June 3, 2010

2 Months Old

We'll find out her two-month stats on Monday.

Emerson is rolling over, said "dada" and will be sitting up soon!

Well, that's more interesting than what has really happened over the last few weeks. She found her hands. That's it.

But we think it's pretty darn cute! And it occupies her so she forgets she's hungry all the time. She's cooing now too. When Lorelai coos back to her, she cries. Not sure what this means.

Lorelai has actually shown a lot more interest in her lately because she's more responsive. Today she held her for nearly 30 minutes and fed her for about 30 seconds. That's a vast improvement. She usually lost interest around 5 seconds. No exaggeration.

Emerson is sleeping very well through the night. Gets up twice to eat. We're just about done nursing. Which is okay. I gave it all I had. I took all the supplements and prescription drugs I could. Tried nursing on demand with no formula (shoot. me.) and nothing worked. But, she's healthy, getting some fat rolls and very happy! Can't ask for more!

Aside from her disdain for the car, she barely ever cries. The car hatred is quite difficult, as we're in it a lot. I hope she gets used to it soon, because I REFUSE to stay home!

Until next time...

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Tara said...


joeyfortman said...

She is 2mo already?!?!?! Wowzers!
What a total sweetheart!

Lori said...

She definitely has some North in her! I see you in her smile. And, way to go making it 2 months nursing!

Cynnamama's Cafe said...

What a joy to see that beautiful smile! So adorable!

Tracye said...

Two months already??? Wow.

I feel your pain on the car hatred.Cullen had it.

I remember Christian and I would roll all the windows down (while traveling on 70 mph highways) and turn the radio up just to try to stay sane until we got to where we were going!

Brittany said...

The toe picture is hilarious!!!! Your girls are just precious, and Emerson is changing so quickly! :) What a doll! The professional pics that you put on FB were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful family!

Yeah, that's me...still nursing on demand, no formula - what can I say, I love torture!! ha! ;)

3d ultrasounds said...

That is some crazy, fascinating stuff. And as a fairly experienced kicker, I have to say the boy had potential way back then. You need to nurture Ace’s natural talent in that area.