January 16, 2009


I just got one of the funniest emails from my friend Chelsea.

Rachel, Since it is becoming more and more apparent every day that you will one day end up on Oprah or Ellen because of your awesomeness and creativity, and humor and looks etc etc and daughter and etc. Can I call shotgun for being in the audience? I'm sure you'll get some extra tix and you might want to take your family or kelly, but standard shotgun rules apply. I call shotgun on being witness to your tv debut! Miss you


Anyone with me? That's funny stuff, right?

I know, I have some awesome friends.

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Chelsea said...

wow she is funny!

~Sara~ said...

Great call Chelsea... I couldn't agree with you more. I loved your email, which makes me almost remorseful for snatching your future free ticket out of your hand! :op hehe Just kidding. Rach, I could really see any of this tv show stuff coming into fruition. Just don't forget us little people when you become a famous tv personnel, okay? Mwah!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Tons of fun, that one! Be sure to post the date and time so all your blog fans can skew the Neilson ratings that day.

Baby Kry said...

Chelsea you are too funny! It made me giggle! Can I call shotgun too????

KDoug said...

I just got really fired up and then got to the sentence where obvioulsy Chelsea knows that I get automatic shotgun. It's like the BFF rule. You can't call shotgun on the BFF or the tallest person riding in the car. I think I win both of those. Besides, Ellen will want to interview me too so I can give her the BFF opinion of Rachel. Then we can jump up and down together when she sends us on a cruise. Oh yea, you do have a family that will most likely get dibs on that stuff. I can always hope JD is deployed like our last trip to St. Thomas!!!!!