December 31, 2008

The Christmas Story

We have a Christmas tradition! YAY!

Here is JD teaching Lorelai about the birth of our Savior. She was really into it. She kept saying "baby Jeeshus, baby Jeeshus!"

This was one of those moments where you giggle, but kind of get choked up and teary too. What an awesome responsibility we have as parents to teach our children about our Heavenly Father!

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

LOVE that nativity scene. Where ever did you find that?

So sweet to see those pictures!

Heidi said...

Rach, that is so sweet. It's a bit early for long explanations to Trey this holiday season but hopefully next year we can start! Is that the Fisher price navitity scene?

Becs said...

We have been doing that too, and I am going to just be heartbroken when Lexie stops saying "JOFUS" for Joseph.

If you have a live Nativity, Lexie got really into that this year... so next year Lorelai would. Of course it was also really interesting to Lexie since Mary was pregnant just like Mommy is. OPened up a lot of discussion.

stormhuse said...

Katie and I have opted for a more traditional approach. We will be teaching our son about our Heavenly Father, not our Heavely Father.

Emily said...

Thats precious! I know our Heavenly Father was smiling down on Lorelai then.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Love these moments. Sweet.

Becs said...

OK, so I was going to make a remark regarding the Heavely Father, but didn't :)

At least I am not the only one.

Anonymous said...

I have that nativity scene. I bought it for the boys to play with to keep them away from my good one. Isn't is adorable. I forgot I had it till I unpacked it. I fell in love with it all over again.
Very Cool that you are taking the time to teach her the true meaning of Christmas. So many kids don't get that today.
Aunt Tina

Cyn said...

We have that nativity set too! My mom sent it to the kids a couple of years ago. Last year they loved saying baby Jesus, Mommy Mary and Daddy Joseph. This year it was more questions about why the wisemen rode camels and that the reason we give and get presents is becasue the wisemen gave them to Jesus in the manger.
Away in a Manger is Maggie's favorite and Garrett loves that one as well as Little Drummer Boy.
What a wonderful tradition you have started! It is a daunting task in "today's world of excess" to teach our children the true meaning, and to remember that these beautiful gifts of ours are just that...GIFTS! They TRULY belong to God and it is in His honor that we should raise them.
Hope you are getting settled in!
Glad to see you blogging more, I HAVE MISSED YOU!!! Happy New Year, Cyn

Lori said...

Very sweet. Pretty soon she will be telling YOU the story. :)

We have that nativity too...although ours did not come with the trees, bummer. The boys already love the little animals.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel,
I want one of those sets, & I'am
51, & have grown children !

Beautiful pictures.

Happy Happy New Year, from one
caring mom, to another.
Luv ya,
Alyssa's Aunt helen

Our Complete Family said...

Happy Christmas season and almost 2009!
Cheers to you and your sweet family~ Les

Huse Yo Mama said...

Storm, I don't know what you're talking about???

stormhuse said...

Gee, I must have been mistaken.

Hope you guys (VA Huses + Rob/Kelly/Peyton/BNLD) are having a great time!

BNLD = Baby to be Named at a Later Date

Rach@In His Hands said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet. I got that nativity a few years ago and can't wait for our little one to play with and learn from it!

~Sara~ said...
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~Sara~ said...

Ha! That reminded me of our little bit of Christmas joy. We have a similar tradition with this little set of seven tiny boxes and a book to read to the young kids each night for seven nights. You open a box (each containing a portion of the nativity scene), then read two pages aloud to the kids that briefly explain each figure with a short rhyme.

Each page ends with, "What does God want for Christmas? Just wait... Be patient, box number seven holds something really great." Then, after six days of incredible anticipation to see what box number seven holds (and many, many off the wall guesses); they open it to find a mirror.

Nathan ran up to Matt and said very seriously, "Dad, do you know what Jesus wants for Christmas?" Matt said, "No, what?" Nathan exclaimed "YOU!" He then told everyone else in the room the same thing. It was so precious... Then, he took the box containing the mirror and made sure each of us peered into it so God could have us each in his box.

I wish I had THAT on video. They thought it was so cool to think that they received all of these great gifts, but all Jesus wanted in return, was them.