April 20, 2009

Two successes!

First off, today was day one of Body for Life.

* I made it to the gym on time. YAY me! I'm not really sure what "on time" means, but basically, I was happy that I made it there by nine. There is a workout room for parents who need to bring their children. There is a little gated off area for the kids and then cardio equipment, dumbbells and a bench on the other side. Lorelai wasn't really too thrilled to be within reach of me....but not with me. I think that might be harder for her than actually being in child care. Oh well, we're still going to do it.

* I ate six healthy meals today and it wasn't too bad! I thought about food all. day. long. I was never hungry, but I wanted to do it all correctly, so I was just planning in my head the whole time. I'm sure after three or four weeks, it will become more natural for me and I can just plan my meals on Sunday, have healthy foods around and eat when I'm supposed to.

* For those of you who are wondering about the eating, I am supposed to eat a certain balance of food (protein, carb and veggies) six times a day, each meal two to three hours apart. So, my first meal was at 8am and my last was at 8pm. I never felt hungry, everything tasted great and my energy was pretty steady throughout the day. Basically, the idea is that your body is a furnace and you need to fuel the fire evenly throughout the day to keep it burning at a steady pace.

* Aside from the four hour almost-migraine I had (because I'm going through caffeine withdrawal), everything went pretty well.

* I took my "before" pictures and after I puked, cried and pouted, I took my measurements. Really? Why did I think that would make me feel better!!? YIKES is all I have to say. If anything, it will encourage me to get my BIG. FAT. BUTT. into gear!

Success number two is that my little independent daughter has been telling me lately that she needs to go pee pee on the potty, when I'm in the restroom. I usually ignore it because I'm a horrible mom I never think she really needs to go. But today I didn't ignore her. She sat on the potty, played around, got up and down for about 10 minutes.

Then, she asked me to leave her alone. I left, giggling, but then peered my head back into the bathroom. There she sat, looking into the potty while she went "pee pee!" We did the "you went pee pee on the potty" dance, she got two jelly beans and a sticker. She was pretty darn proud. So were JD and I. I know we still have a long way to go, but being laid back about it has proven to be good so far.

Two successes! Not too bad.

How was your day?
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Becs said...

Congrats on getting a great start to your program. Thats awesome! It always give such a sense of accomplishment! You go, girl!

I think being laid back about it is about the only way to potty train (you know, in my wealth of experience from the 1 potty trained child I have who essentially trained herself).

How was my day? Well, it was one of those cloudy almost rainy days where you feel sluggish, and you just want to say "rain already!" Got a partial workout in, an errand or two and, as usual, a heck of a lot of nursing in! (Well, you asked!) :)

I suspect tomorrow will be a more effective day as I will not be tip toeing around a sleeping husband for the majority of the day.

The Phillips Place said...

Yay for a successful day! Way to go making it to the gym and following your meal planning!

And go Lala! Boo on the world of public potty usage that is now looming ahead of you, but someday you're gonna have all this extra money at the end of the month from not buying diapers!

Tracye said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! Just making it to the gym would something to check off my list.

My day? Was CRAP!

My OB cancelled the induction on Wednesday. Still NOTHING going on in the... ummmm... baby vacating the premises department. He said he feels in his gut that if we tried it wouldn't work. So it's re-scheduled for next Monday. Blah!

Amy B said...

I have a woo hoo for you and a woo hoo for your sweet little one.

I know you are going to do great with the plan.

How often do you plan to weigh? And measure?

Uma and Wil said...

I guess there will be some money saved from potty training to buy something cute and shiny as a reward for your gym experience!

Kallie said...

YAY for you!! I'm impressed! Maybe you'll inspire me...:)

Tim and Stef McKean said...

INTERESTING! Body for Life! Your "Body for Nine Months" is my "Body for One Week..." I can't seem to make it much farther. Our main issue? NO time and fast food! We get home pretty late--who wants to cook, THEN eat, THEN clean? Nope. Easier to make a two minute stop, eat, and throw it all away!
Way to go, you! I'm interested to see how this all works out for you--and if I should try!

stormhuse said...

I'm proud of you! (and Lala) Keep us posted...

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

What a great day! So glad you are able to find out and do something for your health before it becomes a problem. I am sure you will have great results.

For my oldest we had tried potty training 2 times and she was so stuborn she would not do it. One day she went to her cousin's house and discovered that she used the potty. We had very few accidents after that! I hope it is really just that easy for you!

Brenda said...

Well, what a spectacular Monday you had!!!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a great day you had! I had just a regular old Monday.

Baby Kry said...

Those are two GREAT successes!! I myself have not seen the inside of a gym since before we started infertility treatments...a very long time ago. Yes, I know you are yelling at me now.."why do you need a gym", but truthfully I am very out of shape. I ran to Char's the other day (it was raining, i wasn't doing it for my health)I thought i was going to fall over...Writing this I am trying to motivate myself to get into shape...maybe tomorrow. Yeah! Pee pee on the potty!!!

Della said...

Yay, Rachel! You can do it! (I'll make sure not to put post about desserts on my blog, heaven knows I don't need to make them!:)

My day was amazing! Antiques for cheap! (Yep, that's how I roll.) And I found Laura the most amazing birthday present EVAH. She's going to L-O-V-E it. Don't tell her though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rach !
Simply thrilled, bout all ya ll's
wonderful accomplishments.

You can do THIS, LaLa, & momsie !

God Bless you every step of the
Love,Alyssa's aunt helen

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yay! for both of you!