March 26, 2010

Quality time with the munchkin

(has anyone noticed that I've totally blogged three days in a row!?)

With the new baby coming soon, I've been really trying to spend some good quality time with
Lorelai. She has gotten the short end of the stick lately, with the move and all that needed to be done with the house. We had a week of family visitors which was HEAVEN for her and this week has been all about Lorelai. We've watched a little more tv than she's usually allowed to have, played more games, had more tea parties, skipped more naps (not sure if that's been a good idea) and had more soda and ice cream than she's EVER had. I keep telling her not to get used to this, but in the meantime, we're having a blast.

Yesterday, we met our friends out for painted pottery and lunch.

I'm pretty sure the painted pottery was more for my friend Michelle and me, than it was for the girls. Lorelai's attention span for anything is about 10 minutes. Five minutes of that was spent picking out what to paint. The other five was spent staring off into space while dragging a half-dipped paintbrush across her flower pot. All she really wanted to do was paint her hands and wash them off. My poor child, the OCD cleaner.

Lorelai and Micayla

Having Michelle as a friend has been such a nice thing for me. She is just as OCD and high-strung as I am! Maybe even more so. I can't even dictate the situation to really relay how funny it was, but basically after lots of arguing on how to paint her flower pot, Micayla finally gave in, gave Michelle the flower pot base and said "here mom, you paint THIS!" Next time we're either going without children or Michelle will need to get her own piece of pottery.
While that was going on, I was busy having a heart attack watching my "so-over-the-painting" daughter doing pirouettes and sashays through the very breakable store. I was doing mental math on how much I would owe if she knocked down an entire bookshelf of pottery. It wasn't going to be cheap.

The girls had a lot of fun making silly faces for the camera, though. They are both SUCH hams.
I did get Lorelai to get paint on her thumbs and make prints around the top. Then I forced her, like any good high-strung mother would do, to finish the rest of the pot. Here's her finished project, pre-firing, of course. Hopefully she'll enjoy the potting of the flower for a little longer than the painting lasted.

We had a lot of laughs the short time we were at the pottery place. It was definitely topped off with the fact that the owner brought over a secret box and offered us jello shots. We thought she was kidding. She was not. Apparently this is where many high-strung mothers bring their kids and get a little buzz at the same time. I politely declined and pointed to my belly. She didn't seem to understand why I wouldn't still want one.

Then it was time for lunch. Check out these big girls. They were so cute, having deep conversation about poop. Already? Lorelai is three and Micayla will be four in two weeks....and already they think the word "poop" is hilarious. I thought that was supposed to be a boy thing?

After a good healthy lunch of hot dogs, grilled cheese, french fries and lemonade, we let the girls have some super yummy rainbow sherbet to top off the sugar high and took a little walk in Southern Pines.
It was such a fun day. The weather was terrific. The girls were well-behaved. And Michelle (7 weeks post-partum) and I got a lot of laughs and what felt like exercise after a winter of not much physical activity.

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karly said...

I've TOTALLY noticed your blogging comeback! And I love it!

And jello shots, really? Wow! I don't think that's included in the fee at the local pottery place here! :)

Katie said...

i saw you blogged again and said "yay"!!!!!!!! way to go three days in a row! and seriously this is hilarious! and seriously i'm jealous of the weather. and i don't think our pottery place offers shots either. hmm - that is an interesting store!

thanks for all these updates (and pictures) - love it!

The Phillips Place said...

I'm sorry... I couldn't concentrate on anything else after you mentioned the jello shots. Are you KIDDING?? Crazy!!!

Between that and the fact that you have actually BLOGGED--- wow!!! My mind is blown for the day :).

Keep it up while you feel like it!!!!!!!

doctortish said...

I'm so excited that you are blogging again. Your 37 week belly is so cute! I think you are having a boy. Lorelai is getting cuter by the day! Her hair is getting so long. I can't wait to hear how she does with her new baby. I bet she will be a great big sister.

Simone said...

Dillon is a 4 1/2 year old boy and I am knee-deep in poop, toot, booty, etc. It totally cracks him up...I don't get it. Oh, well...

Love the pics of Lorelei!