February 14, 2009

Prolly the sweetest guy ever.

Man, my husband really knows how to sweet talk me!

JD had just finished bathing Lorelai and as she was running naked through the house, he says to me, "Hey, Rachel...just so you know, cottage cheese butt is hereditary."

Happy freakin' birthday to me!

(Lorelai, November 2007)

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Rebecca said...

HA HA HA , gotta love those husbands!

Happy Birthday!!

Great photo of Lorelai by the way, I just love their cottage cheese butts!

Swimming Texas Babies said...

They mean well...if it comes out mean! :-) Love ya babe and happy happy!

BreAnna Fowler said...

Hahahaha. The comforting part is, that if it is hereditary...you get to blame genetics too!

Heidi said...

How funny! Great pic and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

PS: Cottage cheese runs in my family too! :>)

Becs said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I don't know how to spin JD's words into a compliment other than maybe he thinks cottage cheese bootys are attractive.
Yeah, when my dad and mom were dating he told her that he loved her "Massive thighs"... and totally meant it as a compliment.

Uma and Wil said...

He meant to say that adorable, shapely behinds are hereditary. I'm an expert in decoded husband's messages, so trust me on this. Happy birthday to you and your stunning butt.

Uma and Wil said...

Decoding. Anyway, I have to comment again as I forgot to check the comment box thingy. So doubly happy birthday to you!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

... It's too bad your husband passed down such a horrible trait to your beautiful daughter! :-)

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh no he d'ent !!!
He better be glad, I can't come
through this computer screen. :D

Rachel sweetheart, you have a truly
wonderful Birthday !!!
I got yur back.

Happy Happy Birthday !
Celebrate you !!

Alyssa's aunt helen

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, goodness, that is SO something my hubby would say. And he would totally mean it as a compliment. ;)

That pic is too cute...I love little baby bottoms.

stormhuse said...

I am just utterly shocked.



The Phillips Place said...

I read this about twelve hours ago and I'm still laughing.

At men and their underhanded, backwards compliments/attempts to nullify our insecurities. CJ once told me when I was upset about my skin breaking out that he would still love me even if I were just one big zit. Oooh and once about extra weight I heard "Honey, even if you were so big you wouldn't fit down the hallway and you had to sleep in the living room, I would still think you were perfect."

Oh the way they have with words!! :)

Elizabeth said...

toooooo funny...and such a "guy" thing to say. :-)


Elizabeth said...

toooooo funny...and such a "guy" thing to say. :-)


swile67 said...

sorry i missed your birthday...hope it was happy! hey i'm serious about coming to canada...if you ever do my door is always open!!

swile67 said...

ps. and i'll take you to those suitcases!