March 27, 2010

Cole, will you marry me?

A while ago I posted on Facebook about how I was confused about the way to appropriately introduce ourselves to all our neighbors when we moved in. Still, not one neighbor who was already living here when we moved in has made any attempt at an introduction. As a matter of fact, one of our neighbors seems to ignore us when we try to introduce ourselves.

However, about a month after we moved in, another family moved in across the street. We watched them, with envy, as they unpacked their boxes WAY faster than we were getting to ours. I wanted to dislike them just for their motivation. One day as JD was outside, the husband came over and introduced himself and he and JD hit it off. He's a doctor (Trip), his wife is a pregnant PA (Shannon) and they have an almost-five-year-old son (Cole.) We realized quickly that we all have a lot in common and FINALLY we have a real neighborly relationship like I've always wanted. They probably think I'm a weird stalker, and part of that is right. Which part, you decide.

We watch their kid at a moment's notice, they watch ours in return. We have dinner over there impromptu, and we return the favor. We do the "hey, what'cha doing? Can you come out and play" text messages. It's terrific! Tonight I made WAY too many sweet potato muffins and needed someone to pawn them off on, she was my first choice! She still forgets to come over when she needs vanilla, but whatever.

So, I'm super excited that we'll be blessed with their neighborliness for the next 18 months, when they will be moving to Florida. Too bad our yards aren't in closer proximity where we could hang out at their house with our baby monitors, or vice versa. That might just get DFS called on one of us.

A few weeks ago, Trip was getting ready to leave for some crazy dive school in Florida and they wanted to go out to eat sans child before he left the next morning. Seeing as how their son is a complete JOY, and he and Lorelai get along so well, we jumped at the chance to have him over for dinner and a little playdate that evening.

That's when it happened. My beat-up-every-girl-I-can-get-my-hands-on daughter fell in love with a boy. She turned gooey and flirty...batted her eyelashes and out of nowhere, asked Cole to marry her.

I'm not sure if he said "yes" because he wants to or because he's afraid of her.

But I'm pretty sure he pulled the whole "let me tell you a secret" trick and then quickly switcherooed into a cheek kiss. Lorelai didn't seem to mind. Shannon didn't seem surprised. Guess that's what Trip did to lure her in!

Here Lorelai is, making sure that Cole knows she is HIS.

Looks oddly similar to this picture of her with her cousins. Do I see a trend?

Here Cole and Lorelai are, gazing at the stars through their hand "oculars"
And what [play] date would be complete without playing doctor? Yes, they were closely monitored. But how funny that they were EXTREMELY specific about how the examined and what they said. They either really do listen to their parents or they're watching too much signature


Rebecca said...

First, super excited to see you blogging so often and second, how my goodness how cute are those pictures?! I am envious of your new neighbors. Of course there are neighbors in our area that i have met a few times but being military in a non-military town makes it.. different. They are all established and we are the.... drifters. Oh well, not complaining, just would be nice to be closer to ya'll!

Uma and Wil said...

Haha, I laughed so hard at the monitored doctor play. You are in soooo much trouble. Chase has a little fiance she left in Baumholder, but I think she now has a mild crush on an older German boy (at the ripe old age of 10) from across the street. Scandalous!

Cynnamama's Cafe said...

This is similar to my neighbor's story... my son and neighbor's daughter knew each other from "birth" until she was about 4. Her family had to move to another state, Nebraska, and we in Colorado. As years went by (we stayed in touch with her parents), until one day last year after 23 years, my son showed up surprising her home in Nebraska. Something sparked, and they fell in love. She moved here and they are planning the wedding in June!
Now that we won't be "neighbors", but now a family!
There's a picture of them in my blog!
I love your story! And do stay in touch with them as well, children do not forget their playmate/friendship!

Brittany said...

You're on a blogging roll! Way to go ;) Love all the pictures. I think you're in trouble with Lorelei!

KCR said...

So sweet Rachel. Lorelai is so beautiful. Her hair is so long and she is such a big girl now! Glad all is going well for you! Blessings ~ KC

Feagans 5ive said...

I am going to go with a little of both...weird and a stalker :)

Thanks for the post!! Made me smile in the craziness of everything going on over here!!!

Praying for you guys!!!

Lori said...

I love L's bling...she got all fancied up, huh?

Tim and Stef McKean said...

What a blessing wonderful neighbors are! I love the hand-oculars picture!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are blogging. So is Lorelai in dance now? How appropriate! Keep up the blogging. It really is a great way to stay in touch. Of course a phone call doesn't hurt either...hint....hint :-)

Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Lorelai is adorable as ever:) And yes I think that you are a stalker, but hey so am I. Your old friend D from Greensboro, here.

AliciaDawn said...

I am jealous, having good neighbors is such a wonderful thing. Sad it will only last 18 mos but you've made more great friends! YAY!