September 25, 2008

It's all happening so quickly!!!

We're making progress, people! Last time I made a fertility update, I had just met the doctor and was pleased with him. He did some inital bloodwork and found that everything was "normal." I took this as possibly a confirmation that maybe my body really does "just work like this." After having doctor after doctor not willing to try to diagnose me, I was worried that maybe he was just another one to add to the list.

Turns out, he wasn't giving up that easily. He knew all my problems (including 33 days of dysfunctional uterine bleeding) weren't normal. After the 33 days of gory details I won't go into, he had me in for a transvaginal ultrasound. He did what is called a sonohystogram. This is where he injects a saline solution into the uterus. It was pretty neat having a doctor actually walk me through what he was doing. Normally I have an ultrasound tech who isn't allowed to discuss what he/she is seeing. So, as the saline solution is being injected, he spots one of my problems.

Actually, JD wrote an email to his family to share what happened, based on my account of it and did a pretty good job of explaining it. Here's what he said, with my added links:

Yesterday, Rachel had an appointment with her fertility OB, and had a transvaginal U/S (a test that we've been trying to get a doc to do for a number of years - it's a simple test, but they always had a reason to do something else first...long story). The doc did a number of procedures and located a grape-sized polyp in her uterine wall (which is one of the reasons for her bleeding and anovulation). He also wants to confirm his suspicion of endometriosis, but is almost 90 percent sure that she does have endometriosis.
The biggest confirmation that he gave her is a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Long story, short, PCOS inhibits Rachel's cycle, fertility, and also her sensitivity to insulin (which puts her in a pre-diabetic state, and makes it extremely difficult to lose weight). So as Rachel says, she's never been happy to find that something is wrong with her...but there's always a first time for everything. And it's treatable/curable.
We're actually really excited, b/c we both have thought that she had a high likelihood of having PCOS, based on her med history, etc...and we just needed the tests to confirm it. And my charting. Let's not forget the last twelve months of intense charting I've been doing.
We're trying to get Tricare to approve the procedure with her current doctor, rather than having to go back into the military system. If they approve it, there's a high likelihood that she'll have the procedure done in the next week or two. It involves some fairly invasive procedures, and she'll have the polyp removed, and if she has endometriosis, she'll have that removed as well. As far as the PCOS, there are a number of treatment options, both for fertility and the insulin resistance. One is surgical, called an ovarian diathermy, and the doc doesn't know if he's going to proceed with that, or some of the more conservative options.
Ironic is that this (PCOS) is the topic of my master's thesis! I've been working on it for a while, and so it's nice that when I started researching it, and really thought, wow, if this is what Rachel has, it answers a LOT of questions...and then to find out it's encouraging for both of us.
What's even more amazing is that the doc confirmed something that we've known for a long time - there is absolutely no reason (physiologically) why Rachel should have been able to conceive and give birth to Lorelai - given the size of the polyp and other issues, the odds are astronomical against it happening!!! Lorelai really is God's miracle for us...
Well, after all this, we thank you for your prayers, and would ask for prayers in two specific areas: 1) that Tricare would approve Rachel's current doc to conduct the surgery; and 2) that the procedure would be a success, and Rachel would see dramatic results both in fertility and overall health.

He sent this message out at 9:30 this morning and by 11, I had already gotten approval from Tricare. By 3:00 this afternoon, I already had the surgery scheduled. YAY!!!

So, next Thursday morning (October 2nd), if you have a second to squeeze in another prayer, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

At 8am, I'll be getting a hysteroscopy, a laparoscopy and ovarian diathermy. As for the effects it will have on my fertility, there are no concrete percentages of increase he can give me, but the polyp, the endometeriosis, the PCOS.....none of them are supposed to be there, so it will definitely get me back to a better position to get pregnant! I haven't ovulated in a long time and can't get prego if I don't this will fix that problem and that is a good thing!

My Dad is actually able to drive down and take care of Lala while I'm out. He's pretty cool like that.

The recovery shouldn't be bad. After all, I've had three surgeries under general anesthesia and a baby, so I should hopefully bounce back quickly.

While I'm not happy I have these problems, I'm ecstatic that there is an explanation for all of the pain, infertility, weight gain, etc.

So, how you like them apples?

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Brenda said...

An answer to fertility issues AND weight gain? I'd say you've hit upon a golden diagnosis!!!

And I cannot believe the rapid fire answers to prayers!!!

And also, NEXT WEEK IS OCTOBER? Where did September go?

I'll be praying!!!

Rebecca said...

Praise God! While I am sorry that you have to go through surgery, I am super thankful that you are the road to having more children. I mean, it is almost a sin for such good parents as you both to only have one child, .albeit one amazing beautiful little girl! :)

I put it on my calendar.. pray on October 2nd. What time is the surgery and how long will it take (email me!)? I like to pray during the time slotted.

stormhuse said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome... keep us posted! We'll be praying for you guys!

Uma and Wil said...

Wow. You got all that done by 3:00? I think I was still in my pj by 3 o'clock yesterday. I'm so happy all is finally working out. Too bad it includes your having surgery, but it's a mean to an end, my friend. Glad to hear that Lorelai will have some bonding time with grandpa, so you can just relax and focus on your recovery. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Jason & Lori Hoag said...

I'm so glad you have answers! Oct 2nd is on my calendar.

Anonymous said...

We are in the process of moving to Fort Polk but I just got all caught up on your blog. I LOVE all the videos and pics. HOORAY for your stinks but how worth it!! We'll be praying. When I had my c-section the German doc told me I had endometriosis which I didn't know but she didn't mention it could be removed (I also didn't think to ask at the time - HA!)....I'm VERY interested in that! Again, so happy you and J.D. got your diagnosis validated - woo-hoo!

Julie Z.

karly said...

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! I don't think I have ever been so happy for someone as I am for you!

Of course prayers will be said! Our God does mighty things, and His hand is ALL over this!

Woo-hoo! I am just so excited for you! :)

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Wow! Such terrific news! God is definitely handling this for you. Yea!

S G said...

Rachel, I am so happy for you both that you finally got an answer! There is nothing worse than knowing something is wrong with your body, but no doctor is willing to listen or diagnose it. God works in mysterious ways, and I'll most definitely be praying for y'all.

bauer zoo said...

rachel, i am so happy for you! a diagnosis, and a treatment!?! how awesome! i will definitely be praying for you!

i wish i could hug your doctor for helping you, for listening to you, and for not giving up!

erin mitchler said...

This news is so promising. I feel so excited for you. Good for you and JD for all the research and charting that you did. You were on to something! I will pray.

Anonymous said...

So exciting to hear that you are actually getting the help that you need! But very sorry that you even need it. Please keep us posted on how everything turns out next week!

Jen said...

Hang in there! God always has a plan for everything and when all this is over you will say "Oh that is what God was trying to teach me" I will keep you in our prayers:)))

mdx3mom said...

Okay, I know everyone hates when people do this. BUT as a person who has dealt with endometriosis pretty much ALL my life, I guess my experience can mean something.

When Mike and I were trying to have kids I had 5, yes count them 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 miscarriages. All mainley do the ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

The do scheduled me for a laparoscopy and removed all kinds of junk. Within the next year I was pregnant and within 2 years after that was pregnant again. No problems what so ever!

So I will be thinking of you next Thursday (by the way not much pain from a labaroscopy but you feel the gas move through your body. My sholder hurt after and that was about it)and sending sweet thoughts your way (not much of a prayer).

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

I'm writing "pray for Rachel" in my calendar for October 2nd. You must be so relieved to have answers...finally!

Tracye said...

First of all, October is NEXT WEEK???

Second, and I never say this, but DUDE!!!

That is EXACTLY my diagnosis/surgery/treatment from a couple years ago. I had no idea when you were blogging about it, that it was the same stuff. I'm clueless, I tell you.

Yeah, so the surgery isn't pleasant, but I was on the road to a conference in Galveston two days later. I think I only missed one day of work.

Will definitely be praying for you!

Jesstern said...

So excited for you that have answers now! God is good and I'm sure He is leading you to the right solutions. Will be praying for you!

Feagans 5ive said...

Yea! for answers!

I was reading right along with a big goofy grin on my face because I am so excited that God is showing you some answers and then...."Lorelai really is God's miracle for us..." is what I read and the tears started flowin'... You and JD are great parents and you guys deserve 10+ kids :)

Love you guys and we will be praying for you!

Kami said...

Check out this site She is a woman who I've never met, but have read her blog for years. Also had PCOS, and did all kinds of fertility stuff. Has 3 babies, one adopted from China.

I seriously cried for a minute after reading your post. I'm SO happy for you and amazed every day by the power of positive thoughts and prayer and what they can do for friends and family. Best of luck with all the surgeries and stuff. If I lived closer I'd bring you food.

Becs said...

My first response was "Oh my gosh, thats great!" (Then I realized how it sounded, but decided to type it anyway. Its honest.) Sometimes having an answer is such a relief, but you not only received an answer, but you have possible solutions too!

My dear friend has PCOS and successfully had their first child over a year ago. Once she was diagnosed and started with treatment, etc, things came together. (Actually I have a lot of friends with PCOS.)

And kudos to JD for such a well written email! Informative, right on the money and even punctuation!

Sarah Rose said...

I know you have got to be feeling such relief to have this diagnosis... I will definitely pray that these procedures coming up are complication-free, and that they are fruitful as well.

But is next Thursday REALLY October 2? Yikes!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I am a PCOS girl I mentioned before. I encourage you to check out It's a site that helped me a TON...there are a lot of women trying to conceive there and many others that will help you along the way.

Prayers for you...I completely understand the long road. ::hugs::


Ashley said...

Praise God for that! I will definitely be praying for you!!

Baby Kry said...

Yeah, an answer! Be sure to keep us up to date. We have started praying already tonight!

Riann said...

Oh, Rachel, that is just the best news. I know it sounds funny, but I am so happy they found something wrong!! Now they can fix it! And having dealt with Tricare- that's a miracle they responded as quickly as they did! It's all working out!!!
I'll be thinking about you next week!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Yippie!!! I'm so excited for you!!

I'll definitely be praying for you!

Joanne and Deric said...

This is such fanstastic news!!!! I am so happy there is some light at the end of this tunnel... Please take it easy this week before the op, we will be thinking and praying for you.
Oh by the way Deric has just started a diabetic diet call the Zone. He has been trying to loose weight for 3 years and had not lost a pound. Now in 8 weeks he has lost 20lbs, just by eating different amounts and kinds of foods. Shout if your interested, I can let you know more. I am going to do it when the baby is born, its not hard at all.

Tim and Stef McKean said...

What an answer to prayer for the doc to finally make a diagnosis! (it's me, the crazy chick who reads yer blog) It's hard news, but good news. Just know a random California girl will be praying Oct 2nd also!
(Oh--and a quick update for me, fyi, my husband just got tested and found out his sperm count is low and THAT they're not very fast swimmers. --and it's fixable!-- Looks like we have a diagnosis too!)

Heather said...

Wow girl!!! I will definitely be praying for you!

I am so happy you finally got some answers! It's about time!

I never knew how much of a miracle baby Lorelai was. That's amazing!

J.D. sounds like such a great lucky are you?!?!

Ladybird and Sam said...

I am so happy for you that you are starting to get answers and can move forward. I have PCOS and if you want to know anything let me know, although JD doing his thesis on it, I'm sure he's pretty much an expert. One thing though (take it or leave it), I really think that when I went on Atkins, it helped balance things out for my body. I will continue to pray for you and JD.

Toni said...

This is great news, not that you have these problems, but you know what I mean!!!

You will be in my prayers. After my laparoscopy to fix some issues, I was preggers with Hunter 4 months later!

Not that it is the same issues, just saying!!!

You know I hope you best and have my fingers crossed for you!!!

Lori said...

That is great news!! Ok the surgery sucks but it is better than being the in the dark & not knowing whats going on.

I was in J'lem 10 days ago at the Western Wall and Holy Sepulchre and, no lie, you immediately popped into my mind. I'm not headed there this week but you'll be in my thoughts & prayers come 2 Oct. Ironically its the New Year here - perfect time for new beginnings..hopefully this is one for you & JD (& many munchkins:)

Good luck!!!!

Mrs. L said...

I can't believe I missed this post. Tomorrow is the 2nd and I will be praying for your success and quick recovery. Good luck with everything and I hope a baby is in the near future!

Amazing how God works!

ann said...

This is incredible! How awesome that they were able to find out what was going on and they have a way to fix it! God is so good. And I WILL be praying for you tomorrow!!!!

Uma and Wil said...

I know you'll do just fine tomorrow but want to let you know that I'll be thinking of ya. Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel
Wanted to let you know, I just prayed for you sweetee.

All the best. Take care. And remember, God's timing is P e r f e c t .

Aunt Helen, (Alyssa's aunt)

Joey said...

Rachel, I had no idea sister! I hope your day goes well. By the way... after reading the email your hubby sent.. I wanted to tell you, you have an AMAZING life partner! What a caring and responsive person. I can't wait to meet him!