February 16, 2009

Two-Year Check-Up

We had Lorelai's two-year check-up on Friday. Just like I thought, she freaked out. The poor thing. I wonder when (if ever) she'll forget the whole catheter incident from last year? I felt horribly for her, and they were only listening to her breathe and checking her reflexes.

Anyway, she is a healthy 34 pounds. Remember, she was almost 40 pounds at 10 months. So, in the last 15 months, she's lost six pounds. That's better than I can say for myself!!

She is also a whopping 39 inches tall. Last we measured a few months ago, she was 2 inches shorter.

With these stats and wearing a size 8 1/2 shoe (choke * sputter) she is bound to be "the tall girl." At least her mommy knows what that's like. :-)

That's it. Just thought I'd update you on her bigness.

After JD took Lorelai on a walk the other day,
they were stretching together and I had to snap some shots.

There she is with that tongue.

That's my girl - stretching and eating!!
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JAMIE'S CREW said...

She is adorable! Such cute pics alongside her daddy.

If it is any consolation - aside from the fact that she had endured the catheter previously - 18 month to about 2 1/2 or 3 is fairly common for the kids to act that way at the Dr.

My twins did it at the same time. I sweat all they had to hear was the crinkly paper on the table and they would start to cry carry on.

They did get over it by about age 3.

Uma and Wil said...

The last picture made me laugh.

Chase has had 2 encounters with the horrible catheter in the last month and a half. We are not big fans and totally understand Lorelai's fear. Glad to hear that she's healthy otherwise.

The Phillips Place said...

Ugh this reminds me that the girls need their annuals in April... Morgan will be fine. Madison will make Lala look like a cool and collected champ. Just wait. Is it bad to take wine with you to the doctor's appt?? :)

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I stretch and eat ... And, isn't prolonged chewing some kind of exercise? I'm voting yes!

And, my e-mail address so you don't have to blog hunt me (haha) is hboen85 at aol dot com

And, don't worry. I have a big boy, also. If all else fails, we can arrange a marriage. I mean if you have a big enough head of cattle to trade me! :-)

Rebecca said...

Can you get better pictures? I love those with JD. How great is it to have such a great daddy (and mommy)!

Elizabeth said...

wow! 34 lbs! i will be lucky if Tulip is 25 at 2 yrs old. ;-) and she's so short...but i am very short also...only 5'2"...i am hoping she'll be taller than me though. :-) love the photos...she seems very advanced with her mimicking...that's VERY good!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great !
Wow ! Sounds like you have a
future, soccer, or volley ball

Luv ya,
Alyssa's aunt helen

Mrs. B said...

Happy Belated Birthday! If I got on my computer a bit more often, it would have been on time:) I had to scroll down a few entries and catch up on what the haps are in your neck of the woods. I couldn't help but laugh out loud to JD's bootie comment...then of course want to slap him seconds later;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the girls trying to be like their daddy's!!
Amy & Addyson

Becs said...

Cute pics! You remind me after we go for our walks/jogs/bike rides, I should model stretching for Lexie... so she doesn't end up like her parents who never stretch.
Lexie was 36 inches at 2 year checkup and 29 pounds... I forgot her book at her 3 year check up so don't have it on file.
As for right now, she is (I think) 41 inches tall and 39 pounds... making her way into a perfect square shape. he he. Extra time with Grandma always seems to fatten her up!
Did you see Lexie's video in the outfit?

Becs said...

Oh and every time we pull into the doctor's office, Lexie asks about the catheter... which happened at the hospital, NOT the office and the flu shot. She does this whether its a visit for her or even a visit for Laney, where she knows we aren't even going for her.

Now, we are at the point where I tell her "No, that will not be happening this time" and she is ok. So even if she NEVER forgets the experience, she will be able to communicate its not an ALWAYS thing.

Our Complete Family said...

She's gonna make my Caroline look like a shortie when we get to have a summer playdate girl!
She is so adorable in the stretching pics with her Daddy.
Awwwww! :)
Happy terrific Tuesday! Les

KDoug said...

Our future cage fighter!

j.d. said...

KDoug - she definitely already can level a pretty mean elbow...especially at bedtime