April 9, 2012

Autobahn or Awesomebahn?

There are some things I’m learning very quickly about Germany that are, in fact, much different than the states. 

First of all, these drivers – OH THESE DRIVERS!!!  How I love these drivers. 

The Autobahn is a term I have heard numerous times over the years.  I pictured a Nascar race track, crazy amounts of people everywhere, zooming in and out of one another, barely escaping deathly accidents, and lots of horns-a-blazin.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The autobahn is Germany’s term for a specific type highway.  Yes, you can basically go as fast as you’d like.  There are speed limits in heavily trafficked areas, but for the most part, nothing is posted and everyone goes fast.  So it’s a little weird to be going 140 kmh (84 mph) and have a Lamborghini fly past you like you are literally standing still. 

Where I’ve been so far has only been a two-lane autobahn.  You only pass on the left.  Can you imagine that?  I’m pretty sure that’s the intent with the law back in the states, but here?  Here, everyone actually follows that rule.  If you are in the left lane, you’d better be passing someone.  And if someone comes in your rear-view, get over!!  But I’ve heard very few horns, I’ve seen not ONE accident, and I don’t even know what a police (polizei) car looks like!

This is what the girls think about the autobahn...



Monica said...

I am so green with envy right now! i would love to take a drive on the Autobahn especially since I got my new Audi for Christmas! That car is made to go fast.

hope you are enjoying the amazing sites over there.

and put the pedal to the metal for me will ya?

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