December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lorelai!

I can't believe you're two.

I can't believe you are more and more fun every day.

I can't believe I love you as much as I do.

I can't believe you love me as much as you do, even though I'm learning my mommy roles as I go.

I can't believe you're MINE!!

Happy second birthday, Lorelai!!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORELAI! There is no greater love than a parent for a child (or grandchild). I know.

Love, Grandpa

Rebecca said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Lorelai!! We love hearing about you and seeing your beautiful pictures on your mama's blog! We hope to be able to visit you sometime in the near future!

Becs said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
(And check out the hair!)

Brenda said...

I can't believe it either! I love your long hair Lorelai.

Also, you will be expecting presents until sometime in February, won't you? :)

Happy Birthday!

Tracye said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Too. Stinkin'. Cute.

Tracye said...
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JAMIE'S CREW said...

Happy Birthday Lorelai! Hope you are having a great day and enjoying your new house. I hope you get tons of presents!

She is a doll, as always!

KDoug said...

Dear Lorelai -

December 30, 2006 is a day I will NEVER forget. It was an amazing experience watching you be born. Your Mom was a champ and your Dad was so supportive. You came out as beautiful as ever. It was from that moment that I knew I would love you forever. I hope you grow up to be as wonderful as your Mom and Dad. Treat them kind!



Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl Lorelai!
Gosh she is really a cutie, isn't she??
Have a fabulous day together.

~Sara~ said...

Happy Birthday dear... um, cousin once removed?!? (Is that what she is to me?) Ha! I don't even know, but Happy Birthday Miss Cutie Pie! I miss you!

Rach, do me a favor and give that girl tons of butterfly and eskimo kisses just from me!


The Fortenberrys said...

Happy Birthday Lala. I can't believe you're two. I have some catching up to do. Miss you very much. Love your friend, Kinsey

Rach@In His Hands said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!

Mrs. B said...

Yeah 2!!! Happy Birthday Lorelai! My does the time are getting so big young lady:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lorelai,
Happy Happy Birthday, you cutee
May "09" bless you abundantly.
Luv ya,
Alyssa's aunt helen

AliciaDawn said...

hApPy BiRtHdAy Beautiful Lorelai!!!! I bet your Momma and Daddy extra-spoiled you today!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lorelai! We love you!!

Chris and Marissa

Lori said...

Happy Birthday, Lorelai!

Heidi said...

Happy, Happy Day!

2 years...WOW! Next thing you know, she'll be graduating high school! Aweeee!!

Feagans 5ive said...

2...I can't believe it! She is ohh so precious...but you know that!

Happy Birthday Girly!


The Feagans

JAMIE'S CREW said...

You know - I don't think I realized that Lorelai's birthday is only 2 days before my twins.

Cyn said...


Baby Kry said...

Happy Birthday!!!!