December 30, 2006


It's about freakin' time! We're on our way to the hospital. Hopefully they don't send us back home!! I'll keep you posted, but I wanted to let everyone know where we stand. We don't have internet access at the hospital, so things might not be posted as soon as I'D like them to be. But, I will definitely try my best to get back and keep you updated!

it's 4:00am and my contractions are now about 2-3 minutes apart and I certainly felt the "switch" at around 3:45....the contractions are just - well, more intense. Why am I typing? I'm outtie!!!

Wish us luck!!!

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Keppel said...

Are you sure you got the date right on this one?? Have someone call as soon as you have her. I guess she wanted a birth date all her own. :-)