March 30, 2010

Handless much?

The Ultimate Brownie Pan (birthday gift, courtesy of Kelly)

Does anyone else see a really bad photoshop job here?

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karly said...

Ha! My daughter just saw this as I was reading and said, "Oh! I've seen this on tv! You can make your brownies perfect and straight!!"


You'll have to let us know if it really works!

chelsea said...

that girl looks like she's never even had a brownie....poser.

Ladybird and Sam said...

I like the chewy centers, and don't eat the edges! Your banner says you have 10 days to go, so exciting! I still 16 weeks which feels like an eternity! I do like the increase in posts =)

The Phillips Place said...


You know, the girls watch Qubo (kids' channel) and they have all these infomercials in-between the shows. They have told me that I need a bumpit "so your hair isn't so flat" and that I need a perfect brownie pan "because it makes brownies taste better." The best one was the other day when I was walking by the tv, Morgan shouts out "Mom! CASH FOR GOOOLLLD!!!!!" I almost died laughing! :)