April 11, 2012

IKEA - Rachel's newest obsession

I’ve never been to an Ikea.  Have you?  If not, you might be missing out.  I’m not sure why everything is so affordable, but I love it.  There is childcare, which is BRILLIANT.  We didn’t use it because we were going to take a “quick trip” through.  Our "quick trip" lasted a few hours.  And we blew through most of the store.  It’s just THAT big.  Thankfully, there are also little play areas for the kiddos throughout, so they were entertained most of the way through. 
It was fun to go through and see so many things that reminded me of my friends.  I kept saying things like “Michelle has those plates, cups, bowls and plasticware for her kids!” or “Kate has that towel hanger.” 

Most of the furniture is pretty modern (or European, I just consider it modern/contemporary) so it wouldn’t really fit in our décor, but my mind was going a million miles a minute thinking about all the things I could do to certain simple pieces to DIY/spruce it up to fit our style.  I could get into some trouble in that store.  Good thing the closest one to us in North Carolina is two hours away!
There’s also a hotdog bar after you get through the checkout.  That’s no mistake.  The woman person who thought of that was clearly the same person who thought of the childcare.  You’re famished after your voyage through the lovely halls of Ikea, and you need sustenance.  I’ll have to admit that their hotdogs themselves are no competition to Sam’s Club.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get your butt to Sam’s asap.  They’re amazing.  I digress.  The hotdogs are decent, but their toppings – OH their toppings.  I am a ketchup and mustard kinda girl, but when in Rome…. (or Wurzberg, as it were).  I put on ketchup, “special sauce” which seemed something like a creamy kind of less-tangy mustard, French fried onion bits and pickles.  Instead of relish, these amazing peeps use pickles that I could eat by the handful.  They were delish. 

Those of you who think I’m a good twenty years behind the times, having never been to an Ikea, tell me – are all Ikeas the same?



Rebecca said...

I agree - IKEA is amazing. There is one 15 min from our house here and then I have been to one in Hamburg Germany and from my experience, yes the same. :) It is funny you are having a lot of the same initial thoughts on europe as I did... especially the joy of the "awesomebahn" or in Italy "autostrada". hee hee

Brenda said...

Our IKEA is huge too and I barely made it last time we went. (waddling, you know) They had some really good ice cream. We bought a dresser for K, and 2 area rugs. I love IKEA. And it gets better....you say they don't quite match your style? Well there are whole websites devoted to IKEA hacks!! Google it. It will change your life. :)

Aunt Cole said...

Sigh. I worked at Ikea for almost 3 years (Detroit). It was like....it was like working at the Disney Land of retail stores. People drive *HOURS* to get there, stand in long lines to stand tons of money, and get all cranky and mean towards the end of it all. That being said, I still go there for things every once in a while and I manage to get out pretty quick because I know the shortcuts.

llhuerth said...

YES! England, Germany, US, all the same! Shall we take a trip when you get back?!! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm in for a trip when you're home! Kate

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