April 15, 2008

We have a love-hate relationship, really...

I love TiVo, but I hate that I can't watch my recordings anywhere in the house. TiVo is downstairs, desktop is upstairs. JD's laptop is broken. I don't like writing during AI. I prefer to type, I can multi-task.

Seriously, if I were a Miss America candidate .... wait a minute, that's funny..... and totally not even believable. Let me start over.

If I were a Miss Poteet Strawberry Festival candidate (much better) and they asked me what I would want to do to change the world, that would be it. Making TiVo more readily available to all the tvs in the house for one low price of $5.99 a month. Yep, that would be my platform.

Where was I?

I see Paula isn't going to showcase her chihuahuas tonight. That's good.

But, Mariah is the mentor tonight - I'm sure she'll be picking up Paula's slack. Oh yeah....she's taking care of booby business tonight. Hers aren't suffocating, but they sure are .... there. I wonder if she's wearing Spanx under that horrendous outfit. Cindy, my character for Mariah tonight is Sandy Olsson from Grease. What'ya think? David A - I'm not understanding this. I think there is something wrong with the tv. Is he wearing leather pants? No, it can't be. That's like seeing my daughter with a cigarette in her mouth. It just doesn't look right. And the power ballad to boot. WHO told you what to wear? And why did nobody comment on it?

His voice is stellar. I think there are folks who love him and folks who down-right can't stand him. I'm part of the former group. I think he rocks. I'm glad Mariah suggested he go into his falsetto. We've not seen that from him yet. Not my favorite David A performance, but he's safe.

Carly Smithson - wow, she covered up her arm! She looks terrific, with or without the tats. I have been waiting to see what she looked like with them covered, though.

Did anyone else notice the big pink bandaid on Mariah's hand?
No, of course not ...... there was so much more to see

Perfect song for Carly. I like her arrangement. This song is so well-known, I bet it's hard to come up with an original way of manipulating it. I bet David Cook could figure something out, though.

She's way cute. Voice and performance - always solid. I guess when I'm writing by hand, I use a lot of fragments.

I'm surprised that Simon felt it was "just okay." I'm going back to watch it again. Yeah, he's probably right. She held back at the end, for sure. I was too busy writing.

Syesha - Her dress in rehearsal rocked. She is solid gold for tonight's performance, though. Look at that glitter! And her piano player has his beard in a ponytail. But, is it still called a ponytail then? Or a chintail? What's the opposite of "pony?"

Wow, Syesha. That. Rocked. You might have just secured a spot for yourself for next week.

That poor girl can't win for losing, though. Simon wants her to pick a more popular song. Why? We all know he'll compare her to the artist if she does that.

Sy....if you make it to next week, show us ALL you've got, girl. Your voice is awesome, but that's as far as you go for me. I need to see more of who you are. Otherwise, I'm over you. Just saying.

I'm really sick of writing.

Brooke - Hero, huh? She's not one to switch up an arrangement at all, so this could be dangerous. Yep, this is pitchy. Unfortunately, this could get her sent home. I still have yet to hear Kristy Lee, though.

This was boring. I love Brooke, but this just isn't good enough at this point in the competition.

As odd as Simon can be sometimes, I think he was right on with his critique tonight of her. "It was like ordering a hamburger and just getting the bun."

I don't want to write anymore.

Kristy Lee - Mariah said she got goosebumps hearing Kristy Lee sing? If she had covered up her chihuahuas, maybe she wouldn't be getting hit with the draft. Ever thought about that, Mariah? I'm thinking Kristy might possibly have a girl-crush on Mariah.

Is Kristy wearing a wig? I think I might have the credentials to be an authority on this matter, so I can say that. It's at least major extensions.

Nice job, better than Brooke. But I certainly didn't get goosebumps. It was just "a'ight."

David Cook - I cannot WAIT to hear what he does!!! Linda, you don't know me, I stalk your blog....and you probably have never even been to mine, but I wanted to steal something you said. I'm totally a "COOKIE!"

David is always so original with his arrangements. I'm currently writing in what little shorthand I remember from high school - I hope I can read this when I get in front of the computer (at least I think that is what it said?)

Seriously? I have said it for weeks now....the guy is phenomenal. Can we just crown him the winner and get this over with?

Jason Castro - His hair looks like a bunch of bamboo, no? Or maybe a farm animal?

Anyone going after David Cook should have the right to forfeit, really. He did a good enough job to be safe this week, but not outstanding. I'm really at a loss for words anymore with him. He's about the same every week.

Best Performance
: David Cook - I'm buying his concert tickets, for sure!
Going Home: Brooke. Sorry girl - not good enough. I still think Kristy Lee should go, but because of a certain website I won't be advertising here, she'll stay around.

I really wish I had something witty to say. I don't. I hit my quota when I kissed Michael John's ascot goodbye.

But, go see Cindy or Scott. They'll keep you laughing.

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Once again you made me laugh a lot. :) The draft...the picture of "Syesha," the shorthand. :) Thanks.

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

I looooove he pic of Jason Castro! I cannot stand that hair!

annie said...

Great review.

Brenda said...

I wrote a letter yesterday and I nearly died. I'm impressed you wrote out notes. That's dedication!
Also, I worked with a girl from Iowa who had been crowned Pork Queen in her hometown. There are some honors for which there are no words. And she was tiny and pretty too.

Becs said...

I love the pics and I noticed the bandaid! Syesha dissapoints.

Anonymous said...

Christy Lee Cook, you saw it too? Oh thank God I was beginning to think it was only me! Her hair doubled in size from last week. And what website are you talking about, the one that refers to it keeping her in the game?

THANK YOU, on David Cook! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him! And you won't be getting his concert tickets if I get them first ;) He's already a pro and I don't understand why he's even in American Idol when he IS an American Idol.

Okay, the sheep picture just seriously made me laugh.

Archuleta, has anyone ever noticed his hair? I'm not real sure he ever comes it. But I agree, good voice.

Did anyone also see Brooke's head shaking last night when the camera zoomed in on her? The further she got through the performance, the faster she went and the more her head started to shake. I really do wish she'd let her hair down and just rock it out!

There's something about Mariah. Everyone gives her a bad rap and yes she did look like Sandy from Greese, but she always (when on TV) seems to be so softspoken and kind spirited. I'm a closet "Glitter" watcher.

Beth said...

My husband actually noticed Mariah's band-aid. And I thought Kristy Lee had on extensions but it's hard to tell these days.

I, too, LOVE David Cook and thought he was awesome last night. He's my new Daughtry.

Wouldn't a Daughtry/Cook concert be fabulous?

kari said...

Loved your review, you are hilarious! But, now you've really got me wanting to know what "website" is keeping Kristy Lee around...(I'm nosy that way;o) Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Tamara said...

I think I'm with you, 99.9%. I kinda like Jason, though!

Your pictures and your comments are too funny! Poteet Strawberry Festival, huh? You must be in my neck o' the woods. (We're in NE SA.)

Kami said...

I have no vote yet as I was out and about having dinner with friends and missed it. Tonight though I will watch with my roomie on her DVR and FF through the rough spots, then immediately watch tonight's elimination episode. I love your little pix for each person though, very creative! The dog for Syesha is my favorite. You make me LOL. Seriously!

Uma and Wil said...

We just caught the show on AFN tonight and I could not believe Wil's reaction to David Cook's performance. He went straight to iTunes and bought every song he's ever sung on the show. Brooke was such a disappointment and should definitely get her walking paper.

Becs said...

umm, dial idol has carly, brooke, and syesha in hte bottom 3. the other 4 are green which means not in jeopardy, but they seem to be more off this year. my husband is a checker.

i am tempted to tell the website to everyone, but I won't because i dont want to incur the wrath of rachel... although im not sure if there is such a thing ;)

Toni said...

Of course you know I didn't watch, but now that the Biggest Loser is over I will be more dedicated. I really should TiVo (actually Comcast DVR it) but I already record way to much. I am a TV junky.

Anyway back to topic at hand, I am so sad that you think Brooke is going home. I am almost glad I didn't see her perform now.

I agree about having the ability to watch in multiple rooms, I have asked nicely for another DVR box and Brad acts like he doesn't hear me...

Scott said...

You are an artist, clearly. A real creative-type.
I spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out why you chose the picture for Brooke that you did.

FINALLY it came to me (after being reminded of the pouty lip shenanigans on a couple other blogs). So don't feel bad about not getting my title.

Anonymous said...

Now you've peeked my interest on what website you are referring to with Krisy Lee. Hmmmm.....

And, yes, David Cook rocked.

Where's your Rusty story?


Rebecca said...

Am I the only one that just doesn't think David Cook is all that wonderful? I mean, yes he is talented but I don't really like the renditions of his songs, they are too dark ....or something.

Great review, very entertaining!

Linda said...

Aack! I was reading along enjoying this immensely and suddently saw my name! My vision went blurry! What a kick; thank you so much for the shout-out. Please, help yourself to the Cookie title. Alas, I'm in Rebecca's set of the underwhelmed by him, except for the Billie Jean thing, which was completely stellar.

Linda said...

Oh, shoot, I forgot to tell you to come look at a Youtube video I just posted that my college daughter alerted me to: Italian Ido. It is hilarious.

Melzie said...

Love reading your recap but esp. love the little pics :D xoxo melzie