February 17, 2011

A little more love

It looks as though a few of you jumped on the Flexitol bandwagon and are loving life with your soft hooves, eh? I'm SO glad that y'all tried it. Even more glad that you tried it and loved it, so I don't look like a big fat liar!

I realized in the last few days that there are some things I love that I accidentally left off here. I can't do that to y'all. Especially since the Flexitol trip worked so well. What kind of friend would I be if I left you hanging and didn't tell you about all the following goodness?

Microfiber Rags
I had seen them before. They're pretty ugly. But soft. And rubbing your hand on it, you'll soon discover how dry your skin really is...snaggy!

HOWEVER, when on my search to find the right mop for our new floors, my BIL suggested I buy some microfiber rags instead.

Can I just tell you how in LOVE I am with these things!!? I now use them to clean mirrors, windows, wood laminate floors, glass table tops, fridge front, stovetop, microwave....and the list goes on. Seriously? Anything. They are amazing. No smudges.

If you have stainless steel appliances, these are a MUST.

If you have a mirror in your house, these are a must.

I searched for a picture of them tonight and wanted to see if I could find any that were better looking. During my failed search, thus far, I found this site. That's a lot of microfiber goodness. I think I might be checking out some of their goods!!!

Gel Nails
Actually, I'm pretty sure mine are acrylic, but the nail tech kept calling them "gel nail," so I'm going to go with that. I wore these for YEARS, then stopped after having kids. I didn't want to indulge in them without bringing in some money myself, to pay for them. I've just recently gotten over that. Aren't they purty!?And while we're on the subject of nails, this is one of the funniest clips I've ever seen on this subject. And I've seen........two. I may have posted it before, but it's worth a re-post. If you have ever gotten your nails done, you'll appreciate this.

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BreAnna Fowler said...

What about that beautiful ring on those freshly polished fingers?;)

Jessica V. said...

I can't remember who told me about Flexitol but it is awesome! Now if I can just get Seven to leave my socks on so I can use it :)
Also, the gel nails. They probably are acrylic and the gel they are refering to is the top coat product they use. Did they paint a clear coat and then have you immediately put it under UV? If so, it is a gel product that 1) gives it more shine than regular top coat and 2)lasts longer than a regular top coat (I do this when I know it's going to be a month before I get back in-like today since I will be going to Europe for 3 weeks!)
So excited for new blog posts :)

Matt said...

Microfiber cloths rock when it comes to cleaning pretty much anything.

karly said...

Haven't been here in for-evah (hello!!), and that video was a CRACK UP!! SO true!! :)

The Tiny Team said...

Oh my gosh, that nail video is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Maybe literally....



Mipacko Microfiber Manufacturer said...

yeahh,, microfiber is the best cloth i think XD