December 15, 2006

Oh, what a night!!!

So, it goes like this...JD comes home and says "I think I have an ingrown fingernail. My finger hurts." I look at it - it doesn't look like an ingrown fingernail, but what do I know!? We debate it for a little bit, then decide to just go to bed. About an hour later, I can't sleep because the baby is up in my stomach. So, I turn on the light and start to read....realizing that JD is awake as well. He looks over and says "I can't sleep - this finger hurts to badly." Long story short, we decide to go to the E.R. I know that when I suggest the E.R. and he gets out of the bed faster than I do, he must be feeling pretty awful.

We get to the E.R. around 11:30 and the triage nurse notices that his finger isn't looking too hot - it's swollen, bruised and hot to the touch. She puts in her notes and FIVE HOURS LATER (and me flipping the switch a few times) they finally get us in. Good thing they did...his finger was twice the normal size, purple and red streaks were running up toward his elbow. If any of you have been through this before, you know what we're looking at - cellulitis. If you don't know what that is - in short, my way of explaining it is it's a "flesh-eating" type virus. It started out as strept and moved very quickly into the blood stream. It causes big nasty blister-type sores that fill up with blood and such and can poison the blood stream - getting to the lymph nodes and, if left untreated, can be deadly. Well, if the E.R. had waited much longer, JD may not have been on the brink of death, but he definitely would have been at risk to lose that finger!

So, he's been seen by the orthopaedic doctor, who performed minor surgery on him to clear out the bacteria. I got to watch - it was WAY cool. Now he's hooked up to morphine and antibiotics and they are keeping him at the very least over night, but most likley until Sunday or Monday for observation, to ensure nothing gets worse. If he were to lose the finger, or even use of the finger, he would be inelegible for P.A. we'll stay as long as we need to.

I'm at home gathering some things for us (movies and such) and then I'll be going back tonight. I'll try to get back home and update the blog tomorrow. However, another part of the news is - since 4am my contractions have been steadily ten minutes apart. So - I don't know what that really means. I don't know if I'm even dilated. All I know, is there is a pattern and some of the contractions are uncomfortable - not painful just yet. So, updates to come.

Hope each of you has a great weekend!

Love, JD and Rachel


~Sara~ said...

Wow, that makes my day seem breezy! You poor things... Sounds like one CRAZY day! You're all in our prayers. I'm headed home for the weekend, but if you have that baby before I get back here on Monday... You better call SOMEONE in our family to spread the word! ;o}

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

I will pray for both of you!!! Tell J.D. to get well soon and you take care of yourself too!!!

Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I just got to read about the flesh eating finger issue...YUCK! I'm glad that JD's finger will stay in tact, and that he's doing better. I swear...frequent visitor cards to the ER might have been a good stocking stuffer for you both! :)
Rachel B