October 11, 2008

House Hunting

Did y'all even know we're moving? I can't remember if I made an "official" announcement.

Well, consider this it.

We're moving!

To Virginia.

I've been neglecting the blog lately, because moving has consumed most of my thoughts lately. If you know me well, you know I'm NOT a happy mover. I don't mind leaving one area and arriving at another. There's just something about boxes and disorder....and...boxes....and moving men....and boxes....and unpacking....that just really gives me hives.

So, we're currently looking for houses in the area where we are being stationed. I'm just flabbergasted by the pockets of ghetto and not-ghetto SO close to one another. It's a different layout here than I'm used to. The property value is very different here, too. A 2200 square foot house in North Carolina where we bought a house, goes for $1,200 a month....here, you can only get about 1,200 square feet for that price...and it's in a crappy neighborhood with no yard.

Laura likes a house about 20 minutes from the house I like. Can you tell just how different the areas are....

Here is the house Laura likes...

Double Oven - perfect for the Betty Crocker she is
Florida Room - awesome viewBack yard

and here is the one I like....The backyard is just perfect, but I didn't get a good, wide-angle shot of it.

The front room - not sure what it's called, because there is another room the same size at the back of the house - so, maybe this is the "formal living room?"
Looking on, into the kitchen/dining room
And, before you go thinking "oh, Rachel....those houses are kinda cute....it must not be too bad house hunting.

Take a look at the other GEMS we looked at today.

This the the "master" bedroom of one of the houses. I know, it's just the window, but I was standing on the other side of the room.
This was the back yard of one of the houses.

And this was our backyard in North Carolina - see where I'm having some problems!?
But, really - this is how close we are to the water.....just let me know when you want to come hang out with us....this has GOT to be the life.

Oh, and just for giggles.....check out this absolutely GORGEOUS "master" bath. Who was the genius who designed THAT!?

Check in later - we've got two more days of this awesome house haunting hunting.

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Elizabeth said...

wow...i don't envy you with house hunting. it can be exciting and daunting all at once. good luck!

Joanne and Deric said...

Hang in there, thank goodness you are taking pictures. Its the worst when they all start looking the same in your mind. Good Luck, once you decide you can relax! I agree with you about the moving thing, the movers and disorder kill me too!
Will you be settled by Christmas?

Becs said...

I am not a fan either. I feel your pain because you don't get much bang for your buck in our city.

Both the house you liked and Laura liked seemed cute.

And that master bath is cracking me up! If you have a real estate agent you are with or someone showing you these houses, they must be on the verge of wetting their pants with your comments :)

Mrs. L said...

Good luck! I have to say I don't want to trade places. Moving is horrid and I never want to do it again!

bauer zoo said...

i can only imagine how bad moving across country must be. just moving the 100 feet from our old house to the new house sucked! (yes, it is literally 100 feet) i'll be saying a prayer for you to find a nice house in a nice (safe) neighborhood!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Wow! Crazy! Sure explains where you have been. Sorry it is on the heels of your surgery, but hopefully you are feeling pretty good by now. Good luck, and happy house hunting!

Rebecca said...

I am in the same boat with you! Of course we aren't exactly on the house hunt just yet, give us a couple more months.
I really like both of those houses... but the double oven had me sold!

Brenda said...

OH, I REALLY like the house you like. So cute! And the prices sound good too! I always marvel on HGTV's House Hunters when the people look at a backyard the size of a postage stamp and say, "OH, good backyard!" I guess it's what you are used to. At least you can't lose the children in those!

Heather of the EO said...

I like both houses. Am I not helpful?
Wow, big changes for you! Hang in there, lady!

Becs said...

Oh yeah, I have a double oven and I totally LOVE it! Although when I only use one oven, I always use the top one... is that strange?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
OOOOOOOOOOOOO ! I just had, to put my two cents forth.
The yellow, with dark shutters, is the keeper.
It reminds me so much, of a great area, close to U.T. Austin.
I love looking at homes, (guess because I've lived in many different ones) :) Yes, I'am a military kid.
Well you do what ever is best for your family. That life in the armed forces. Take care sweetee!
Love, Alyssa's Aunt Helen

Cyn said...

I'll definitely be keeping you guys in my prayers ~ we have moved 10 times in 12 years of being married (furthering my hubby's career), and I absolutely HATE it from beginning to end! That being said ~ I'd follow him to the ends of the earth...I just ask that he not tempt me by having us move again anytime soon..PLEASE!! :-)

Lori said...

Ohhhh I feel your pain! We just got our stuff after almost 3 months (still looking at boxes!) and I get to look forward to another in, hmmmm another 8 months or so?! This time back overseas to the USA as well...with kids...and dogs...ughhhh

OMG What were they thinking with that bathroom LOL That is the one great thing about not living in a bigger city/town - houses at Bragg were cheap by comparison!!

Hope you find a house you like! How long are you there for this time?

stormhuse said...

Both houses look cool and have their perks, but I really dig the yellow one - so much personality!

Happy house hunting...

Anonymous said...

As I'm staring at all of our piles and unpacked boxes I'm totally feeling your pain!! I'm so glad your surgery went well though (aside from the taking forever to wake up part - YIKES!) We'll be praying for you three :0)

Julie Z.

Heidi said...

I am dying about that open window over the tub! Better wear a bathing suit when you're in there!

I happy that you're moving out of Texas! You didn't ever give that vibe that you liked it. I think you also used the word "Hell" when you described it! maybe it's just me... :>)
Wish you were coming to Missouri, but the ocean looks nice too!

Anonymous said...

Great pics and great house! Love it. Count us in for a trip up there.


Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

I like the exterior of the house you like...and the kitchen of the other, Betty Crocker that I am, lol!

Wishing you the best and that you find the house that's the perfect fit for your family.

Anna Childress said...

Are you still here in VA?? Come down and look and my house and you'll be thrilled with either AND the price! We should've lived up your way!

FromThe Creek said...

I like the yellow house! It is really pretty and I love the backyard too.

Being an Army Brat...I am used to moving around too. But now that I am married, I get to stay put and have for the past 11 years! I was born in Fort Bragg...too cool.

Thanks for entering my giveaway!

Uma and Wil said...

The yellow house you like reminds me of our old NC Haymount neighborhood that we absolutely love. House hunting is one aspect of the move I don't love. Good luck to you, bud. Hope you are feeling better!

BreAnna Fowler said...

I love the one you picked so far...you obviously have good taste!
If it makes you feel any better, right now I am living with my family of 6 in a 1000 sq. ft. apartment in Louisville. We feel like sardines in here!
The things we will do for our men...

Toni said...

That place looks awesome! I have some catching up to do on your blog but my little man needs me. I will be back! I will also be checking out your Etsy shop and blogging about it as well!!!