April 14, 2008

Happy Tax Day! (for some, an oxymoron)

Because it's Tax Day, I thought I'd pass on some free stuff for you. I know some of us could use all the free we can get!! Enjoy, and I'll see y'all later for some American Idol action.

Picture This
Today ONLY, Walgreens is offering 15 free prints. 15 - it's the 15th, get it? So, upload your photos and get 15 free prints to pick up at Walgreens. Make sure you enter TAXDAY as the promo code. They will send you an email when they're ready.

Yay Walgreens for making today a little less painful. Just a little. A tad...a smidge.....

Clean Up Your Act!!
Yeah, YOU!!

I've seen your bathroom. The toilet is in need of some work. Don't deny it.

Do something about it. Why not? It's FREE!!!

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Aphra said...

I misread your sentence when I read it first and I thought you wrote that Walgreens was giving away 15 "free PINTS" and I thought, man, Americans really need to drown in their sorrows on tax day! We don't have a Walgreens here. I have been staring at my computer screen all morning- I think this has convinced me that I need a break in order to be able to read clearly!

Becs said...

I already got my 15 free prints... plus another 30 or so that I paid for ;)
Not sure if I'll be watching all of Idol tonight since Loser is the finale. SO I will definitely be checking for your opinions :)

Feagans Family said...

how did you know that my toilet needs a scrubbin......

Riann said...

Yeaaah, with two boys it's not my toliet that needs cleaning- it's the floor around it! And the walls, the bath mat, the outside tank... Heehee! Thanks for the coupon!