October 15, 2008

GPS - Sweet Deal

Let's play pretend.

Hypothetically, JD and I are going downtown to a restaurant we've been wanting to try. We don't know the best way to get there, so I say "I'll get directions." JD, knowing full well that I asked for directions every. single. time. I went to his office the FOUR years we lived in North Carolina, says "okay."

Remember, this is totally hypothetical...except for the four years in NC.

I go to mapquest and type in the "to" and "from" addresses and hit "print" to get the directions. All the while, never looking at them.

We get in the car, hypothetically speaking, and as we're going down I-35, JD asks me "why aren't we taking 281?"

"I don't know. This is how mapquest told me to get there."

"You mean you didn't look at the map and compare it with the atlas?"

"What? No! Why would I do that? That's why mapquest exists - so I don't HAVE to look at the atlas! DUH!" I say, as I roll my eyes.

JD, grinding his teeth, shaking his head and tapping his foot just sighs dramatically to let me know what a disappointment I am as a direction-seeking wife.

I'm feeling like a failure, all the while supporting my actions and praying they don't take us to Mexico, unless there is an equally good restaurant there. But no WAY would I admit that I should have checked the atlas. That would have been bullocks! (we had a British realtor this weekend, I like that word now - not even sure that's how you spell it)

We get there, based on the mapquest directions....but JD doesn't fail to lecture me on how much faster it would have been if we had taken 281, and why you shouldn't just trust mapquest.

And, if this story were true, it would end with me giving up all direction-getting responsibilities to him and we'd both be okay with that.

My friend, Laura, has a Magellan (Maggie, we call her) GPS and we used it this weekend while looking for houses. Maggie doesn't fail. So, I'm convinced a GPS is the way to go.

Long story short, my e-friend Melody kept an eye out for a great deal (as she ALWAYS does) on a GPS. She found this one. After talking with a trusted techy-friend, he bought the same one last year for $1,000!! So, this is a great deal. As a matter of fact, he's now buying two more for gifts.

The one thing I've found about Amazon, you usually have to jump on the deal right away. I'm going to bet that tomorrow, this device is up in the $600s again.

I ordered mine (Merry Christmas to me) and should have it in the next week or so (too cheap to pay for faster shipping.) I'm super excited. I'll let you know mine and JD's directional relationship changes.

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leaca said...

My husband is a state trooper and has one in his car. He loves it.

I think you did a fine job of finding directions. =)

Rebecca said...

We have a GARMIN GPS too and honestly, I don't know we ever did without it. It has been SOOO useful especially now that you and I will both be moving fairly soon to a new city (we have named our GPS Lola, my parent's GPS is Greta... what's with the naming?).

The Phillips Place said...

bwa haha maggie got you hooked!!! :) what are we going to name yours?

Jessica P. said...

You are so funny. This is the one I wanted if I hadn't gotten the one that fits behind my radio display. I liked it because it was the first model that came out that was flat (and not round on the back) although most of them are now anyways. You will so love it! I use mine even when I know where I am going. LOL.

Jessica P. said...

You are so funny. This is the one I wanted if I hadn't gotten the one that fits behind my radio display. I liked it because it was the first model that came out that was flat (and not round on the back) although most of them are now anyways. You will so love it! I use mine even when I know where I am going. LOL.

Heather of the EO said...

We have a little cheap GPS. Even though it's super cheap, it's my friend.

There is a man on it with a distinct accent. It's on purpose. He's supposed to sound like Sean Connery. So I call him Sean. When you get to where you're going he says,

"you have reached your dest.in.a.tion. Shaken. Not stirred."

True story.

I love Sean.

KDoug said...

That's the one I got for Mother's Day. It's fabulous! Rob and I love it and took it to DC/WP and didn't have to think about anything. You'll love it.

Good purchase.

Tracye said...


We have two of these... and I don't know how I'd get anywhere without them! In fact, on my last solo trip to Houston, the battery died (Hubs lost the power cord) and I didn't know what the heck to do!

I found a Radio Shack and bought a new one!

I'd marry the lady in my Garmin if Hubs weren't around.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Melody's my name and DEALS are my game! LOL I'm soooo excited that I (my hubby really) found this deal! SCORE!!! Thanks for the shout out! ;-)


Emily said...

Re: Baby Pool Guesses

OK, I checked out your guesses and they all look great.... except the date!!!!! You went 4 days past my original due date.... I sure hope I don't have to wait that much longer... LOL!

Becs said...

OK, so I always get directions from the internet, but cross reference via another online source and a more traditional source. If I can I verify with another person who at least is familiar to see if its the general idea. (We dont have an atlas or I would do that instead.)

You would think that over the top, wouldn't you?

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

We used to have a Garmin---it rocked..right up until someone stole it. Sigh. I miss it greatly.


Uma and Wil said...

Man, I don't know what we would do without our Garmin. Wil used to pride himself in being able to find ANYTHING with a map and a compass until we moved to Europe. I stalked Amazon for a huge sale on GPS and got ours for a steal. It has saved my sanity and perhaps our marriage. Many many times.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

That so totally sounds like a hypothetical conversation I would have with my husband. Always - he will ask me to get him directions to go somewhere on his own - he ALWAYS gets lost - and it is ALWAYS my fault. He has no sense of north, south, east and west. And, he totally can never remember the directions even if he has been there once before.

he needs a GPS.

Emily said...

Garmin is TOTALLY the way to go. They're expensive, but worth it.

happy house hunting.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

I forgot to add to my story - in addition to getting lost using any of the afforementioned maps from the internet - hubby will call me from the road to tell me he is lost and ask me what to do. Geez. I look up the map and tell him what to do. Can you say "Multi-task"?

Let's not forget he is an engineer.

mdx3mom said...

I too take Mapquest at face value, and never thought of verifying its routs.

MD has two Garmans (spelling) one in each vehicle and at first I was skeptical, but now I LOVE them. So many times with Devin's wrestling I would have no clue where the schools were we had to go to and this thing took me straight there with no problems. We have used them to go on trips also, MD has changed his to have his talk to him in a female with an Ausse acent. He is such a kid.

Anonymous said...

Hypathetically speaking, If you started driving from New York at noon at 70mph using your trusty GPS, and JD was driving from Florida at 1:00 going 60mph using his trusty GPS, by the time you met who would be closer to New York?

Rachel said...

I try NEVER to get the directions when going with my husband. He is excellent with directions and our car has been filled with many "hypothetical" conversations. I hope your new GPS saves you from many future conversations!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Hee hee! I totally need one too. I can never remember the directions to get anywhere. I always find my way, through some strange internal compass, but don't ask me to tell you how. Or what streets I took. I have no idea.
Makes my hubby crazy.

Meaghan said...

Stopping by to wish you a happy Friday..ps your hubby is a stud ;)

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Joanne and Deric said...

Just watch - you won't be able to get anywhere without it soon. I start sweating when I have to read a map now and the thought of driving without 'Jenna' to horrible to even think about...

KC said...

We also have a GPS and love it! Cute story...hypothetically. How is the moving prep going?! We are about to embark on the same thing, but up to WA we go! Take care

Anonymous said...

You'll love the GPS - our new Sienna mini-van has one (built in so when the van is in reverse you can see what's behind the vehicle!) We call her Betty :0)

Julie Z.

S G said...

We, and by we I mean Chris has the Garmin 660. I loved it. We called her American Jill because that was the voice we picked. I also like Australian Karen but she's kind of tricky to understand.