October 25, 2009

October 7th? Really?

So, I ran into a girl I haven't seen in a few years. Her words to me were very powerful.

"Hi Rachel, I can't come any closer. I have the flu. And October 7th. Just in case you were wondering."

I give her the look your dog gives you when you ask him a new question.
"October 7th is the last time you blogged. Just so you know."

The fact that she knew that blows my mind. But if she hadn't reminded me, I might not be blogging now. Thanks, Kelly M! NOW will you start commenting!? Oh yeah, and I hope you feel better soon!
This post will be very disjointed, but really, aren't they all!?

If you don't already know, I'm in St. Louis.

My STL best friend is getting married next Sunday, so this coming week will be filled with more wedding activities!

Last week I dyed my hair. From a box. I shouldn't have. I ended up going to my hairdresser to have her fix it. Here's what it looks like now. Thank you Nancy!
Yep, it's red. It was time for a change. I really wanted big chunky blonde streaks in it like I used to have, but it's just not manageable without knowing any good hairdressers where we live. Or where we're moving....and who KNOWS where that will be. That's a whole other post in itself.

We had the bridal shower on Saturday. Do you think they're ready!?
Lorelai and I have had a few crafting opportunities this past week too.
She's making herself a necklace. I really didn't think she'd use all 90 beads. But this was a craft she had a lot of fun with. Her concentration was so cute!
Her first fingerpainting experience. She was so dainty until I made her paint her hands. Then she had a little more fun with it. Poor kid doesn't like to be dirty!

She always has fun faces to show the camera.
She looks like a Cabbage Patch doll to me here.
I told her to "give me some gangsta" and this is what I got.
Not bad for a child who has never heard that word.

How about a shot of that baby bump I promised so long ago?

I'm 16 weeks in that picture. Do you think I'm in trouble or what!? Either my body is training for a 10+ pound baby or I am just going to have a LOT of fun getting my body back after this one!

Although, I still haven't gained a pound. Actually, I have lost five. Don't go getting huffy now, I have quite a few extra pounds I've been hanging on to since I had Lorelai, so there's enough to sustain this pregnancy, for sure!
Until next time.
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Brittany said...

Look what popped up in my google reader! 16 weeks??! DANG! Are you sure there are no twins in there?? :)

Brittany said...

Oh PS ... LOVE the hair!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

You are so adorable! The hair and the bump. :)

And that hat on Lorilai? I want one.

BreAnna Fowler said...

I think you look great! When you think you are ready, remind me to email you a pic of me at 7 months with my third child. You will never feel bad about yourself again! lol.

Dee said...

WOOT for 16 weeks and you got some great pictures! I love your craft pictures...I'm scared to try hand painting with Evan!

karly said...

Yay baby bump! :) You are so cute!! I want one... again, because the bump I have now just isn't as cute when there isn't a baby in there anymore. :)

Love the hair! And love the hat on your sweet girl! I wish I could pull something off like that!

So glad to "see" you again! :)

the fortenberrys said...

Loving seeing your baby bump, your new hair, and Lorelai. Hope your trip is lots of fun and that we will know your new station soon. I can't wait for you to find out...mainly becuase I still have high hopes of it being close to me!! Little selfish, I know. I just miss you so darn much. :)

Kallie said...

yay for an update!! I really love your hair! And that incredibly cute baby bump! I know what you mean about getting your body back...it was kinda like my stomach muscles went "oh, we know where we're going", and just plopped right back out there when I found out I was preggers. Oh the joys! (Although I don't think that you are that big yet!)

Tara said...

Adorable little girl and cute baby bump!

Monica said...

Love the new hair color! Definatly goes with your wild side!

Are you sure you are just having one? HA HA HE HE

And what do you mean moving again? You just got to where you are now just a few months ago?

Baby Kry said...

I LOVE LOVE your bump!!! You look great, nice hair! Love the pics, looks like you're having a great visit!

meli said...

I love the red! I wish I was more daring with my hair, but I am a weenie! I had some long sideswept bangs cut this past Friday and thought I was being brave :) Your baby bump is darling! It makes me want to have one too!

meli said...

Oh, and there's an awesome recipe site called ourbestbites.com that has some cool kid friendly things on it. They have a recipe for peanut butter play dough that is easy to make and tastes good too! You can find it in their recipe index under crafts and special features.

doctortish said...

Your baby bump is awesome!!! I don't know that you are bigger at 16 weeks than I was. If you are gaining that cute bump and losing weight, your arms, butt, thighs and face must all be getting thinner! What is that like? The pictures of Lorelai are so cute. She is such a little ham! Have fun in St. Louis. I hope you are feeling well.

Mama Belle said...

Yeah, I think it has been a while since you blogged. And, I didn't even know you were pregnant. Where have I been? Congrats! Your hair and your baby bump look great!

swile67 said...

lovin the red hair and lovin the big bump and big boobs!! oh don't get me wrong, i'm not "batting for the other side" but just appreciating your lovely bust!!!:):) I'm sure your hubby is too!! hehehe! Okay not all Canadians are this blunt!!!:)

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Your Lorelai is one adorable little girl, and very photogenic too.

Julie Z. said...

Wow- you look great as a red head and Lorelai's expressions are priceless as usual. I looked that big early too only I hadn't LOST five pounds! I hope you are feeling good :0)

KDoug said...

It's fabulous that your child instictively knows what her gangsta face is. That's absolutely fantastic!!!!! Now we just need to dress the girls in gangsta outfits for next Halloween and we're set.

Great post = glad to see KellyM was able to get you to do it.

BTW,is your laptop still broken?

Lori said...

Looove the pictures; Lorelai is still as expressive as ever LOL and the bump is awesome!!

So when do you guys move again??I thought you were there for a whle yet???

~Sara~ said...

Okay, so I nominated you for "Best Blogger to Follow" at http://mashable.com/owa/votes/category/1?c=1

I, of course, suggest everyone else do the same! :o}

So, girl - get your blogger butt back here and post, would ya! :op

Jenny said...

you have been nominated..check out my blog!!!

Brittany said...

hey girl!

love the belly pic!! we need an update!!

just wanted you to know that i am going "private" with my blog. i want you to keep in touch with us --- especially since we are both having 2010 babieS!!!!!

Just leave me your email address on my latest post.

Jessie said...

Lorelai is sooooo pretty--trouble for you!!!! And you are so gorgeous prego!!! I know you are happy to be moving back to NC...wishing you all th ebest! Have a safe move and Happy Merry Christmas!!!