August 27, 2008

The wait might just be over! (military healthcare rant)

A few months ago, I talked about the trouble I was having getting in to see a fertility specialist.

We've now been trying to conceive for 17 months. This month failed as well. Bummer.

HOWEVER, a friend of JD's gave us some advice. Long story short, I got an appointment to see my Primary Care Physician and got a referral to a fertility specialist. But, I really had to take matters in my own hands.

Apparently, my PCP told me that the original OB-GYN I saw should have checked the on-post clinic to see how long the wait was and if it was over 30 days, he should have referred me to an off-post clinic. This obviously didn't happen.

Had I known this in April, I could have settled this already. But, everything happens for a reason, right? God has His plan.

I've been tracking for so long now that I think I've actually diagnosed myself. We'll see, though. I'm no professional, but I know more about my reproductive system than I ever have.

Come September 2nd, hopefully I'll have some good news. That's my first appointment.

I might not sound excited, but I am. However, the real excitement will set in after the appointment, I hope, if things go the way I am hoping they do.

Thank you, everyone, for the prayers you've been sending up for us. We're still very hopeful and know that its in His plans for us to have more children, one way or another.

I mean, don't y'all think we need another one of these???? Yeah, she totally needs a sibling (or three).

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Rebecca said...

OOH that is great that you have an appt set. YAY! You have such a great attitude about it all - and you guys know HE has it all under control... it's just sometimes hard to wait.
What an adorable dress... you probably made that one too, huh?

Ashley said...

I will keep you in my prayers! You two produced such an adorable kid, we definitely need the world to be blessed with more of them!

Tracye said...

Yeah, she needs one or three sibs.

That dress is too cute!

Fawn said...

On a totally unimportant note...where did you get that dress?

If someone made it, I MUST buy the material.

Seriously, let me know.

Good luck with the doc. appointment.

Fawn said...

On a totally unimportant note...where did you get that dress?

If someone made it, I MUST buy the material.

Seriously, let me know.

Good luck with the doc. appointment.

Uma and Wil said...

Good luck, hon. My uterus is totally rooting for yours. And to second everyone on the dress, she looks fabulously adorable!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I am glad you are getting somewhere with the referral now.
I will be saying some reproductive prayers for you.
take care,

CJ, Laura, Madison and Morgan said...

exciting to finally be getting somewhere! you are in our prayers! i hope that we are all at bragg together to celebrate future huse additions :).

bauer zoo said...

i am definitely sending some prayers out for you! good luck at your appt.

uh, how about 4 sibs? then you can catch up to me!!!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Lorelai is such a perfect doll. She is absolutely adorable.

Good luck in your journey to get pregnant. I can so identify with it. I never expected 6 years between my singleton and my twins. But, hindsight being what it is, I could not have been a stay at home mom to the twins had I conceived them any sooner.

Although it is a painful process while you wait - God's timing is perfect. You will see.

Baby Kry said...

You will be blessed one way or another. I have been through the infertility. So please call with any questions. Not that I am an expert, but hopefully I can help.

Becs said...

I am so happy that you don't have to wait QUITE as long for the appointment. I can't even imagine how frustrating it can get waiting and hoping... but you take it all in stride with such a great outlook.

I have been sending fertile prayers and thoughts your way... however, you may not want them from me just in case I pass along some other pregnancy related "issues". he he

My first thought was that you made the dress, but if you are already THAT talented to get the curved sleeves just so, the bag handles were all a big joke! So, if you did make it... start a business so I can buy some from you. OK?

Jason & Lori Hoag said...

Good news! It has to be exciting just to know you'll have some answers soon.

Kallie said...

I'm so glad that things are looking up! She's gonna be such a great big sister...I just know it! Praying for you.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

3 or 4 more should do!

Good luck to you and you are right, God has a plan for you and your family!

Heather said...

That is AWESOME news! I'll be praying for you.

Lorelai looks precious! Did you make that dress too?

Jen said...

Hang in there!! I will say lots of prayers for you. My sister has been trying for 7 years to have just one. Everyday remember how very blessed you are. By the way, did you make that dress--I LOVE IT!!!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Y'all are just too sweet! Thanks for all the nice comments.

1) I hope I don't sound like I'm ungrateful for what I already have, because I'm not! I just use this blog as a way to openly discuss how I'm feeling, right or wrong. You know? I do feel that God has it in His plan for us to have more children; whether they be natural or adopted, etc.

2) The dress. No, I didn't make it. It's from a resale shop, but it's Gymboree. I tried to duplicate the pattern and well....I failed. Miserably. So, I'm still working on it, though. It's my favorite dress of hers, by far!

3) Have I mentioned lately how much I love y'all?

4) Fawn, email me.

Peace out

Karly said...

Woohoo! Only good things come on Sept. 2! That's my daughter's birthday!

Will be praying... :)

Anonymous said...

Be patient, HE is still looking for the right little soul to send you - when HE finds it HE will sent it to you.

Margaret R,