October 7, 2009

Compare and Contrast

I often think about how different and/or similar this pregnancy is to my first. I had a pregnancy book with Lorelai, but it's tucked away somewhere, so I have nothing to really reference, except my memory. And this is not a good thing.

I decided to go back through my old posts here on the blog and found some interesting information I had completely forgotten.

I totally just had a whole post typed out, re-read it and erased it. It was boring. Seriously, do y'all want to know about my sciatica or how tired I was/am???

cue crickets

Basically, the biggest thing I've found that is different (because that's more fun to know anyway, right?) is that I had some food aversions in the beginning of my pregnancy with Lorelai. I couldn't stand pistachios, red meat, fried foods or Buffalo Wild Wings.

This go 'round, I've had no food aversions. No cravings either. I've just realized that I can't get full. And can't get hungry. Tough balance. But it's working out so far. And fried foods...yeah, they were my friends the last few weeks. Nausea seemed to get better with nasty fried foods. Yay.

Friday I will be taking my 13 week prego photo. Mostly because I forgot to do 12 weeks. I only did photos every four weeks in the beginning with Lorelai, and I'm off a week with this one. Anyhow, my point is....y'all are going to be frightened. I'm huge. I mean, I don't look like I'm going to deliver anytime soon, but....I certainly don't look ONLY 13 weeks along.

Just ask the teeny, tiny, petite woman who asked me how far along I was at the store the other day. First of all, I was blown away by this with my first pregnancy, not sure why I'm still astounded that people do this, but I am. I told her that I was 13 weeks and she gave me the look. You know the look I'm talking about. It's the look I give a store mannequin wearing the latest skinny jean and sweater-vest combo. From my head to my feet, she stared me up and down. Then said, "oh wow."

I only wish I had been on my toes a little more and said something smart to make her uncomfortable. But, I just said "yeah, I know, right." I totally validated her. Like a parking pass.

Oh, and as if this wasn't important enough to start my post, I'm just typing my stream of consciousness.

I finally had a doctor's appointment. All is well. I was expecting to hear the heartbeat on a doppler, but my doc whipped out the internal ultrasound and gave me like 30 photos of our child! I was SO relieved. The baby has a heartbeat! It has fingers, toes, a mouth, a spine! It's fantastic! I don't think I really mentally CLAIMED I was pregnant until that moment. Now I feel official.

Here are a few shots, if you're interested. I got annoyed looking back at my blog because I posted ultrasound photos and you can't really tell what's in them. I'm sure y'all aren't excited to see them, but this blog is not only for you, it's a journal for me. If I don't post things here, I'll forget them.

I don't even know what I had for lunch. But had I posted it, I could tell you. See how important this blogging thing is!?

By the way, I'm totally having a ton of sciatica. It nearly knocks me to the ground when it strikes. I am getting more energy finally. I've actually lost five pounds so far. Okay, just wanted to document those things for later.

Lorelai tries to "feed the baby" through my belly button. That kid is TOO much!

Random thoughts by Rachel, huh?

And no, we're NOT finding out the sex. This is as much of an announcement to you as a reminder to my husband who thinks he's going to trick me.

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Becs said...

I am so happy for you and your baby's first photo shoot! You crack me up. I use my blog the same way. I can not wait to see your prego photos! And yay for a post!

Monica said...

13 weeks? I was thinking longer. And its NOT because of your size (I have not seen you in months)but I guess because you found out so early. I feels like a while.

I love ultrasound pictures! I cheated a lot with my second child. I worked in cardiology at the time and we would use the echo machine on low and get pictures/videos all the time of Devin....hum that could explain a lot with him, hu?

Congats dear, can't wait to see more pictures!

stormhuse said...

You dont' have to tell us the sex, I already know. It's a boy. How do I know? Cause I already have a bad feeling about the craziness that will be Christmas in a few years with Calvin, Owen, and JD Jr wrestling and knocking down the tree.

Della said...

Wait- you just posted on your blog! Yay! :)

I can't wait to see your pictures...I bet you're cute.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

SO exciting! And personally, I love ultra sound pictures. What a cutie - I can already tell. :)

It is so funny how people feel at liberty to ask personal questions and make a bunch of "interesting" comments when they perceive a pregnancy.

Last night a guy came up to me at the grocery store and had a very serious look on his face as he was trying to get my attention. "Maam -?!" He really looked like he had something important to say, like maybe I had dropped my keys, or had spinach in my teeth or something. So, I stopped and turned around only to hear him say "Your belly is sticking out maam."


Now, granted, I am 37 weeks and, well - my belly is pretty much sticking out, but WHO WOULD SAY THAT?? - Apparently this guy, huh? :)

Looking forward to more pictures and praying for a wonderful pregnancy for you!!!

BreAnna Fowler said...

Woohoo for the 2nd trimester, baby! Sooo excited for you all. :)

Don't apologize for your streams of consciousness, we miss them when they aren't being documented!

Anonymous said...

You will have to start a poll as to the sex of this baby. I agree - its a boy for sure.

Margaret R

Rebecca said...

You are hilarious. Ever thought about writing a book? Seriously, I'd buy.

I love seeing ultrasound pictures too and congrats on the heathly report. I bet you are a gorgeous prego mama just like last time. Looking forward to seeing those pics!

Anonymous said...

YEAH FOR ULTRASOUNDS!!! VERY happy for you :) Super sorry about the sciatica :( prenatal massage maybe in order? :)

Anonymous said...

It's totally the second kid thing... I swear I peed on the stick and needed maternity clothes! I'm sure you're beautiful as always!


Tim and Stef McKean said...

I think this may be the first sonogram pic that I can actually tell what I'm looking at--amazing! Just a precious little one in there!

Hope all goes well with your pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Loved Storm's comment about Christmas......it is all true. l I'm hoping for a boy.....so he can watch sports with Damon so you can do other things. haha.
We are so excited.....and want a healthy baby!! Either one is fabulous.
By the way, you need to show me how to comment and not have to sign because I can't log out without using
anonymous....It's just a senior moment. haha.
Love ya,
Jo/Mom/ Granny

Heidi said...

So excited for you! I have heard that with a second pregnancy, you get bigger,faster so I'm sure you're not alone!

So fun that the gender will be a surprised. Not a lot of people do that. Good for you! What fun! ;)

KDoug said...

Good post. I'm going to vote Girl simply because EVERYONE else has had a girl.

doctortish said...

Yeay! Thanks for sharing the ultrasound pictures. I want to see that 13 week pregnancy picture. I guarantee you that I was bigger at 13 weeks. I am so happy that your baby is healthy! By the way, the fried foods helped my nausea, too. Isn't that weird? You'd think that it would increase the nausea. I never ate so much McDonald's in all of my life. Keep the posts rolling in. I'm so happy for you.

Brittany said...

Woo! I love ultrasound pictures! That's a cute little peanut you've got going on there :) And, I'm going to vote boy, just because KDoug voted girl :)

bauer zoo said...

i just read got on to read blogs for the first time in months and i see that you are expecting.
this is awesome!
as for differences in pregnancies, well, i lost weight with my girls and didn't gain as much with them. and they weighed a lot more. cravings wise though, i craved apples and peanuts with all 5. in one form or another. weird i know.

Lori Hoag said...

So...where's the belly pic???

swile67 said...

glad to read your preggo updates and that you are keeping well!! keep that girl of yours talking...love what comes out of her mouth!!!