April 8, 2012

Germany thus far

I have only been out of the country a couple of times and I felt like those countries looked, smelled and sounded differently than America.  I guess Mexico can’t count, as we stayed in a resort on the ocean.  It smelled of sea salt, fresh ocean breeze, margaritas and enchiladas.  It sounded like a mariachi band was following me around.  Or maybe they were. 

London, well, that was 15 years ago and I was staying in a 5-star hotel, preparing to dance in the New Year’s day parade.  It most likely smelled like the Hard Rock Café next door, and sounded like fireworks and party horns.  

Aside from all that, I still expected to step off the plane in Germany and have a completely different experience.  I’m not sure if I expected it to smell like beer and pretzels (darn you, Epcot Center), but it didn’t.  It smells like….nothing!?  ha  The landscape seriously looks like Kansas in the foreground and Tennessee in the background.  The construction I’ve seen thus far is just pretty typical old, city-like, boxy buildings.  But so far, I like it.

Of course, the picture of the Kansas/Tennessee landscape wouldn't upload, but here are the ones that did...

Fresh markets on every corner....even in the mall!!

They use SO many letters for their words here!  

Ahhh...the smell of fresh bread.  Anyone with Celiac disease or any type of gluten-intolerance would HATE this place!


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llhuerth said...

Did you eat at the Brauhaus right behind this water fountain statue in downtown Schweinfurt?