March 31, 2010

Happy birthday....PSYCH!

A few months ago I updated my Facebook status BEGGING someone in St. Louis to ship me Jack in the Box tacos, my ONLY pregnancy craving. Many said they would. But I received none. birthday...

From my mother and father-in-law. I was so excited!!!

Until I saw the "do not eat" portion. :-( I went from elated to broken-hearted in a matter of seconds. They had been in the mail just a little too long, or I would have totally scarfed them down. To make matters worse, they still smelled delicious.

I kept them for another two days, smelling them every chance I got. I was hoping that would satisfy the craving.

It didn't.

Thanks a lot guys!
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Katie said...

haha - i remember this! they were so proud of themselves for coming up with this idea (though they knew that you would not like not being able to eat them!)

The Phillips Place said...

Now that is too cruel!!!!

the fortenberrys said...

I remember you loving those in San Antonio!

Monica said...

SORRY I so must have missed that FB post! I would have totally sent you some Jack in the Box Girl!

Now I guess I need to get caught up with your posts. Need to see you new little addition!