February 8, 2011

Love and In Search Of


Surprise! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Recap - we've moved three times in the last year. Had a baby, a few significant injuries, sicknesses and schedule changes.

The blog has obviously taken a back seat. Like WAY back. Like the back seat of a hummer limo. Hummer stretch limo. Maybe it's even taken a trunk seat.

So instead of truly catching up like I wanted to, I'm just going to start from today. Start with the things I'm thinking about right now.

And that is......stuff I love and things I'm in search of. (Yes, Dad....I am ending sentences with prepositions. I'm sorry)

Here are a few of my favorite things lately.....

Aveeno Chapstick
My lips get super chapped. I bite the skin on my lips if they get dry. Every other chapstick I've tried has either tasted, felt or smelled awful. Aveeno scored big with none of the above. It makes your lips soft, not waxy. It's unscented. And there is no taste. I can only find it at Target, so I buy it by the cart full. Or maybe just two at a time.

Aveeno Lotion - with Soothing Oat Essence
They didn't stop at awesome chapstick. Nope, they also did a bang up job with lotion. And it has to be the one with oat essence. Although, I'm not sure why. It's just phenomenal. Not greasy. Unscented. Loverly.

I'm beginning to feel a little self-conscious about my dry skin now!

I don't know how to explain my feet. I call them Farm Girl Feet (thanks, Andrea). If I could go barefoot (a la Joss Stone) every day, all day, I would. I'm in flip flops about 90% of the year, regardless of temperature. I get pedicures about once every three months - on a good year. But even when I went once a month, my pedicurist would say "oooohhh.....you no take care your feet. Baaaaad." My heels usually have about a 1/2 inch crack on them that is about 1/4 of an inch deep. Pain. Ful.

I wish I had taken a before and after picture, but I truly didn't think this stuff was going to work. Boy, was I wrong. I was using the Aveeno lotion twice a day, but it just wasn't cutting it for my sorry soles. Flexitol twice a day - within DAYS my feet looked like they were fresh from the pedi chair! I don't know what ingredient is the miracle cure, but if you have bad heels, GET THIS!!!
.........and with that yummy picture in our heads, lets move on to food, shall we?

Smuckers Creamy Natural Peanut Butter
I was a sold-out Jif girl. Then this little gem came into my life and I'm forever changed. It's just peanuts and salt. You can even get the no-salt-added kind, but I'm a fan of salt. But seriously, how many times do you actually eat something that a) has ALL ingredients you can pronounce and b) has only two ingredients?

I eat it on apples, celery and spoons! De. Lish. Hidden Valley Harvest Dill Dip
I love fresh, raw veggies. There are just a few (read - all of them) that I don't like to eat plain. Like celery. I know they tell you to eat celery plain, but come ON!

I found the Harvest Dill Dip packages next to the Ranch packets and I haven't bought another ranch packet since. This is the bomb.

Smithfield's Diet Coke - Light Ice
I'm pretty sure this is a regional chain, so I'm sorry for those of you who don't get to experience the goodness that is the fountain soda at this joint. I've had some of their food, which is pretty delectable. And their service is spectacular. They're a fast food restaurant, but they bring your food to you at your table. They clean up after you. And when you go through daily (ahem, because I've heard some people do that), they know your voice, automatically give you your military discount (which is rare in a military town, did ya know?), and have the pink balloon and teddy grahams ready for your daughter when you get to the window.

And their Diet Coke is simply the perfect balance of syrup and CO2. I just can't describe it. The ice rivals Sonic's, to which I was also addicted at one point. Smithfield's - two thumbs up for perfect fountain Diet Coke!
You know what? This is my first post after being absent for so long, I think I'll stop now and save the grammatically incorrect "in search of," for another day. Then I get credit for blogging twice, as well!!

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Chelsea said...

You made my heart soar!!!!! Yay for blogging again, something for me to read when Im up at all hours of the night!!!! Actually Addison Phair is pretty good about sleeping but I hesitate to talk about it because I don't want to jinx it somehow!!! But she usually only gets up once between 10:30 and 8am, and now that Ive said that I'm sure Ill be up multiple times tonight, oh well I can re-read your blog!

Brenda said...

Just wanted to give a shout out---you are still in my google reader. I started reading and then I was all, "Now what blog is this?" and had to look at the title.

Naturally, I'm intrigued by the grossest thing in your post. This heel balm---do you have to wear socks after you put it on? Do you put it on before bed?

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! I know what you mean as far as going back...it was a daunting task for me and I still didn't say all that I wanted. That is why I vowed to not get so far behind again and if you have looked I am almost obsessive with putting EVERYTHING in mine. LOL. Thanks for the info though...I am getting that Flexitol for my feet. I NEED that. Loved reading your blog :)

BreAnna Fowler said...

:) Good to have you back.

Julie Z. said...

I just wrote a long comment and it didn't publish....bah...

Tara said...

So intrigued by the Smithfield Diet Coke - Love me a good fountain drink! And I'll be getting the Aveeno chapstick tomorrow - my lips are ridiculous right now!


Rebecca said...

My sister-in-law swears by aveeno lotion, I think I may have to forgo the $$ Clinique face lotion $$ and try out their lotion for my face.

Yay, so are you back to more regular blogging or was this only a teaser?! ;)

Jamie Lynn and the boys said...

WOW! Look at all the comments, people LOVE you sista!
I'm now a Rachel follower as well. You got groupies! So yes, yes, don't stop now...Keep bloggin! and expect to read a post like this real soon from Mari and I cause we're stealing it!

Julie Z. said...

Do you know if the Harvest Dill is any good with low fat sour cream or do you just use regular? Also, I wonder if the heel balm would be helpful for rough scaly knees! I bought the aveeno lip balm...it is great so thanks!!

Julie Z. said...

Oh my gosh...just made the Harvest Dill with the light sour cream and it's fabulous...only problem is I could eat the whole batch :0/