April 14, 2008

Random Thought by Rachel

I was working in the nursery at church a few weeks ago and one of the little boys wanted me to read to him. He grabbed a book and I started reading. I don't even remember what it was, but I had about four kids around me when I got to the part where the book said "I am not stupid, I'm smart."

It was then that I realized I really need to pre-read before I have an audience. The cute little innocent three-year-old on my lap turns around and yells "YOU SAID A BAD WORD!!!"

What do you say to that? Really. I just kept reading.

Ignoring him, that's probably a great skill to incorporate into my parenting.

(Update on Operation Clear the Computer - down to 110GB - getting somewhere!)

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Aphra said...

My son is always quick to correct people who say 'stupid' as well. My husband has tried to explain when it is bad to say it (like calling someone stupid is bad) but I just am ok with stupid being a bad word and I don't say it anymore:)

Becs said...

Yeah, thats happened to me before, but I apparently now have a mental filter and don't even think about it. I just quickly change the sentence. And when I have gotten called on it, I say "Oh, look at that I guess I did. I am sorry. YOu are correct that is not a nice word."
Just glad to see a post and that the computer is coming along... I don't envy you.

Terry said...

I'm not sure I would've done anything differently than you did. The best way to train your 3 year-old not to call another kid stupid IS to simply ban the word until he's old enough to understand context. And he's probably not, so really, what could you have said?

Good luck with the computer. You're posting, so that's something.

Lori said...

Out of the mouths of babes :-)

I don't envy you your computer LOL I have gotten myself too far behind from time to time and it is not FUN! Remember, it won't take forever it just will feel like it sometimes!!

Anonymous said...

You were reading my autobiography to a group of children and you forgot the title????