April 10, 2012

Germans; per Rachel

Germans must be smaller than us.  Shorter and thinner.  Their light switches are so stinkin’ low.  Emerson is having a field-day with it.  Their beds are short, their sinks are short, and their counters come up to my waist.  Are they really that short? 

As for being thinner, I’m basing this solely on the bathtub in JD’s apartment.  I couldn’t decide which was worse – being accosted by the hose on the shower head, or being cuddled, from behind, by the shower curtain during my entire shower!  Am I really that much bigger!?  I thought Germans were stout?  Or is that just their beer?
Also – do they not get bugs here?  I haven’t seen a house yet (where we are) with screens on the windows??  I have had the windows open every day and not a single pesky fly.  Now that I say that, the tides will change, I’m sure.  It’s just very interesting to me.  And pollen – there must not be any.  If you have a black car, it stays black.  For reals, man.  It’s crazy!

Everyone here wears infinity scarves.  I'm not kidding.  Everyone.  Like women, men, toddlers even!  I'm feeling very pressured to get one!  Anyone else want one?  It's all the rage here!  Place your orders now - I can probably fit quite a few in my luggage!

Germans seem to be big on giving suckers to kids who are whiny, acting up, or crying.  Not that MINE would ever be the recipients of said suckers, but if they were ever acting up, I would imagine they'd bribe them.  Several times.  In several different places.  Humpf.

 They have the BEST salad dressing....anyone know what it is?  Because I keep forgetting to ask.  It's like a vinegary, sugary, lemony, deliciousness and I need some in a bottle.  ASAP.

I've also noticed how tolerant Germans are of children.  It's amazing and such a breath of fresh air.  If we are in the mall and the girls are lolly gagging, running back and forth, cutting people off, they just smile, walk around them, or even wait patiently for them to figure out where they want to go.  Even German teenagers are patient with them.  Then, 20 minutes later, we walk into the PX (American military store) and people are impatient, rude and pushy.  I'm sure Germans have their moments, but for the most part, I've felt more comfortable with the girls around them than with all the Americans.

Speaking of children....we were at the mall today, hanging out near the water fountain display.  A woman told her child, who couldn't have been any older than four years old, to stay where he was, she was going to go into one of the stores.  Of course, I am guessing this is what she said, as I couldn't understand her.  But, she left her son and went shopping.  He sat by the fountain, quietly eating his banana and didn't move.  For 15 minutes!!!!!!!  I couldn't decide which was more unbelievable - the fact that the kid didn't hardly move for 15 minutes or the fact that she could feel completely comfortable with his safety being away from him for that long.   Totally different world over here!



Brenda said...

VERY interesting! And not hard to believe about the rude Americans! :)

llhuerth said...

So, im going to answer some of your questions, whether you wanted them answered or not...
1) size of Germans - this is something you would find all over Europe; everything is small because of the limited space of EVERYTHING, including bath tubs! So, no you're not bigger!
2) yes, bugs - fly's, good God yes! When it warms up it can be as humid as Fayetteville - so no screens to let the wind into your house...no a/c = the need for lots of airing for the 3/4 hot summer months of the year!
3) pollen just in different form. I think the rape seed is probably starting to bud now or in a few weeks (yellow fields), expect to start sneezing! but no, not pollen like you see here!
4) scarves? its all about the accessories, for ALL!

Shannon said...

Can I have an infinity scarf....I don't know what that is but it sounds cool.