April 24, 2009

Fitness Friday - Awesomeness Edition. Or would that be Awesome Edition?

Either way, so much has been awesome this week!!

Brenda, creator of Fitness Friday, wants us to talk about Awesomeness today. So, I'm going to interpret that as what is awesome this week and what would be awesome next week.

Awesome this week:
1. Last weekend, I actually ate everything in cleaned out my fridge and pantry of all things NOT healthy.

2.  I planned my meals for the week.  This, I'm used to, because of Weight Watchers.  Thanks to WW, I gained weight AND a good meal-planning habit.  I'm cool with the latter.

3.  I went grocery shopping and bought only healthy foods on my list to eat for the week.

4.  I have stuck to my exercise and eating routine to the T!  This is a first for me.  Usually, I falter somewhere.

5.  I have not had One. Single. Craving!  YAY!  This is also huge for me!  I have a "free day" once a week built into the Body for Life plan. I was hoping to write down my cravings during the week, so I could indulge on Saturday (my free day) but, no cravings so far. 

6.  Joey, my girlfriend who is partnering with me on the Body for Life journey, lost FIVE POUNDS this week!  I, however, will not be stepping on a scale again until the end of week two. 

7.  God is awesome.  Seriously....as corny as it may sound to some of you...He has gotten me through this week. 

What would be awesome for next week:
1.  For someone on Craigslist or a resale shop somewhere to sell a set of Bowflex Dumbbells to me for a good price.  It would make my workouts a lot easier.  I go to the gym on the Air Force Base with Lorelai, but they don't have childcare, so she is in a room with me - secluded with a tv.  She's not a huge fan and I'd be happier if I could just get my weights done before she wakes up in the morning.

2.  If the weather stays nice, I can continue to do my aerobic workout going down the Chesapeake Bay in the mornings.

3.  If my workouts could not cause me to walk like a 90-year-old.  I know it won't always be like this, but my body sure has forgotten how to function with exercise!  :-)

4.  I push myself just a little bit further to burn more fat. 

5.  Can water just taste a little more awesome to me?  I'm getting it down, but I'm not always enjoying it.

6.  At the end of week two, when I weigh myself again, it would be REALLY awesome if there was even just a small change.  That would keep me going for sure!!

So, what has been awesome this week for you?  It doesn't have to be fitness related.

If you're curious about the other FF'ers...go check out what they think is awesome.

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Brenda said...

I don't know what you were drinking before you started with all the water, but I remember several months ago a bunch of us learned that the more we drank water, the more we actually craved it! Weird! You may get used to it.

I am so glad you had such a great week!!!! Hope you can find something to workout at home with--I know that would be easier.

Keep it up! You are very inspiring!

Becs said...

Way to go, Rachel! Thats... awesome!

You alwyas ask, so I answer.
What has been awesome for me this week: just getting a lot done around the house, but of course tomorrow I am doing a incredibly short triathlon (shouldn't even be called one) so as just doing that (at any speed) will be awesome.

Luanne said...

I LOVED this post!! You know why? Because one...you had an AWESOME week!! And two, it gave me so many ideas for me to try :) You are doing all the right things and I am totally inspired to have a week like yours to post about next Friday. Great job! BTW, the picture of the Bay is beautiful!! I would love tho have that to exercise with every morning! Good luck finding home weights, too. I can totally relate to the gym/kids/childcare/not wanting to drag them there thing...it's a bummer sometimes. Have another super week!!

BreAnna Fowler said...

you are an inspiration, my friend! started my diet today cuz of u!

Feagans 5ive said...

You are awesome!! I am so proud of you!!! You inspire me to get fit after the baby comes...

Keep up the great job :)

Giovanna said...

You did awesome this week ! I know about the water. YUCK ! It just would taste better with some kool-aid or crystal light in it : ) but not very healthy I know....

Laura Lou said...

The water is a thorn for me, too, but not because I don't like it. For some reason, I just never get enough, and I know how important it is, not only to replace that which I lose when exercising, but for overall health. I think the only time in my life that I drink it up yum is when prego. Maybe I should set a timer for myself, like when I train the young'uns to use the potty!!?

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Sounds like you had a great week. Good for you.

As someone who actually think water tastes good, I have no problem getting it down, but I have heard people say that adding a bit of lemon or lime helps give it flavor.

Tara said...

Congrats to you! Keep up the awesome work!

Jessica P. said...

Yeah for an awesome week for Rachel! What was awesome about my week? I worked out 2x and plan on working out today too, so that's an improvement. Hmmm, what else? I got a good call about getting a J-O-B!.
The H2O thing. I don't know how you currently drink water but I was really never a water person either, especially just to drink it out of a glass. Here are some ways I drink it that helps me get my 48-64 oz a day (when really I should be drinking 80oz):
~As someone else mentioned I get a gallon jug, fill it with water and slice up a couple lemons and drop them in there (no need to squeeze them). This is good with mint leaves too! Oranges are good in water too but they don't last as long as the lemons.
~I drink bottle water. I know it's not very earth friendly but we have a mini fridge and stock it with bottled water. It's super cold-and to me tastes better than our water dispenser (we can't drink the tap water out here). Plus I know if I drink 4 of them a day I am done. I find it easier than carrying a 32oz think of water that I have to fill 2x because it feels like I never get to the bottom of that thing.
~When I drink water out of a glass, it seems to be better with a straw. Weird, I know. Oh and a lemon slice squeezed into it.
Hope that helps =)

TAMI said...

You are awesome!! Love the idea of writing down you cravings and planning to indulge them later, on a specific day, if you still want them. Great when they pass, and even better when the don't solicit!!

Rebecca said...

Great work Rachel.. journaling your experiences can only benefit this whole journey - so proud of you.
I only like water when it is freezing cold from the fridge so I make sure to use our Brita and try to empty it as often as possible. It is an ongoing battle for me too!
The best thing you have done is to stock your pantry/fridge with healthy food. What you don't have, you crave less.. at least that is how it works with me. I of course let myself indulge with dessert (made chocolate cake today, eeps) as long as I am keeping up with my daily veggies and protein intake and of course workout regime.
The work routine will get easier - trust me. Pretty soon you will feel crappy when you miss a couple days in a row. It is the best endorphin rush for me! I am an aerobics class junky, that is what gets me motivated.

My awesome fitness moment this week has been joining this new gym. The classes are super fun (went to Latin Dance class today). I went 5x this week (which is unusual for me being in my 3rd trimester, usually I get lazier).

Tracye said...

You know what was awesome for me this week... getting Gigantor out of my body!!!

When I visited a friend in Chicago last year, we went to the spa at the Swiss Hotel. They had huge glass urns filled with ice water and lots of sliced lemons, limes and oranges. She told me that all throughout Europe, there are little stations like that (like we have water fountains) for people to drink from. It was really good. I think filling a pitcher with water and fresh fruit slices, and keeping it in the fridge so it's really cold, makes it much easier to drink.

You're doing great!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Awesome post. Way to go. And what a beautiful picture of the Chesapeake.

As for the water, I know what you mean. I have such a hard time with that, but I have noticed that the more I drink, the thirstier for it I seem to be. Go figure.

The Phillips Place said...

You are inspiring me rightthisminute from podunk Tennessee! :). To run. Far. Fast.

So when I get back into town, we are meeting up with our kiddos and strollers, right? We can add in some stroller lunges for good measure!

Hmm....what has been awesome for me this week. The ever-so-slight tan I managed to pick up despite SPF 50 while at Disney! Seriously, nobody else will notice, but I can tell :).

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Wow! You go girl. Good luck with the awesome desires for next week. :) The awesomeness is having some extra free time and "finally" the desire to exercise again!!!

Heidi said...

Congrats! Good for you on your first week! And NO cravings? You are wonder woman!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rach,
So, so very proud of you home gurl!
Just keep believing, and trusting,
that our heavenly Father, wants to show up, & show out, in every area
of our lives.
Well gurl, I am a member of curves,
& it is great fun. The studio is cute, & hey, I am inspired. :D
My highlight of the week; my oldest
daughter,(26), & I, enjoyed the
best lunch at "chilis" !
Women supporting women. God is smiling down on us.
Oh, & Rach, on the water deal, I do love me some "smart water", by
glaceau ! Ummmmmmmmmmmm
I can get specials often, at H.E.B.
I love you sweetee,
Alyssa's aunt helen

meli said...

That's awesome! Keep up the good work! I've been thinking about checking out Body for Life-I've heard such good things about it. I need something to get me back on track!

Denise said...

Keep up the good work sweetie.

JulieMom said...

If you don't get those dumbbells you want, can you lift your daughter over your head instead?

Or is she too wiggly?

Mine are scared of heights. Go figure. :0) Great job this week!

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Have you tried the flavored waters? Our family has gotten hooked on them. We buy a 24 pack of water at Sams and have it almost gone by the end of the week. I figure it is way better than paying for pop. And this way I drink it!

So glad you had an awesome week!

Toni said...

Hey Rachael,

Stopping by to say hello and check up on you and your fam.

Loralei is getting so big! Love the Cherry Blossom photos. I can't believe it is possible that she keeps getting cuter!!!

I will keep you in my prayers and can't wait until I stop by and see the news that Loralei will be a big sister!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

You are doing body for life??? I love it! I have done it before and lost 45 pounds in under 3 months. Can I do it with you guys, will you help keep me accountable???? please!!!

doctortish said...

Rachel, your awesomeness is evident. It sounds like you are doing great. I know you will be successful.

Shauna said...

I am so proud of you! I fell off the wagon with fitness and need to get back on - but I should be forced to run after the wagon for about 10 miles first.

Aaliyah said...

Nice post.!! well, I too have Bowflex dumbbells, got them from Dick’s Sporting Goods.