I kept a talley. Literally! You don't have to be honest, you can lie, really.

Jo said...

I'm so with you on someone younger than me calling me "honey." So infuriating.

This one doesn't frustrate me so much as just make me laugh inside my head. I know someone that always says, "It's a mute point." I'm sorry - did you just turn off the volume? It gets me everytime.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ohhh I am seriously trying to keep from peeing my pants...laughing that hard!

I'd have to say every one of yours is mine, too. I also CANNOT STAND pushy mall kiosk workers who follow you after you tell them NO. I mean, for reals? really think I'm going to all of the sudden turn around and go, 'Oh, on second thought YES! I DO need a $45 weird metal looking head massager. Thank you!!"

Oh and I love you calling the waitress Peaches. That made my day!

I'm going to have to do a post on this. It feels so good to let it out, huh? lol


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

This was a very comprehensive list!

I got a manicure last month - first one I've had in a long time.

The manicurist scrunched up her nose and said, "When last time nail done?"

Grrrrrrrrr. Just shut up and file!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Oh boy! This could be fun! I am with 'PenniesInMyPocket' I might have to do a post on this!

I worked in payroll/accounting for 14 years and the man who was VP of Finance always referred to the Fiscal Year as the PHYSICAL Year. C'mon dude - you have an MBA in accounting - get it right!

I detest hearing anyone say "Can I AX you a question?" No, but you can ASK me a question anytime.

I also had a supervisor who wanted to check a book out from the Libarry. WHAT??

Joanne and Deric said...

You got me all fired up too... I'm going to copy you and put mine on my blog!!!
Too Funny!!!!

Baby Kry said...

You have me laughing....I know I do some of those on your list..hehe

I love the "be patient" when trying to get pregnant...don't worry just relax and it will happen..hehe

I hate that I have one leg and have to pay full price for a pedicure.

I hate that I have a child now and have to watch my road rage remarks, we don't want Alayna's first words to be Move out of my way you *&%$*@# @$$&)%&!

Here is one from dave - when people say Irregaurdless..the word doesn't exist.

Okay I could keep going but I need sleep :)

Baby Kry said...

You have me laughing....I know I do some of those on your list..hehe

I love the "be patient" when trying to get pregnant...don't worry just relax and it will happen..hehe

I hate that I have one leg and have to pay full price for a pedicure.

I hate that I have a child now and have to watch my road rage remarks, we don't want Alayna's first words to be Move out of my way you *&%$*@# @$$&)%&!

Here is one from dave - when people say Irregaurdless..the word doesn't exist.

Okay I could keep going but I need sleep :)

Chelsea said...

Here is a quick list of mine: But I just might need to copy this awesome idea.
~Drivers in the south (my blinker is not a light show..Y'ALL....)
~People in the south (Seriously)
~The south
~Sneezing. (Not mine) It is like nails on a chalk board for me. I usually leave the room if I can hear it
~When people say "irregardless" find that word in Webster's and I'll give you money. Same for "Centers around" it's centered on!
~People who walk down the center of the lane in a parking lot
Ok that's good for now, but I am totally going to steal this idea!

Anonymous said...

When people, who shall remain nameless, (husband)leaves the soda cans NEXT to the recycle bin. Is it really that hard to open the lid? Really?

I'm late, but happy anniversary!

Elizabeth said...

Well, Rachel, I LITERALLY laughed my butt off. HAHAHAHA

the "be patient" one is a very sore subject for me too. After I was finally pregnant with Tulip I mentioned it to a few people...that obviously if I had jsut sat around being patient I wouldn't have been aggressive enough to learn my infertility need and push toward a resolution.

Loved this post!

Jason & Lori Hoag said...

Oooh, this is a good one.

--When people look at my 2 newborn sons and ask "are they twins?"
--Old women in the grocery store who tell me I shouldnt have my boys out in public
--Forgetting the "t" in the words "kept", "slept", husband says kep and slep. AHH!

There are so many more, but I hate to get myself worked up right before bed. Good post!

Tim and Stef McKean said...

OOh, I've got one: I hate it when people say a huge-ol sentence, then insert the word "but". Um, you just discounted EVERYTHING you just said! "I really really like her! But....she has snaggle teeth" (or whatever).

--Okay, it's me the psycho blog commenter again re: the whole infertility issue. I saw our primary care physician, he said "I get you referral" (to a clinic) then they won't call me with the number. So not only do we wait over 2 hours for our appointments, now we also have to wait weeks just to get a phone number. So now I'm in the process of switching to a new dr, then seeing him, THEN hopefully getting referred AGAIN. As this seems a never-ending process for us (going on three years now with no results) I would love to hear how things are progressing with you guys. It'd be nice to know what the next steps are, ya know? ~Stefanie (Mike and Kallie's sister-in-law) Oh. and my being honest on our blog got me in some serious trouble, so THAT's gone...

Dillo said...

"When a group of people get together like a hundred times a week..."

My daughter,like, uses the word, like, all the time, ya know, and, like, I keep telling her, like, she really should say, "They said." Like, I remind her over and over....

But really, honey, I enjoyed the post a bunch!

karly said...

So. For all INTENTS and PURPOSES, I need to change the title of my post. Because my husband laughed and said, "What does "for all intensive purposes' mean exactly? Because that isn't what it is." Alright English major disguised as an engineer. Whatever. :)

Jessica P. said...

Okay so you don’t like it when someone younger than you calls you “honey”-does it bother you that I call you “Chica”? Just want to clarify because I don't want to get on your nerves =)
But here are a few of mine that I could think of in the time it took me to read the above comments:
*When you are courteous enough to let a pedestrian go because they are out in the heat and you are in the a/c and they take their sweet time walking across.
*People who don’t use their blinkers, they were invented for a reason (although I guess sometimes there are useless inventions).
*An overflowing laundry basket.
*Adding on one of the above: A doctor can be 2 hours late to see you but if you are 15 minutes late-they cancel you and charge you, even though if you were on time they were going to make you wait at least 30 minutes anyways! UGH.
*Sorry for any of you who type like this, but peckers! Almost all the men at my job type like this and it drives me so crazy that if they are doing it while I am talking to them I actually offer to finish typing their email for them.
*It's doesn't drive me crazy but I do it and it drives others crazy: typing emails/comments just like I talk.
That's it for now. Oh yeah-I have to tell you that I went to the blog page about the co-worker and completely forgot to come back to your page-which is probably why I am the 24th comment.

Ashley said...

I really don't like it when anyone in my working environment calls me sweetie, hun, honey...anything like that. Especially when I am on the phone with them. So what if I have a voice like a little girl. I am a professional and you need to treat me like one and not like your kid sister. My favorite right now at my new job...a co-worker refers to me as "little girl." Can you even believe it? ha.

Ashley said...

You should add another one:

*When people have blog but NEVER update it! ha. I think we both know who I am talking about!

Sarah G. said...

I have lots of things that bug the crap out of me...but here are two right off the top of my head.

1. When someone calls my dog a boy. Now, not sure if it's the hot pink collar or her girlie parts and lack of boy parts that should make this obvious...but it's really annoying at the kennel (a place where you'd think they know the difference, and even if they don't...look at the chart).

2. People that say "seen". For instance: I seen that new movie the other day. Or I seen this new tv show? Seen?? Really?? Did ya seen it?? Uggghhhh...check your vocab!! And believe it or not...I'm from KY and we don't even say that...but up here in Indiana that must be part of the curriculum.

Wow, it feels so good to rant and rave. It literally makes me feel like a million bucks. does one feel like a million bucks??

CJ, Laura, Madison and Morgan said... so many things i can add to this! but first let me say... you cracked me up with this one! especially the one about bunko. you are ballsy and i love it :)

alright, let's see. i would have to add the following:

- repetitive sounds like cj flicking his toes, the dog licking herself (gross! stop!)

- older women who try to help you calm your child down when they're throwing a fit in public. leave us alone! let her throw her fit! it's really not embarassing me as much as you seem to think it is! she'll get over herself eventually! really!

- sweaty men not wiping down the benches at the gym. guh-ross!

- while we're on the gym topic, people who groan when an instructor in a class gives us a tough workout. really? are we not at The Gym? if you didn't want to sweat a bit, why are you here?

- telling people cj is allergic to poultry, and them responding with something like "oh. so he can't have pork?" FEATHERS, people, FEATHERS!!!

and holy cow, rach, you are bringing all kinds of rage out of me i didn't know was there :). lol we are gonna have to report your blog for a ragefest here soon!

Toni said...

I think you covered a lot of mine!!!

Anna Childress said...

~ crumbs in the bottom of my purse

~ being breathed upon

~ someone reading over my shoulder

~ men with long fingernails or toenails or eyebrows

~ when I'm stressed and my eye twitches

~ Ditto on the whining!

Halfmoon Girl said...

GREAT list! I hopped over here from Cindy's.

becs said...

just one thing to add... when people spell congratulations or some variant with a d and they are not trying to be punny for a new graduate.